Good Bye Gold’s Gym, May You Burn to the Ground

I may be a little hard on Gold’s Gyms in general but they piss me off. Mostly because they pretend to be this hardcore place like the good ol’ days with the roided up bodybuilder as their mascot.

But really, in terms of rules and atmosphere, they are really no better than Anytime Fitness. At least with Anytime Fitness you can show up after hours and do stuff without getting yelled out.

At a glance, the Gold’s I have been to are decent. They at least have iron instead of rubber plates. A plethora of benches and hammer strength. Generally pretty cheap, although with sign up fees and a pain in the ass to cancel it isn’t as cheap as it seems. Most of them have at least one real squat rack and sometimes they have some equipment that surprises you (GHR, trap bars, SSB).

But, they are defined by what they don’t offer, especially the ones in this town. No deadlifting unless you put the bar down nice and gentle. No movable benches so good luck doing concentric benches, rack lockouts, or benching in a safety rack. All of the bars are bent to shit because the gym caters to gym faggots who do ‘shrugs’ with 500lbs and drop the bar. No dumbells over 75 which is ludicrous considering even Anytime Fitness has DB’s to 100.

There are some good Gold’s Gyms out there but sadly, they followed the money like most good businesses and it has cost them my business. Not like they give a shit… for every 1 powerlifter/real bodybuilder/strength athlete… there are a 1000 soccer moms who hate them.

So, see ya later Gold’s Hello gym I can actually deadlift in.


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