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90 Gallon Update #16: Where Did My Albino Sen Go???

Short and sweet update today…

I have no idea where my Albino Sen went? I figured it was hiding.. but fish don’t hide for a week. Then I assumed it must have jumped but I can’t find a corpse. It is too big to be swallowed by any of the fish so….

Da fuck?

My only guess now is that it jumped and my dog ate it? Other than that, I have nothing?

Poop. 20+ bucks down the drain and I don’t know why. Not to mention I can’t find these guys that easy. Damnit Damnit Damnit.


90 Gallon Update #11: Electric Blue Acara Added!


I almost got an Electric Blue Acara before. But was disuaded by the staff at the store because they said they were essentially, “mini green terrors.” My brother had one back in the day and while it held its own, I didn’t recall it being some bezerker killer.

So, after watching the Firemouth constantly harrass everyone, I just thought, “fuck it this fish looks awesome” and pulled the trigger. I put the fish in, expecting the worse (blood bath of some sort).

Instead… the exact opposite happened. It is like I hit the “aggression perfect balance.” My tank instantly turned into paradise. It really makes no sense. The acara didn’t go in and beat the living shit out of everyone to calm them down. There was no battle for territory. As soon as the fish released… everyone just chilled.

We will see if this keeps up but… if so… AWESOME! I am really liking my tank right now and really, I am done with cichlids for the tank. There are plenty. I just need to find my bichirs and maybe add some school fish.

90 Gallon Update #10: Red Hump Geophagus and Chocolate Cichlid Added!

I first purchased a Red Hump Geo (Geophagus Steinachneri aka Stein) and put him in the tank. All hell then broke loose between the Firemouth and the Stein.

Stein and Firemouth

A lot of fish, including cichlids, a species specific aggressive. Geos can be one of them and that is why a lot of people keep 5+ Geos in a tank or just one. Firemouths are another fish that does the same thing, although not to the same extreme.

Well… Firemouths and Steins look similar in body shape and occupy the same part of the tank. So, I think that is what caused the aggressiveness and it was pretty intense. I was pretty sure the Firemouth was going ot kill the Stein which sucks because Stein’s look cool, are good “clean up” fish as they like to sift through the sand for left over food, and they are not really cheap.

After a day or two it calmed down a tad but not by much.

Very soon after, I went and got a Chocolate Cichlid. These guys grow to decent size but are really really really docile. I was hoping by adding another cichlid (giving me 4 at that point even though no one bothers the Krib and the Krib gives two shits about anyone else), the Firemouth’s attention would be diverted and the Stein would be saved.

Chocolate, slightly stressed colors

Nope. Didn’t happen. The Chocalate was too big of a weenie and now they both were getting harassed by a freaking Firemouth. Firemouth are known wimps… the bark and bark and bark (flare their gills, looks cool) but if a fish decides to test the bark and see if the Firemouth will back up its talk… Firemouth’s turn into giant wimps fast.


Hopefully everything will calm down here in a bit. I have my eye one one more cichlid…


90 Gallon Update #9: New Schooling Fish… Serpae Tetras!

So, the tiger barbs are out. More on them in the next post but they are gone and the tank looked bare and empty as hell. Plus, I always wanted a schooling fish in there at some point.

So, I got some Serpae Tetras. I have never kept them before. They seem to be schooling well though and their bright red color is a nice splash of color for the tank.

I got 5 and ended up getting 5 more later. However, the second 5 I got all ended up dying mysteriously in the middle of the night one by one which was really annoying. So, I am down to five again. I will probably settle around 8-10.

Short update. Don’t worry, I got some new vids coming relatively soon!


90 Gallon Update #8: The Death Squad- The Tiger Barbs Have Got To Go

Well, I didn’t see this coming.

Maybe I should have to an extent. Tiger barbs are a bad reputation for being fin nippers and bullies in small numbers. But, people always said that if you keep away fish with long flowing fins (thing angels and bettas) and keep the numbers in the double digits, then everything is ok.

That did not end up being the case for me.

I noticed the tiger barbs behavior was a bit… worrisome from the beginning. They tended to pick on the firemouth and when they did… it was all of the. It was like a pack of hyenas picking on a lioness. It was somewhat worrisome but i figured the cichlid could take care of itself and as I added more fish and decorations, the tiger barbs would back the fuck off.

I added the polys and things got more worrisome. If the polys came out in the open, they were immediately targeted. That… that I didn’t like.

And then I added a Rotkeil severum. Severums can be extremely timid when young. The barbs immediately targeted the severum but I thought they would get over it after they got used to it.

Wrong. Severum was dead the next day. Fuck.

The damn things just will not stop harassing. They look great in the tank and I love their interactions WITH EACH OTHER. But, they are a simple schooling fish. There are other schooling fish that can fill the void.

The tiger barbs have got to go before I add anything else to the tank.

The 90 Gallon Update #6: I FOUND SOME… POLYPTERUS ADDED!!!

Polypterus or polys or bichirs or “dinosaur eels” can be kind of hard to find.

Since I started keeping them  a few years back, I have seen them few and far between. You can generally get Senegals or dinosaur eels/bichirs rather easily. The two I had in the past actually came from Petsmart. But the others can be kind of hard to find. So far, I have seen sens, delhezi, ornate, weeksi, and one lapradei. But I have seen them all over the place. Delhezi I bought in a random fish store a hour from where I lived at the time and was the only one I have ever seen. The ornate I bought in Nashville when I lived in Indiana and was the only one I have ever seen. The Lap I also saw in Nashville. The Weeksi I think I saw randomly in a tank labeled as Senegals. Meaning it was likely just shipped wrong. I bought that as well.

Oh and then Rope fish. Which are related to the polys but not true polys. You can find those rather easily sometimes. Relatively anyway.

Polys are probably my new favorite type of fish. Especially the more active, and generally smaller upper jaws. If I had my way, my tank would slowly morph into an all upper jaw bichir tank, minus a few that get way too big for a 90 (ornate, teg, and sadly my favorite.. weeksi). But, other than ordering online or getting lucky, they are hard to find unless you have an AWESOME fish store around.

By luck, I heard that one of the stores in town sometimes has polys. I went to check it out and… YES! When I was there, they had a tiny albino sen and a tiny delhezi and a regular sized rope fish. But they also had a sign for regular sens as well.

So, I bought the albino sen and delhezi. The ropefish would have eaten the sen so I didn’t grab it (next time…).

So two down, a ton more to go…

(I don’t have any picture of them, too small to focus. Eventually I will get one)