The 90 Gallon Update #4: Tank in Place, Waiting for Fish

I got the tank set up and in place (with just me and my wife… my wife is STRONG mane) and then surveyed exactly what I had and what I needed to purchase immediately.

All you really HAVE to have for a fish tank is a tank, a filter, dechlorinator in most places, water, and fish. I was going to be bare bones, cheap as possible to start and build up from there (the plan anyway, I can get obsessive).

To get water in the tank, I needed some sort of hose. I wasn’t doing the 5 gallon trip a billion times. The choices are generally a python or a hose, and since I put the tank right in front a a widow, a hose is much cheaper and easier. I snaked it around the house through the window, and filled that baby up to check for leaks.

My filter was arriving from Amazon (reward money baby!) later that day. I got an AC110 aka the best hang on back filter available these days. I hooked that baby up when I got home from work and love it. It is a lot quieter than the Emperor and I love the options of what to put in it. Moves a ton of water as well.

So, the necessities are in place. Water in the tank, filter going, no leaks yet… now I just need to start stocking it to get the cycle going.


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