*Yawn* Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Puts Me To Sleep


– Ummm, that’s it? Some sand dunes, a couple storm troopers, some space ships, the Millenium Falcon, and a random Sith bad guy we don’t see with a weird ass light saber?

– We got no plot details, no idea who the main characters are actually playing, who the bad guy is… all this trailer showed us is that their is a Star Wars moving coming in a year. Which is fine, except that for whatever reason, the internet is acting like this was best trailer ever.

– Only interesting thing in this whole damn trailer is the weird looking light saber. I cannot decide if it is practical (like a light saber version of a broad sword to keep yourself from getting Dooku’d) or if it is retarded (you are gonna mutilate yourself). But seriously… that was the only cool thing in the whole trailer.

– In short, I guess this trailer is EPIC OMG! if you are in love with Star Wars. For everyone else, it is just “meh,” especially considering how stupid the prequels were.



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