MoS Musings #42: Lack of Posts Due to Moving Again

– The blog has been deader than normal due to the fact I have been extremely busy moving for the second time in 8 months. Also, due to the move, I don’t have full internet access at the house yet, so I am unable to make posts are home. So, combine that with being really busy at work and the blog as been short changed a bit.

– For awhile there, I was “chasing’ larger and larger viewing numbers. Trying to make posts as soon as “something” happens ala like the Momoa Aquaman news. This isn’t that type of site. I would like to be a bit more timely with my movie reviews but other than that… I post shit when I post shit and I don’t really care if posting it earlier would get me 100 more views.

– That is all I got. Expect more fish stuff soon, pokemon update, and comic book stuff soonish.


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