Your Gym Supplies Shouldn’t Cost More Than You Can Total

This shit is kind of getting out of hand.

You have these dudes come into the gym. Maybe 170 lbs and it isn’t a hard 170lbs. Usually can barely tell they can lift.

They walk up to the squat rack. Pull out there 13mm lever belt. Pull out there slingshot wrist wraps. Put on their $250 Olympic lifting adidas shoes. Bust out their SBD knee sleeves. Wearing their Elitefts shirt. Set up their Iphone to record their warm ups (why do people do this no one gives a shit) and their top set of squats, which is a whopping…


Da fuck?

It just strikes me as odd. Now I know people online will start screaming, “why should he lift with shitty equipment!” or “well, Dan Green probably thinks you are stupid lifting with all that gear for a mid 4’s squat!” And there is some truth to those statements.

But fuck man, this is getting stupid. The internet has made people fucking stupid.

My first piece of lifting equipment was a $20 belt from Walmart. I squatted over 400 in that damn thing before I knew what a “powerlifting belt” was. My first wraps were flimsy $20 inzer things that are, honestly horrid. Benched mid 300 with those. My brother still uses them and benches over 300. My first “expensive” shoes were just bought in 2013. And they only cost $89 which is stupid cheap for oly shoes because they have a foamy-ish heal that the internet says “may compress” under heavy squats (give me a fucking break, if I ever get strong enough to compress it i’ll buy new shoes). Before that… I squatted 555 in chucks. I have squatted 505 in $20 Fila running shoes.

Or you have my brother. Lifts in only hand me down equipment from me if anything. No belt. Uses the 10 year old wrist wraps I mentioned above. Uses $20 knee sleeves that literally add NOTHING (unlike the Rheband and SDP sleeves which people pretend add nothing). He squats over 4 plates, pulls over 4 plates, and benches over 300. But… he doesn’t get on the internet all the time and hear all the equipment he “needs.”

Powerlifting isn’t the only sport doing this though. Running is probably far worse. Fat fucks spending $200 on special shoes, special compression pants, hydration systems… to walk 1 mile a day 3x a week.

“Kids these days” are simply skipping the, “figure it out by yourself and just lift” stage of lifting. And that is including the equipment you wear. It is getting to the point wear it is just fucking ridiculous. People needing special bars to bench 225. People buying their own damn Texas Power Bar and dragging it to gyms… to squat 315. Use some god damn common sense and stop being such a powerlifting sheep. There is a difference between using stuff for injury protection and being a fucking powerlifting faggot.

It is like people are hunting for excuses to why they suck at lifting and thinking this “magic” equipment will be their salvation. And it fucking won’t me. You may get an initial boost from everything (especially the belt) but after that… you will still be the same, skinny, wannabe lifter you were before. Their are no short cuts. You wanna be big and strong? Then be prepared for work your ass off in the gym and at the dinner table for YEARS.


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