The 90 Gallon Update #6: I FOUND SOME… POLYPTERUS ADDED!!!

Polypterus or polys or bichirs or “dinosaur eels” can be kind of hard to find.

Since I started keeping them  a few years back, I have seen them few and far between. You can generally get Senegals or dinosaur eels/bichirs rather easily. The two I had in the past actually came from Petsmart. But the others can be kind of hard to find. So far, I have seen sens, delhezi, ornate, weeksi, and one lapradei. But I have seen them all over the place. Delhezi I bought in a random fish store a hour from where I lived at the time and was the only one I have ever seen. The ornate I bought in Nashville when I lived in Indiana and was the only one I have ever seen. The Lap I also saw in Nashville. The Weeksi I think I saw randomly in a tank labeled as Senegals. Meaning it was likely just shipped wrong. I bought that as well.

Oh and then Rope fish. Which are related to the polys but not true polys. You can find those rather easily sometimes. Relatively anyway.

Polys are probably my new favorite type of fish. Especially the more active, and generally smaller upper jaws. If I had my way, my tank would slowly morph into an all upper jaw bichir tank, minus a few that get way too big for a 90 (ornate, teg, and sadly my favorite.. weeksi). But, other than ordering online or getting lucky, they are hard to find unless you have an AWESOME fish store around.

By luck, I heard that one of the stores in town sometimes has polys. I went to check it out and… YES! When I was there, they had a tiny albino sen and a tiny delhezi and a regular sized rope fish. But they also had a sign for regular sens as well.

So, I bought the albino sen and delhezi. The ropefish would have eaten the sen so I didn’t grab it (next time…).

So two down, a ton more to go…

(I don’t have any picture of them, too small to focus. Eventually I will get one)


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