Teminator: Genisys Trailer Drops and I Am All Confused?


– What the fuck is going on? At the start of this, it looks like it is continuing the future story line with Connor being the savior (finally, end the fucking story!) with Reese being sent back and everything… and then… he gets back and the past has been changed? Wut?

– And its back to the liquid Transformer again?

– This just reeks of nostalgia/forcing a story that isn’t there. T1000, 2 Arnolds, Reese, ect ,ect. They have no idea what to do with this franchise, it is obvious it needs to get to the end (you know, Connor saving the human race) but instead, they are going ot squeeze 3 more movies (cash money yo) out of this by just redoing the same shit over and over again.

– Look, I love Arnold. Dude is a GOD practically. But this is almost getting sad with this franchise.

– The first two Terminators were two of the best movies ever. EVER. Since then, the movies have been… aimless? mediocre?

– Terminator has one of the worst time paradoxes ever… and this movie is going to just make it worse lol.

– Bleh… hopes have been destroyed for this movie.


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