Updated Comic Book Pull List

My comic book reading has slowed down big time. Part of that is simply me being busy and doing other “useless” activities instead. And some of it is just that there isn’t as many comics I am interested in right now. I have dropped all of DC, I don’t read any Image/Darkhorse, and even my Marvel pull list has shrank.

Typically, with anything I do, I get totally immersed. Whether it is lifting, movies, comic books, pokemon, playstation, ect… when I do something, I am 100% into it. With comics, that lead to me reading 50 books a month and got me burned out. With the shared comic universe, I was trying to read EVERYTHING, even if I didn’t give a shit about the characters/characters.

Not anymore. No more reading about shit i don’t care about. If I get confused about something, I just go to comicbookresourcces.com and ask and find out. I really only read what I really want to read and nothing else. Hence, the shrinking pull list.

After the jump, a look at my comic book pull list these days, 100% populated by Marvel.

Best of the Best

New Avengers
– These two titles are pretty much shaping the universe right now.

– The best non-team book out right now and the only X-men title that is really worth a shit.

I am loving this new world they are creating with the Inhumans. They are relying on classics like Medusa and then the re-appearance of Black Bolt and Maximus while also introducing some new guys.

Axis: Avengers and X-Men (Event)
– Remender is gonna Remender and this has been a weird but great event so far. It has been high paced, filled with action, and now all Remender has to do is stick the landing (which he is very good at).

Worthy of My Time

The Punisher
Loki: Agent of Asgard
Captain America
Avengers World

– These are all more than solid and some issues are pretty damn good (especially the first two).

On Thin Ice

Uncanny X-Men
Guardians of the Galaxy

– aka the Bendis category. I can just barely stand how slow his books move and how rushed the conclusions are despite building up to it for 15 issues. If it wasn’t for the characters, I would have dropped long ago.

On a Trial Run

Superior Iron Man– So far so good two issues in but Iron Man generally starts to bore me after awhile due to lack of decent Rogues.
Thor– The switch to a female Thor angers me only because Thor: God of Thunder was one of my favorite titles. I can only hope Aaron makes this Thor just as interesting and the old Thor is still around enough to keep me in.
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers- The exit of Blade from Mighty Avengers hurts this title for me. I was expecting a more Luke Cage centered book but the center seems to be moving to Falcon/Cap so… I don’t know how I feel about that yet.


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