November 2014 Movie Preview: This is Ugly

At least from a theatrical movie release stand point, this will be the oddest post yet…

Because there is literally nothing I have two shits about. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Let’s get this party started though…

Best Theatrical Release: Nothing (Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1 is probably the closest)
Best Home Release: Hercules
Best Red Box Release: X-Men: Days of Future Past


Theatrical Release

– Nothing. Literally nothing.

Sure, I could just post shit like Hunger Games, Interstellar (zzzzzz), Big Hero 6, and other shit. But honestly, there is nothing that interests me this month.

Go see John Wick and Equalizer instead. Go to the old movie theater playing Guardians of the Galaxy.

Or save money for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.


Red Box and Home Releases (which are much much better) after the jump…

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Marvel Drops the Mic on the World: Marvel’s Full Slate of Movies is Announced + Extended AoU Trailer

Welp, that escalated quickly.

DC went and announced their schedule, effectively bringing ALL of the attention on them (and away from Downey Jr saying he would be in Cap 3). And for good reason… Justice League is the most famous of all super hero teams, Wonder Woman is the comic book heroine, and well… it looked like DC finally had a PLAN in regards to the DC movie universe. Sure… I did not like all of that plan (Erza Miller? Cyborg? Shazam?) but at least it was something.

It seems Marvel did not approve of the attention not being only on them. First, they released the Age of Ultron trailer (after it was leaked) which effectively made people go “who is DC” and focus only on the fact that Ultron seems terrifying.

And then Marvel said there would be more on Tuesday. Most of us expected maybe a new scene in Age of Ultron. Maybe some details on Captain America 3.

We got more than we expected. We essentially got EVERY SINGLE movie announcement in Phase 3… including some fan favorites that we have been clamoring and begging for.

So here is what was announced. Just a quick post for scheduling… I expect to go over more of these in later posts… some of them are worthy of their own posts all together. All other things are put on hold at this point because.. MARVEL WINS THE INTERNET!

So, here is the new movie slate for Marvel…


Avengers: Age of Ultron


Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange


Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Thor: Ragnarok
Black Panther


Captain Marvel
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1


Avengers: Infinity War Part 2



And then Marvel released an extended trailer… that has some Marvel trademark humor and because of it, makes the serious stuff more serious. Epic Epic Epic



LOL at Thor’s face when Rogers moves the hammer a bit…

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Thoughts

– Ultron’s voice is absolutely perfect. Marvel continues to nail shit like this. He seems utterly terrifying and seemingly will offer a true threat to Earth’s mightiest heroes.

– Which was Ultron’s final form? The one in the last scene? Or the one in that scene with the twins? Or have we not seen his final form?

– The trailer gave us only a tiny look at the Twins: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They are giving QS blue streaks when he runs which should look cool visually (but dat costume… das not it). And Witch… still no idea on her real powers.

– And why were the twins with ULTRON in a scene? Seemingly helping him? Doesn’t make much sense to me. We knew they would be “bad” to start (just like their comic origins) but that would be with von Strucker and Hydra we thought. Not Ultron?

– This trailer was dark as fuck. But we know this won’t last. Marvel isn’t known for dark. Sure, their movies may have some darker moments (Coulson getting stabbed, Frigga getting stabbed, Stark’s anxiety thing, Cap stuff, ect) but they are known for being entertaining, fun, and humorous. There WILL be humor and fun involved… this trailer just showed the dark side.

– WHO IS ANDY SERKIS PLAYING! From the one glimpse we got, he looked a lot like Klaw, the Black Panther villain. Combining Klaw with a plot that centers heavily on Ultron trying to find Vibranium to upgrade and how can this movie NOT lead to a Black Panther appearance or solo? If it doesn’t, this is an absolute travesty.

– Still no shot at the Vision which is a shame. Still really really want to see him.

– The Avengers seem like a fucking mess. Hulk is Hulking out, Thor is about to crush Iron Man (again). Steve is having flash backs to the 40’s. What exactly is goign on here? Is it just stress? Is it Scarlet Witch? Is it Loki’s sceptor?

