90 Gallon Update #10: Red Hump Geophagus and Chocolate Cichlid Added!

I first purchased a Red Hump Geo (Geophagus Steinachneri aka Stein) and put him in the tank. All hell then broke loose between the Firemouth and the Stein.

Stein and Firemouth

A lot of fish, including cichlids, a species specific aggressive. Geos can be one of them and that is why a lot of people keep 5+ Geos in a tank or just one. Firemouths are another fish that does the same thing, although not to the same extreme.

Well… Firemouths and Steins look similar in body shape and occupy the same part of the tank. So, I think that is what caused the aggressiveness and it was pretty intense. I was pretty sure the Firemouth was going ot kill the Stein which sucks because Stein’s look cool, are good “clean up” fish as they like to sift through the sand for left over food, and they are not really cheap.

After a day or two it calmed down a tad but not by much.

Very soon after, I went and got a Chocolate Cichlid. These guys grow to decent size but are really really really docile. I was hoping by adding another cichlid (giving me 4 at that point even though no one bothers the Krib and the Krib gives two shits about anyone else), the Firemouth’s attention would be diverted and the Stein would be saved.

Chocolate, slightly stressed colors

Nope. Didn’t happen. The Chocalate was too big of a weenie and now they both were getting harassed by a freaking Firemouth. Firemouth are known wimps… the bark and bark and bark (flare their gills, looks cool) but if a fish decides to test the bark and see if the Firemouth will back up its talk… Firemouth’s turn into giant wimps fast.


Hopefully everything will calm down here in a bit. I have my eye one one more cichlid…



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