Confirmed: Dr. Strange coming in July 2016

When the mass amount of release dates were put out, this was assumed but it is always nice to get confirmation.

The Dr. Strange movie will be another instance of a super hero, comic book movie being “different.” Lots of lots of people are worried about the supposed “super hero bubble” but as long as they continue to be DIFFERENT… we don’t have to worry about that. As long as they are not all the same TYPE of super hero movie, then it is ok.

And Marvel is being very diverse with their movies so far in a sense, especially recently. First Cap was a period peace. Second Cap was a spy style film. Guardians of the Galaxy was a  cosmic, space opera. Ant-Man is going to be a heist film. And now we have a movie coming about Magic, which hasn’t really be touched on too much outside of Loki and maybe some Scarlet Witch stuff coming up.

So, this will be interesting.


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