The Movie Gods Have Blessed Us: DEADPOOL MOVIE CONFIRMED 2016!


I really never thought this would happen and I think most people thought the same.

When Wade Wilson appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, almost everyone agreed the Ryan Wilson nailed the Merc with the Mouth. He was witty, funny, and in the end… very fucking dangerous and killed people with ease.

And then, Fox created Barakapool and ruined the whole character completely.  I mean seriously, what the fuck was that?

But, ever since then, the hype for a HARD R-rated, Deadpool moving starring Ryan Reynolds would never fully die. There was rumors it was being developed but really… no one expected it to come to fruition because a Deadpool movie needs certain things that just do not make it in comicbook movies since the days of Blade and Punisher: War Zone:

Crazy, gore violence. Horrid language.

So, it was thought dead for a long time. Then a script “leaked” online and… the internet loved it. People wanted that movie. It was everything you want from a Deadpool movie.

And then the hype died again as the project went know where. And then… another “leak.” This time of the test footage of the movie which you can see here…

And the hype RETURNED 10 fold. It trended on Twitter and Facebook. People WANTED THIS MOVIE…

and then nothing once again. Fuck the universe.

And then BLAM BOOM out of the blue, Fox announced a Deadpool movie for Spring 2016.

We are blessed!

If Deadpool does well, which it should considering his fan base (comics, cartoons, video games), Ryan Reynolds is a known name, and the fact it will be a lower budget movie… it could very well open up the game for other violent, R rated comic book heroes. With Marvel getting the rights back to Blade, Punisher, and Ghost Rider, there is a chance of seeing them return to the big screen in the future if Deadpool kills it in the box office.

Plus, he breaks the fourth wall mane. That is so cool and unique.

2016 is going to be crazy for comic book movies. Deadpool, Batman/Superman, Captain America 3, Dr. Strange, X-Men: Apocalypse….. GOD DAMN!


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