Easy Comics to Jump On To: The Punisher

Comic books can be notoriously hard to jump into thanks to the rather large history of the characters.  I actually don’t think this is true with the invention of Wikipedia and the internet but many people still have this view and avoid comic books because of it.

So, this series of posts will help those people who may have a passing interest in jumping into the comic book world, but because of the thousands of previous comics, don’t know where they can easily start. All the comics in this series are extremely easy to jump on to with just the little bit of information I provide in these posts. Plus… they are pretty good comic books so far.

After the Jump… The Punisher



Comic Book: The Punisher (vol 9)

Start Date: April 2014

Current Issue #: 6 (I think)

Basic Plot: The Punisher moved out of New York to California to kill more bad guys. There are some meta-humans involved such as Electro and Domino. And he is seemingly being hunted by a group of highly trained mercenaries.

Important Background Information:

– There really isn’t any needed. The Punisher is going what the Punisher does in all his books: Punish. There are no “secondary” characters or side-kicks or teammates to worry about. No past series information needed so far.


This book has been pretty good (I liked his last run better so far but this isn’t a bad book by a long shot) and is insanely easy to jump onto. Give it a shot if you like to see the Punisher punish.


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