Black Panther Thoughts and Fan Boy Reactions

I was on a random, Indiana Pacers blog discussing the Avengers movie and bitching that the Black Panther still hasn’t had a movie when someone posted 30 seconds later…

“Marvel just announced a Black Panther movie.”

I swear, my heart may have stopped a bit. I immediately raced to to make sure I wasn’t being trolled. And sure enough, there was a post saying essentially, “Marvel announces next slate of movies.” I clicked the post and raced down to find “Black Panther” in the list.

And there it was!


I was so excited I didn’t even read to see the rest of the announcements. I immediately just raced to the CBR forum Black Panther Appreciation thread to celebrate and start talking about the movie immediately. It was only then I started reading about the other movies and about the details of Black Panther.

T’challa/Black Panther is simply my favorite comic book super hero. Priest’s run is one of my favorite comic book runs ever. The Client and Enemy of the State are two of my favorite arcs ever. Liss’s run was fantastic. Seeing T’challa front in center during Hickman’s New Avenger/Avenger/Time Runs Out run could potentially be T’challa’s shining moment (once the rebuilding starts and the deconstruction ends). T’challa in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was easily one of the highlights of the show.

Simply put… a genius, ninja, master strategist, King of an fictional African Warrior Nation that just happens to be the most advanced nation in the world who is also a super hero? DAT IS IT MANE!

After the jump, less fan boy ramblings and more facts and thoughts on what we actually know about the Black Panther in the MCU…

– Black Panther will be released November 3rd as a stand alone movie. Marvel has had success in November before with Thor and The Hunger Games has found major success in that month as well. Plus, Marvel has had success in other random months outside of the prime months (May, June, July, December) including just recently Captain America 2 in April and Guardians of the Galaxy in August (aka the two highest domestic releases this year). This day and age, good movies make money period and the date is largely irrelevant.

– What may or may not be relevant is the fact it is released two weeks before Justice League. Justice League COULD be the Avengers of DC (I doubt it but could) which would cut into Black Panther profits. HOWEVER… it is coming out before, not after… and the majority of money is made the first two weeks anyway. Plus, as you can see with Guardians of the Galaxy and the fact Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opened soon afterwards… great movies have legs and survive. So as long as Black Panther is great, none of this matters.

– Although BP’s solo comes out in November, Black Panther IN COSTUME will debut in Captain America: Civil War in May 2016! This is… epic for the character. He gets a chance to stand between/with Captain America and Tony Stark and this is a perfect chance for T’challa to shine. We could easily get a chance to see T’challa prove he is Cap’s equal physically and Tony Stark’s equal mentally. Cap 2 made crazy money. Downey Jr as Tony Stark brings in BILLIONS. Having T’challa get that many eye balls is going to drive his solo to do big things.

– One interesting thing about T’challa showing up in Civil War in costume… what are they doing in his solo? T’challa has a pretty classic origin story and typically, the Black Panther is king and protector. So, if he is already Black Panther, does that mean T’chaka (T’challa’s father) is already dead? T’challa Is already king instead of prince? Or are they changing the Black Panther mythos a bit so the King and Protector can be two separate people? That will be interesting to see. Or will the solo be a flash back origin story (doubtful)?

– Speaking of Black Panther… this costume looks awesome


I love the “mesh” feeling of it and it looks high tech enough but not an Iron Man copy cat.

– So Chadwick Boseman is now T’challa. I don’t really know who he is (never watched the movies he has been in) so I have no real thoughts on him as an actor. He seems appropriate in height and well… he is black. He will be able to put on the needed mass to be a comic book hero. So… solid is solid.

Marvel Studios Fan Event

– The real question becomes… who else is in the movie. Klaw is all but confirmed after Andy Serkis showed up looking just like Klaw in the Age of Ultron . Serkis is an amazing mo-cap actor so I have high hopes he can be just as good without all the CGI.


So… what other villains will be there? M’Baku/Man Ape makes the most since in my opinion. A classic Black Panther villain who is part of a rival tribe who will offer a physical opponent for T’challa to beat on. I think he works better than say… Killmonger at this point. Yes, there are issues with the name “man ape” but, in my opinion, don’t have him dress like a damn monkey and don’t call him Man Ape and its all good. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes used him just fine.


– The next big casting is obviously T’chaka and it is here they need to pull in a big named actor. Denzel is just oh so perfect for the role but I won’t get my hopes up.

– Boseman signed a 5 movie deal, so we will at least get 5 movies of T’challa. Obviously, Civil War and Black Panther are two of them. It is highly likely Black Panther shows up in both of the Infinity War movies (or maybe just one). Maybe we see T’challa lead the new breed of Avengers against Thanos? So that is 3 or 4 movies. So the last 1-2 movies will likely be sequels. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he has a tiny cameo appearance in Age of Ulton.



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