Noah (2014) Review

Shadow’s Rating: 1/10– I was bored to tears, I don’t know why I expected more. Only the “internal conflict” stuff with Noah was somewhat thought provoking (for all of 5 minutes which ended up being dragged out for hours) and saved it from a 0/10.

Shadow’s First Viewing Rating: 1/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 0/10

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 77%, 6.6/10
Audience Rating: 43%, 4.8/10


Plot in a Nut Shell: It is Noah’s ark story from the Bible… but dragged out for two hours + some Angel monsters made of rocks or something added in.


SPOILER FILLED Thoughts Below Because This Movie Doesn’t Deserve Two Sections…

– Check out that RT rating vs the Audience rating and there you have it. This movie screamed of, “trying to make something critics will love that is really deep man” and well… they impressed some critics but people who actually pay to see the film were not impressed.

– In short, this movie is boring as hell. I could not see a way a story about a giant ark and animals could be exciting but I thought maybe they added some non-Bible stuff to make it cool. And… negative. The stuff I am not sure about like giant rock Angels that they added was still really, really boring.

– … and then they spent way too much time contemplating possible baby stabbing. No thanks Jeff.

– The stone giant angel thinks looked dumb. Horrible character design. And I am not 100% sure how they died or what was going on. Dumb.

– And that is the movie. Dumb and Boring.


The 90 Gallon Update #6: I FOUND SOME… POLYPTERUS ADDED!!!

Polypterus or polys or bichirs or “dinosaur eels” can be kind of hard to find.

Since I started keeping them  a few years back, I have seen them few and far between. You can generally get Senegals or dinosaur eels/bichirs rather easily. The two I had in the past actually came from Petsmart. But the others can be kind of hard to find. So far, I have seen sens, delhezi, ornate, weeksi, and one lapradei. But I have seen them all over the place. Delhezi I bought in a random fish store a hour from where I lived at the time and was the only one I have ever seen. The ornate I bought in Nashville when I lived in Indiana and was the only one I have ever seen. The Lap I also saw in Nashville. The Weeksi I think I saw randomly in a tank labeled as Senegals. Meaning it was likely just shipped wrong. I bought that as well.

Oh and then Rope fish. Which are related to the polys but not true polys. You can find those rather easily sometimes. Relatively anyway.

Polys are probably my new favorite type of fish. Especially the more active, and generally smaller upper jaws. If I had my way, my tank would slowly morph into an all upper jaw bichir tank, minus a few that get way too big for a 90 (ornate, teg, and sadly my favorite.. weeksi). But, other than ordering online or getting lucky, they are hard to find unless you have an AWESOME fish store around.

By luck, I heard that one of the stores in town sometimes has polys. I went to check it out and… YES! When I was there, they had a tiny albino sen and a tiny delhezi and a regular sized rope fish. But they also had a sign for regular sens as well.

So, I bought the albino sen and delhezi. The ropefish would have eaten the sen so I didn’t grab it (next time…).

So two down, a ton more to go…

(I don’t have any picture of them, too small to focus. Eventually I will get one)

2014 Summer Movie Awards

The Summer movie season is over (for me anyway). So let us get down to some awards…

Summer movie season = May through August. Technically, Marvel expanded the movie season by puting a movie in April but… May through August it is!


Best Overall Movie (combining theater experience and rewatchability), Best Comic Book Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past
– This movie was just great all around, both on the action front and the emotional impact AND the impact on the franchise as a whole.
Runner Up: Guardians of the Galaxy


The other awards after the jump…

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Long Overdue Training Update

I haven’t updated my training for a long time.

It has gone rather well actually. All of my numbers are up across the board and hit some big PR’s recently after another sucessful 6-7 week training block.

I am still running variations of RTS style training. I guess. Basically just using the main principles of working up a a specific RPE and dropping down to induce fatigue. My assistance stuff has been bodybuilding style.

I am still lifting 4-6x a week alternating between upper and lower most times. Here are some of the recent numbers I have hit:

Squats, belt: 455×1, 435×4

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 415×1, 405×2,

Bench Press: 350×1, 315×3, 310×5

Competition Bench Press: 315×2, 305×3

Close Grip Bench Press: 310×3, 285×5

3ct Pause Bench Press: 285×3


Injury wise I am pretty good. My shoulders are beat up and I mangled my left one a bit when I smashed into the suicide pins the other day. My back feels pretty good and my knees are ok.

Right now, I am about to up the amount of upper/mid back work big time. Lots of volume, bodybuilding style stuff. Since I do not deadlift much, I really need to smash this area to keep my shoulders healthy and to keep my upright on squats.

I don’t have any competition plans right now. I thought about doing on in November but decided to buy fish tank stuff instead.

My only two goals right now are to bench 365 and squat 500. I am only 15lbs away from the bench press goal (but my bodyweight is dropping again so that will be difficult to do) and I am about 30lbs from the squat goal. My squat has been taking off lately though and my current e1RM is 490 (probably good for closer to 470 though) so we will see.

I am not going to rush this though. Rushing it will just cause me to get there and plummet once again due to injury. I have been on a good run lately so I plan on just keeping it going.


The 90 Gallon Update #5: Let the Stocking Begin!

So after making sure the tank held water, I was ready to stock. Mostly because my son saw an empty fish tank and lost his damn mind because there were no “Fshhh” in it.

My plan for the tank is to one type of school fish to act as dithers/targets, some smaller New World cichlids, and then a handful of upper jaw polypterus. Unfortunately, I have the patience of a 2 year old and I will likely just buy what is available or cool at the time. But still… I would expect a schooling fish, some cichlids, and polys for the bottom. In a perfect world, I end up with a lot of polys (sen, albino sen, longfin sen, rope fish, delhezi, the various palmas species) and it becomse a mostly poly tank. BUT… polys can be kind of hard to find outside a few species so who knows.

