Your Gym Supplies Shouldn’t Cost More Than You Can Total

This shit is kind of getting out of hand.

You have these dudes come into the gym. Maybe 170 lbs and it isn’t a hard 170lbs. Usually can barely tell they can lift.

They walk up to the squat rack. Pull out there 13mm lever belt. Pull out there slingshot wrist wraps. Put on their $250 Olympic lifting adidas shoes. Bust out their SBD knee sleeves. Wearing their Elitefts shirt. Set up their Iphone to record their warm ups (why do people do this no one gives a shit) and their top set of squats, which is a whopping…


Da fuck?

It just strikes me as odd. Now I know people online will start screaming, “why should he lift with shitty equipment!” or “well, Dan Green probably thinks you are stupid lifting with all that gear for a mid 4’s squat!” And there is some truth to those statements.

But fuck man, this is getting stupid. The internet has made people fucking stupid.

My first piece of lifting equipment was a $20 belt from Walmart. I squatted over 400 in that damn thing before I knew what a “powerlifting belt” was. My first wraps were flimsy $20 inzer things that are, honestly horrid. Benched mid 300 with those. My brother still uses them and benches over 300. My first “expensive” shoes were just bought in 2013. And they only cost $89 which is stupid cheap for oly shoes because they have a foamy-ish heal that the internet says “may compress” under heavy squats (give me a fucking break, if I ever get strong enough to compress it i’ll buy new shoes). Before that… I squatted 555 in chucks. I have squatted 505 in $20 Fila running shoes.

Or you have my brother. Lifts in only hand me down equipment from me if anything. No belt. Uses the 10 year old wrist wraps I mentioned above. Uses $20 knee sleeves that literally add NOTHING (unlike the Rheband and SDP sleeves which people pretend add nothing). He squats over 4 plates, pulls over 4 plates, and benches over 300. But… he doesn’t get on the internet all the time and hear all the equipment he “needs.”

Powerlifting isn’t the only sport doing this though. Running is probably far worse. Fat fucks spending $200 on special shoes, special compression pants, hydration systems… to walk 1 mile a day 3x a week.

“Kids these days” are simply skipping the, “figure it out by yourself and just lift” stage of lifting. And that is including the equipment you wear. It is getting to the point wear it is just fucking ridiculous. People needing special bars to bench 225. People buying their own damn Texas Power Bar and dragging it to gyms… to squat 315. Use some god damn common sense and stop being such a powerlifting sheep. There is a difference between using stuff for injury protection and being a fucking powerlifting faggot.

It is like people are hunting for excuses to why they suck at lifting and thinking this “magic” equipment will be their salvation. And it fucking won’t me. You may get an initial boost from everything (especially the belt) but after that… you will still be the same, skinny, wannabe lifter you were before. Their are no short cuts. You wanna be big and strong? Then be prepared for work your ass off in the gym and at the dinner table for YEARS.


The Legend of Hercules Review (Rating Only)

Shadow’s Rating: 2/10– This movie sucks.

Shadow’s Initial Rating: 2/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 0/10

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 3%, 2.3/10
Audience: 35%

Plot in a Nutshell: Hercules non-mythological, made up, back story with horrid special effects, horrid story, horrid acting. This movie just plain sucks. But it doesn’t reach the campy horrid levels to be “so bad it’s good.” And it gets bonus sucky points for making people not go see the vastly superior Hercules with The Rock.

90 Gallon Update #9: New Schooling Fish… Serpae Tetras!

So, the tiger barbs are out. More on them in the next post but they are gone and the tank looked bare and empty as hell. Plus, I always wanted a schooling fish in there at some point.

So, I got some Serpae Tetras. I have never kept them before. They seem to be schooling well though and their bright red color is a nice splash of color for the tank.

I got 5 and ended up getting 5 more later. However, the second 5 I got all ended up dying mysteriously in the middle of the night one by one which was really annoying. So, I am down to five again. I will probably settle around 8-10.

Short update. Don’t worry, I got some new vids coming relatively soon!


The Movie Gods Have Blessed Us: DEADPOOL MOVIE CONFIRMED 2016!


I really never thought this would happen and I think most people thought the same.

When Wade Wilson appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, almost everyone agreed the Ryan Wilson nailed the Merc with the Mouth. He was witty, funny, and in the end… very fucking dangerous and killed people with ease.

And then, Fox created Barakapool and ruined the whole character completely.  I mean seriously, what the fuck was that?

But, ever since then, the hype for a HARD R-rated, Deadpool moving starring Ryan Reynolds would never fully die. There was rumors it was being developed but really… no one expected it to come to fruition because a Deadpool movie needs certain things that just do not make it in comicbook movies since the days of Blade and Punisher: War Zone:

Crazy, gore violence. Horrid language.

So, it was thought dead for a long time. Then a script “leaked” online and… the internet loved it. People wanted that movie. It was everything you want from a Deadpool movie.

And then the hype died again as the project went know where. And then… another “leak.” This time of the test footage of the movie which you can see here…

And the hype RETURNED 10 fold. It trended on Twitter and Facebook. People WANTED THIS MOVIE…

and then nothing once again. Fuck the universe.

And then BLAM BOOM out of the blue, Fox announced a Deadpool movie for Spring 2016.

We are blessed!

If Deadpool does well, which it should considering his fan base (comics, cartoons, video games), Ryan Reynolds is a known name, and the fact it will be a lower budget movie… it could very well open up the game for other violent, R rated comic book heroes. With Marvel getting the rights back to Blade, Punisher, and Ghost Rider, there is a chance of seeing them return to the big screen in the future if Deadpool kills it in the box office.

