August 2014 Movie Preview

August is surprisingly solid, at least in the theaters. It is anchored by my #2 most anticipated movie of the year in Guardians of the Galaxy but also sports Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and another Expendables. The Home and Red Box releases are downright pitiful though, with nothing reaching the “must buy” category.

Best Theater Release: Guardians of the Galaxy
Best Home Release: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Best Red Box Release: The Amazing Spider-Man 2





Guardians of the Galaxy

Date: August 1

Verdict: FUCK YES! So excited, this movie looks fun as hell and the reviews have been more than solid.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Date: August 8

Verdict: Unless the reviews are just terrible, I will see it opening weekend.


Expendables 3

Date: August 15

Verdict: I really don’t know. I was excited for this movie as it is a throw back and they added awesomeness like Snipes and Mel Gibson… and then they put a PG 13 rating on it which is just fucking annoying. Way to piss off your fan base guys. Probably wait until it shows up in the cheap theater at this point.


Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Date: August 22

Verdict: I never saw the first one… and holy long title Batman.


Check out the home and red box releases after the jump…

Home Release

Divergent- August 5
– No thanks jeff

The Amazing Spider-Man 2– August 19
– This was too disappointing to get on its opening day but I will eventually pick it up used.


Red Box

Diverget- August 5
– Not unless the wife i interested

The Amazing Spider-Man 2– August 19
– Probably will just wait until I actually buy it to watch it again.

Sabotage- August 19
– Even Arnold fans said this wasn’t very good, but for a dollar I might as well see for myself.


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