The “Eh, it’s Marvel so I am sure it’s good” Ant-Man Trailer!

There are a few problems with Ant-Man from the get go and it has nothing to do with the potential quality of the movie.

1) While Ant-Man has SOME name recognition in the comic book world, he is still D-list for sure. And to the casuals, he is on the same level as Guardians of the Galaxy.

2) His main powers are not exactly… all that cool. He can shrink while retaining his man strength. Yay? And talk to ants… yay? At least in the comics, Ant-Man can also become Giant Man (such ingenious code names btw).

3) His rogue gallery sucks, to the point they had to basically make up a villain for this movie.

4) The movie is stuck between two 800+ million dollar, big action movies (Age of Ultron and Civil War). It simply cannot compete with them on a pure action scale. It would be impossible and laughable for them to try.

So, while I will admit, I was really, really let down by this trailer… I took a step back, collected myself, lowered my expectations, and watched it again.

And at that point, I enjoyed the trailer for what it is.

The trailer is on a MUCH smaller scale than Ultron blowing up the world. The story seems much more intimate with the core thing being about “family.” And after “stopping Malekith from destroying all the 9 worlds,” “Hydra ruling the world,” “Ronan destroying a whole planet, ” and “Ultron ruling Earth,” ….. a more intimate story may be necessary to kind of take a breath and relax after watching worlds almost be destroyed year after year.

And remember… this was a teaser. And it featured awesome Michael Douglas. We never really got any idea of what the action will be like and we never saw Wasp… I mean “Hope” Van Dyne either.

I have high hopes for this movie still. Even if the trailer is just “ok.”




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