90 Gallon Update #11: Electric Blue Acara Added!


I almost got an Electric Blue Acara before. But was disuaded by the staff at the store because they said they were essentially, “mini green terrors.” My brother had one back in the day and while it held its own, I didn’t recall it being some bezerker killer.

So, after watching the Firemouth constantly harrass everyone, I just thought, “fuck it this fish looks awesome” and pulled the trigger. I put the fish in, expecting the worse (blood bath of some sort).

Instead… the exact opposite happened. It is like I hit the “aggression perfect balance.” My tank instantly turned into paradise. It really makes no sense. The acara didn’t go in and beat the living shit out of everyone to calm them down. There was no battle for territory. As soon as the fish released… everyone just chilled.

We will see if this keeps up but… if so… AWESOME! I am really liking my tank right now and really, I am done with cichlids for the tank. There are plenty. I just need to find my bichirs and maybe add some school fish.


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