Getting Back to Fish Keeping #2: Craigslist Woes

People on Craigslist must not like money.

After striking out on looking for ads, I just decided to put a “wanted” add on Craigslist. My add stated I was looking for a 75-150 gallon aquarium with a stand and glass tops. I also stated that if interested, send me tank dimensions and a picture of the tank and anything else it comes with.

And it worked! I started getting emails the very next day! But, let us take a look at the emails…

#1: hey I got a large tank! Are you interested?
– Notice, that this email tells me nothing. Large is very, very relative. As my wife what is large and she will say 30 gallons. Go to and they will say 500+. I reply back asking for dimensions, how much it cost, ect
#1: Oh sorry! it is 36 inches by 12 inches! A beautiful tank! What do you think it is worth?
– AND, that is why you ask for dimensions. That is a 30ish gallon tank. I tell her that is a bit small for me but thanks for your interest.
#1: Oh sorry! My daughter has another tank she is trying to get rid of, I will ask her how big it is!
– I never got another response back. Meh, oh well, never  got my hopes up on that one.

#2: I got a tank for $250. (Gives dimensions for a 125). Interested? My number is (enter number)
– Yep, interested. Emailed back and forth trying to get a picture but keeps saying the tank is at his GF’s house. Ok whatever, just get the picture.
#2: Tank is at my GFs I will send a picture.
– Then… no response. Well fuck. So I text the number he gave me…
#2: Who is this? I don’t have a tank available.
– FUCK. WTF? Apparently it is the wrong number? What is going on here. I email him back asking what the fuck is going on.
#2: Yes this is a real ad. Hey, you can just come back the place and look at the tank.
– Umm… what? In this age when everyone has a camera phone… you want me to just show up and look at the tank instead? No thanks Jeff, I don’t like being raped. ABORT.

#3: Hey man, it is your lucky day. I have a 90 gallon tank full set up for $100 I just need it out this weekend
– Yep, sure, send me a pic and I can have it out.
#3: No response, never here from him again. wtf?

I had one promising one in the middle of a bunch of crap. The guy emailed me, I texted him, he sent me a picture back, looks nice, exactly what I was looking for. Cost is $250, which isn’t too bad. Told him I could pick it up the weekend of the 4th and then… he went no contact on me.

I am not sure if he is just busy or what? I still have hope for this one so we will see.



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