Anyway, I am going to use Seachem Stability to cycle the tank. I have used it in the past with my 180 gallon and this stuff is fucking magic. In the old days, you used to have to wait weeks and add fish slowly to cycle. No more… just stock the tank and add Stability and bingo, cycled tank, no dead fish.

So, I head to Petco to get some schooling fish. I actually prefer to get schooling fish from the big chains because little tropical fish are weak as fuck and die for no reason and I can take them back there and just get a new one. I don’t like doing that to the “little guys” so… yeah. Plus, everything else was closed.

So I went in and checked out what was available. After looking for a bit, I narrowed it down to Serpae tetras, Columbian tetras, Buenas Aires tetras, or Tiger Barbs. After some considering, I thought the black and orange would look the best with my tank and I thought with big enough numbers, they nipping behavior would be controlled.

So, I got 5 of those to through in as that is all they had. When using Stability, you need to stock the tank a decent amount, so I knew I would have to get some more sooner rather than later.


Next day, I actually head to one of the real fish stores that has a variety of fish. That kind of dirty ass small place that has cool fish and a cool owner and not some box chain. I grab 5 more tiger barbs there to bring my school to 10, which should be big enough to allow them to fight among themselves only.

I was also looking around for my first cichlid to put in. Since I went with fin nipping barbs, I knew angels were out. I didn’t see any severums around which I was interested. I wanted to stay on the non-aggressive side because this is goign to be mostly a Poly tank eventually.

I saw a nice looking Firemouth cichlid with some nice color in its fins that was holding his own against some convicts. I always liked Firemouths and haven’t had one in years. He was decent sized, and he was only 5 bucks for some reason. Perfect.


So, that is where I am at at the moment. Ten tiger barbs and a firemouth cichlid in a bare bottom, no decoration 90 gallon. I will add decorations and such as I can afford it. I will continue my hunt for polys and more cichlids soon.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Review

Shadow’s Overall Rating: 6/10– The Turtle action and interactions are good enough to drag a movie that is borderline terrible everywhere else to above average. That and nostalgia and my childhood love for turtles.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 6/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 6/10

Worth: Cheap Theater ($3) + Used DVD ($10) = $13… if you like TMNT

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 20%, 4.3/10
Audience: 61%, 7/10

3 Other Reviews
SchmoesKnows 2.4/5, 3.5/5
ScreenRant 2.5/5


Plot in a Nut Shell: Giant, strong as shit, mutated, teenage, ninja turtles punch bad guys and make jokes + a horrid plot + Megan Fox + some really dumb shit.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

-If the turtles were involved, then this movie was good and fun. Which I guess is the main point of the movie and the reason I scored this above average. Everything single time the turtles were not the focus of a scene… the movie went to complete and utter shit. The other actors were terrible or pointless (or both). The villian’s plot really didn’t make any sense. All the backstory stuff was improbably stupid.

– Let us go back to the turtles. They were awesome. Brutally powerful, strong, and huge. They really did act like “teenage turtles” if you can imagine such a ridiculous concept. Loved the interaction between themselves. Loved the different personalities. They were just awesome and 100% saved this movie.

– The elevator scene was hilarious.

– The William Sachs character was a complete waste of time. Should have 100% focused on the Shredder.

– Splinter looked… odd? Like he wasn’t finished CGI wise. He fought liek a bad ass though.

– Overall action was above average. The fights with Shredder were a bit… one sided thought.

– Shredder looked about as ridiculous as the trailers showed.

– If you really are not a TMNT fan or you are not 10 years old, I really wouldn’t see this movie.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

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Expendables 3 is Out Today… And I Don’t Plan On Seeing It

Expendables 3 should be right up my ally. I should be seeing it this weekend as soon as it debuts. I mean seriously…

Stallone. Arnold. Wesley Snipes. Mel Gibson. Crews. Strahan. Jet Li. Guns. Explosions. Killing. YES!

The first one had its moments but tried to hard to be a serious movie (but automatic shotgun YES). The second one stopped trying and was 2 hours of fun.

So.. I should be all up in this shit. Except for one big fact…

It is PG-13.

This is a slap to my face.

I have both Expendables as new blu rays. I saw both in the theaters. I have a collection of Arnold, Stallone, ect movies. All are R rated. All are violent as fuck. These movies were first made for people like me. Hardcore, old school, 90’s action stuff.

PG13 is an insult. A fucking insult. I will not stand for this.

Will I eventually watch and likely buy Expendables 3? Yep… maybe from Red Box. Maybe buy it used.

But they are not getting 10 bucks from me. And they don’t care too. They are catering to the masses for maximum profits. And that is fine. That is business.

But I am out. Fuck you Hollywood. Fuck you society for being a bunch of….

August 2014 Fish Picture of the Month


This is a American cichlid called a Trimac. They are big, mean, and pretty as hell.

Finding a REAL trimac at a petstore is really really rare. What you see at petstores that look similar are actually Flowerhorns… aka hybrid cichlids mixed with some shit. While they look similar, they are not quite as pretty as a true Trimac in my opinion.


Marvel Announces Movie Dates Until 2018

At the recent Comi Con, Marvel studios announced movie dates until early 2019. Here are the dates and the movies that are 100% confirmed…


May- Avengers: Age of Ultron
July- Ant-Man


May- Captain America 3
July- Unknown


May- Unknown
July- Guardians of the Galaxy 2
November- Unknown


May- Unknown
July- Unknown
November- Unknown


May- Unknown


Lots of thoughts and guessing and speculation after the jump

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