God Damn Comic Book Movie News Explosion

What the hell just happened?! So much comic book movie news came out and most of it was huge. Just quick hits today, bigger posts coming…

– Downey Jr. said no IM 4. Then he said, YES IM 4!! Then… nope no IM 4. WTF mane

– Then BOOM… Tony Stark will be in Captain America 3. And BOOM… Civil War is going to be adapted. This is so soon and out of the blue.

– and also with that, it seems many Avengers such as Vision, Witch, Quicksilver, ect will be in the movie as well. Cap 3 = Avengers 3??

– And then DC got jealous and just dropped their whole movie line up all the way to 2020 lol. Highlights include 2 Justice League movies, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazaam, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. And then two other films, likely Batman and Superman sequels.

– On top of this… we still have no idea who is playing Dr. Strange. We still don’t know if there is more than one bad guy in Batman vs Superman.

– And Sony… no one knows what the fuck they are up to. Spider-Man, one of the most known characters ever, is failing them. They were planning Venom but cancelled. Now there are rumors of being sold back to Marvel or another soft reboot… Sony done fucked up.


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