Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– Not as good as Dark of the Moon. Not quite as bad as Revenge of the Fallen. Closer to the latter though unfortunately.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 6/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 4/10, it is just soooo long.

Worth: Matinee ($6) + used Blu-ray to complete collection ($14) = $20

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 18%, 3.9/10
Audience: 58%, 6.8/10


Plot in a Nutshell: It is literally the same as the other three movies. So, take the other three movies and add in the government is hunting Transformers and a pinch of Dinobots and substitute Wahlberg for Shia. Seriously, it is the same basic movie.

Spoiler Free Thoughts…


– Time to echo every single person who saw this movie: This thing is entirely too long. WAAAAAAY too long. And I love long movies. But this is HARD to get through. So much of it was useless to the main plot. You take the shit that matters and cut out the crap and you have an entertaining 1:40 movie. Not 2:40 minutes of bloated mess.

– Do not get too excited about the Dinobots. They are in the best part of the movie… too bad it was near the very end and quite short. Really disappointing to be honest.

– Mark was a serious upgrade over Shia. HUGE.

– But all the other human characters felt… annoying. And useless. And there were SO MANY OF THEM. I don’t know why Bay continues to do this. The movie doesn’t need grounded. m

– The new Autobots do not really compare with the old ones at all IMO. They tried to give them personalities but it didn’t really work. Only the Fat one and Bumblebee did anything.

– The action was ok (with the Transformers anyway). I don’t think it matched Dark of the Moon or the Optimus Prime action in Revenge fo the Fallen though. I think, at this point, you have just seen everything so it just feels kinda stale.

– Honestly, there isn’t much to talk or bitch about at this point. If you like the Transformers movies, then you should probably go see it. It isn’t the best installment but it isn’t the worst either. If you didn’t enjoy the previous 3, you will hate this one as well. It is the same shit, different day.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After The Jump…


– IT IS THE SAME FUCKING MOVIE… The main bad guy is from space (Megatron, The Fallen, Sentinel Prime, Lockdown). Optimus Prime dies or almost dies only to be saved by a human and delivering the final blow (all four). Megatron somehow is in all four. There is a huge fight in a large city (3 of the 4). They are all looking for something to create a new planet (cube, matrix, portal, seed). And this isn’t even getting to the fact you have the same basic Michael Bay characters.

– When did Optimus Prime learn to fly? Why didn’t he fly earlier in the movie? Where the fuck did that come from?

– Always have to fit Megatron back in a movie… just let the man die.

– I love how unkillable the “created” Transformers were… until the end of the movie when they needed fodder and they seemed to die with ease.



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