Quick Lumbar Disc Injury Signs

The sheer amount of stupid information out there on low back pain and discs in general is making my head hurt. Too many stupid E-doctors, too many stupid medical doctors, too many stupid quack chiros who went to bogus schools, too many stupid personal trainers… fucking driving me nuts. For godsake, see an actual patients, read an actual book, UNDERSTAND an actual study before popping off at the mouth.

Anyway, here are some quick, maybe somewhat sarcastic in spots, signs/symptoms that you hurt a lumbar/low back disc. I ain’t explain’ shit in this post because… SO MUCH ANGER! And obviously, this is for MOST cases. Not the weird, random anterior herniation or synovial cist or shit like that. Fuck I hate the internet sometimes.


– You were deadlifting and you had a sudden, sharp increase in back pain. You may have heard a pop. Your back may instantly get very tight and it takes you 18 hours to put up your weights.

– Your back hurts after bent over rows, any type of deadlift, or the bottom of the leg press.

– It hurts to bend forward and your range of motion bending forward is likely terrible. Bending backwards may or may not suck and when you do you may feel a “pinching” sensation.

– The idea of putting on shoes causes you to have a panic attack.

– You have sciatic pain down the back of your glute and leg. ESPECIALLY if it passes the knee. This also includes numbness, tingling, shooting pain, burning, pins and needles, loss of sensation in the leg.

– You have UNILATERAL leg pain, tightness, achyness. ESPECIALLY common for people to have just ONE tight piriformis or ONE tight hamstring. It isn’t your fucking piriformis or hamstring, you disc is aggravating the nerve and the nerve is causing the muscles to get angry.

– Sitting is bad, especially driving. When you get up after sitting for 15+ minutes, your low back ( and maybe a leg/glute) feels tight until you get moving.

– You try to squat, but it doesn’t feel right in the hole (if you squat past parallel, even worse if you butt wink).

– You cannot “poke” the pain and reproduce your symptoms. Your errectors and piriformis and glutes may feel sore and painful and tight but it doesn’t reproduce your exact symptoms.

– You feel terrible first thing in the morning when you wake up. Increased pain, increased stiffness. Once you wake up and start moving around and take a shower, you feel a little better.

– It hurts to cough, sneeze, or poop.

– Your low back hurts. Yes, if you have low back pain in general, the majority of the time it is due to a disc injury. Even with no other information provided.

– It has been 2 weeks since the injury and the symptoms are still there.


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