Plus, he breaks the fourth wall mane. That is so cool and unique.

2016 is going to be crazy for comic book movies. Deadpool, Batman/Superman, Captain America 3, Dr. Strange, X-Men: Apocalypse….. GOD DAMN!

Confirmed: Dr. Strange coming in July 2016

When the mass amount of release dates were put out, this was assumed but it is always nice to get confirmation.

The Dr. Strange movie will be another instance of a super hero, comic book movie being “different.” Lots of lots of people are worried about the supposed “super hero bubble” but as long as they continue to be DIFFERENT… we don’t have to worry about that. As long as they are not all the same TYPE of super hero movie, then it is ok.

And Marvel is being very diverse with their movies so far in a sense, especially recently. First Cap was a period peace. Second Cap was a spy style film. Guardians of the Galaxy was a  cosmic, space opera. Ant-Man is going to be a heist film. And now we have a movie coming about Magic, which hasn’t really be touched on too much outside of Loki and maybe some Scarlet Witch stuff coming up.

So, this will be interesting.

Sharknado Review

Shadow’s Rating: 2/10– So bad it is good to watch… once.

Shadow’s Initial Viewing Rating: 10/10– Just for the last scene.
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 1/10– These kind of movies are only good once unless you are really drunk or something.

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 82%, 6.1/10
Audience: 34%, 5/10


Plot in a Nutshell: There is a Tornado… made of… SHARKS. It’s raining SHARKS people.


– This is the type of movie you watch because it is so bad and stupid it is great. The whole premise is ludicrous and they don’t even try to explain it which is even better. The stuff that happens in this movie is hilarious. Everyone should watch this movie at least once.



After the jump, a gif of the last scene. I don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t seen the movie. It is that awesome.

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September 2014 Fish Picture of the Month



Fat ass striped Raphael catfish.

These dudes will bulge themselves like this when they eat… and then you won’t see them again for a week. Serious. They are notorious hiders and you will rarely see one out during the day unless it is just to eat.

You will see some as large as like 10 inches online but I have never seen one over 5 inches personally.

Cool catfish in theory but you will rarely ever see it if you put it in your tank.


90 Gallon Update #8: The Death Squad- The Tiger Barbs Have Got To Go

Well, I didn’t see this coming.

Maybe I should have to an extent. Tiger barbs are a bad reputation for being fin nippers and bullies in small numbers. But, people always said that if you keep away fish with long flowing fins (thing angels and bettas) and keep the numbers in the double digits, then everything is ok.

That did not end up being the case for me.

I noticed the tiger barbs behavior was a bit… worrisome from the beginning. They tended to pick on the firemouth and when they did… it was all of the. It was like a pack of hyenas picking on a lioness. It was somewhat worrisome but i figured the cichlid could take care of itself and as I added more fish and decorations, the tiger barbs would back the fuck off.

I added the polys and things got more worrisome. If the polys came out in the open, they were immediately targeted. That… that I didn’t like.

And then I added a Rotkeil severum. Severums can be extremely timid when young. The barbs immediately targeted the severum but I thought they would get over it after they got used to it.

Wrong. Severum was dead the next day. Fuck.

The damn things just will not stop harassing. They look great in the tank and I love their interactions WITH EACH OTHER. But, they are a simple schooling fish. There are other schooling fish that can fill the void.

The tiger barbs have got to go before I add anything else to the tank.

Good Bye Gold’s Gym, May You Burn to the Ground

I may be a little hard on Gold’s Gyms in general but they piss me off. Mostly because they pretend to be this hardcore place like the good ol’ days with the roided up bodybuilder as their mascot.

But really, in terms of rules and atmosphere, they are really no better than Anytime Fitness. At least with Anytime Fitness you can show up after hours and do stuff without getting yelled out.

At a glance, the Gold’s I have been to are decent. They at least have iron instead of rubber plates. A plethora of benches and hammer strength. Generally pretty cheap, although with sign up fees and a pain in the ass to cancel it isn’t as cheap as it seems. Most of them have at least one real squat rack and sometimes they have some equipment that surprises you (GHR, trap bars, SSB).

But, they are defined by what they don’t offer, especially the ones in this town. No deadlifting unless you put the bar down nice and gentle. No movable benches so good luck doing concentric benches, rack lockouts, or benching in a safety rack. All of the bars are bent to shit because the gym caters to gym faggots who do ‘shrugs’ with 500lbs and drop the bar. No dumbells over 75 which is ludicrous considering even Anytime Fitness has DB’s to 100.

There are some good Gold’s Gyms out there but sadly, they followed the money like most good businesses and it has cost them my business. Not like they give a shit… for every 1 powerlifter/real bodybuilder/strength athlete… there are a 1000 soccer moms who hate them.

So, see ya later Gold’s Hello gym I can actually deadlift in.

September 2014 Movie Preview

Welp, the Summer Movie Season is officially over. Welcome to the dog days of Fall where you will be lucky to get one good movie a month come out. I really have nothing to really look forward to until December with the last Hobbit movie.

But, the one good thing about Fall is all the Blu ray releases from the movies that came out in the summer. So, buy those instead of going to the theaters to see all the crap and re-live the summer.

Best Theater Release: The Equilizer
Best Home Release: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Best Red Box Release: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Theater Release


A Walk Among Tombstones

Date: September 19

Verdict: No. It has Liam Neeson in it though?


The Equalizer

Date: September 26

Verdict: It looks good and entertaining with an angry, lethal Denzel. I don’t know if I will see in theaters but I will definitely see it.


Home and Red Box releases after the jump!

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