Let’s Take a Look at the DC Movie Slate

2016 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – This is the one we were already sure about. All we knew was rumors and rumors and rumors. What we knew for sure is that Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman (some how) would be in the movie. We heard rumors of others (Aquaman, Flash) at least making an appearance. I believe that has been confirmed. They were also using part of the plot of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. All in all this movie seems bloated as fuck but who cares… ITS BATMAN VS SUPERMAN! We still have no idea what “brute” will be around for Superman and Wonder Woman to beat on. We really don’t know shit but…. BATMAN VS SUPERMAN! Suicide Squad – I know very little about them but it will be interesting none the less because it is very different premise. Instead of heroes, we have VILLAINS, which is a first for movies I do believe. Villains forced to do hero like stuff due to their sentence. Will either be pretty damn cool or pretty fucking stupid. Really depending on the cast as well (which villains). Not sure if this is set in the DC universe though? 2017 Wonder Woman – And now comes the WW, the iconic super heroine, movie. But the big question is.. is this a flashback origin story? A continuation of BvS? We have no clue nor any idea who the villain will be. We DO know that they are making her the half daughter of Zeus and a demigod instead of her classic, stupid, built from clay story. So, basically, she is woman Thor. Justice League: Part One – This should really be part 2 considering BvS is basically Justice League lite. Anyway, rumor is the roster will consist of at least Batman, Superman, WW, Aquaman, and Flash. A great chance Cyborg is there and maybe Shazam. The rumor so far is that the main villain will be Brainiac, which fits I suppose. 2018 The Flash – This is who is playing The Flash 4160321-9643466471-tumbl HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA … AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA They better put the fucking BATMAN in this movie or this will end badly. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? That is FLASH? That… emo/goth/tranny thing AAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHHA Aquaman – This is staring anti-Gothboy above, jacked Jason Momoa. Rumor has it this will feature Mera, Manta, and The Trench from the recent new 52 run. I think this movie is going to KILL IT honestly. Can’t wait. 2019 Shazam – I don’t like Shazam. I think the idea is stupid. But they have The Rock playing Black Adam so… yay? Justice League: Part 2 – So instead of going with the slow build up plan, DC is just going to blitzkreig Justice League with essentially 3 movies in 6 years. Anyway, the rumor right now is that at the end of Justice League: Part 1, a Green Lantern comes to Earth with warnings about Darkseid headed that way. We will see… 2020 Cyborg – So the award for “First Black Dude Since Blade” to get a solo is… fucking Cyborg??? Not Black Panther, Not Luke Cage, not John Stewart… but perrenial side-kick CYBORG? So odd… I really do not know how Cyborg holds a solo movie but whatever. Green Lantern – So which Green Lantern is this? Hal Jordan again? John Stewart? Kyle? Who know.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer is Here… “There are no strings on me”

It was supposed to be NEXT Tuesday, until a low-res version leaked and Marvel said, “fuck it” and overshadowed every movie announcement for the next 2 weeks by dropping the trailer now.



Lots and lots of thoughts tomorrow but DAMN… this exceeded all of my expectations. Ultron looks and sounds WONDERFUL.

37 Gallon Update #1: Tiger Barbs Added!


So, I mentioned before that the Tiger Barbs from the 90 Gallon had been dealt with. Well, this is what I meant.

Luckily, around this time, I was doing my usual craigslist perusing ¬†and ran across a pretty good damn deal. A 37 gallon bow front with black silicone (black silicone is sexy), light, hood, filter, heater, decoration… all for 80 bucks. Not bad dave man. Not bad at all. So I snatched it up, got it cleaned up, and set it up in my son’s room.

I also put extra tile squares under it to help protect the wood on his chest of drawers. I am not sure if it will help or not but we will see. Looks nice I think.

So, got everything ready, dumped the annoying fuckers in there, and hoped for the best. So far, so good. I love the black silicone of the tank and for whatever reason, despite having a cheap ass filter on it, the water is pristine and clear. Das it.


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Trailer (Animated)

DC continues to produce quality animated films (I wish Marvel would) and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis looks to continue that tradition. Check out the trailer below…



– Throne of Atlantis was one fo the few DC “events” that I liked. It is basically what the trailer shows… Atlantis finally reaches its breaking point, says FUCK THIS SHIT, and floods a major city and invades. Aquaman is the key to stopping the invasion due to the fact he should be there King.

– Good to see Aquaman getting some focus. He has been much more awesome in this reboot than he was in the past.

– All the heroes looks like they need some TREN though. Why are they so skinny?

– Ugh… Shazam


God Damn Comic Book Movie News Explosion

What the hell just happened?! So much comic book movie news came out and most of it was huge. Just quick hits today, bigger posts coming…

– Downey Jr. said no IM 4. Then he said, YES IM 4!! Then… nope no IM 4. WTF mane

– Then BOOM… Tony Stark will be in Captain America 3. And BOOM… Civil War is going to be adapted. This is so soon and out of the blue.

– and also with that, it seems many Avengers such as Vision, Witch, Quicksilver, ect will be in the movie as well. Cap 3 = Avengers 3??

– And then DC got jealous and just dropped their whole movie line up all the way to 2020 lol. Highlights include 2 Justice League movies, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazaam, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. And then two other films, likely Batman and Superman sequels.

– On top of this… we still have no idea who is playing Dr. Strange. We still don’t know if there is more than one bad guy in Batman vs Superman.

– And Sony… no one knows what the fuck they are up to. Spider-Man, one of the most known characters ever, is failing them. They were planning Venom but cancelled. Now there are rumors of being sold back to Marvel or another soft reboot… Sony done fucked up.