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2014 Shadow Awards!

Welcome to the 4th annual Shadow Awards!

This is where I rate the best of the best and the worst of the worst on various topics, mostly about movies of course. Once again, I can only rate what I have seen… so you won’t see some sappy ass shitty movie on here, but you will see Captain America.

The only movies mentioned that are not out of DVD yet are The Hobbit 3. There are some Hobbit spoilers and they are in RED so you can avoid them if you want.

And here… we… go!

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Updated Comic Book Pull List

My comic book reading has slowed down big time. Part of that is simply me being busy and doing other “useless” activities instead. And some of it is just that there isn’t as many comics I am interested in right now. I have dropped all of DC, I don’t read any Image/Darkhorse, and even my Marvel pull list has shrank.

Typically, with anything I do, I get totally immersed. Whether it is lifting, movies, comic books, pokemon, playstation, ect… when I do something, I am 100% into it. With comics, that lead to me reading 50 books a month and got me burned out. With the shared comic universe, I was trying to read EVERYTHING, even if I didn’t give a shit about the characters/characters.

Not anymore. No more reading about shit i don’t care about. If I get confused about something, I just go to and ask and find out. I really only read what I really want to read and nothing else. Hence, the shrinking pull list.

After the jump, a look at my comic book pull list these days, 100% populated by Marvel.

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Easy Comics to Jump On To: The Punisher

Comic books can be notoriously hard to jump into thanks to the rather large history of the characters.  I actually don’t think this is true with the invention of Wikipedia and the internet but many people still have this view and avoid comic books because of it.

So, this series of posts will help those people who may have a passing interest in jumping into the comic book world, but because of the thousands of previous comics, don’t know where they can easily start. All the comics in this series are extremely easy to jump on to with just the little bit of information I provide in these posts. Plus… they are pretty good comic books so far.

After the Jump… The Punisher


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My Updated Comic Book Pull List


Here is my current pull list. Marvel comics, other than X-Men, is really really killing it right now. DC’s events are so bad I am still just down to one title.


My Favorites…

Loki: Agent of Asgard– Loki gonna Loki and this has been more Loki greatness.
Magneto- Simple, brutal, and effective book.
Mighty Avengers– Just an all around awesome comic book focusing on some less known characters like Luke Cage, Blade, and Blue Marvel.
New Avengers/Avengers- It is horribly decompressed but with both titles kind of coming together now, it SHOULD pick up the pace soon.
Original Sin- Marvel’s newest event has been set up well… it just needs to pay off now.
Punisher- Punishing in LA.
Thor: God of Thunder– Goes from Epic to Great and never drops below that. Easily, the most consistently awesome book Marvel has right now.
Uncanny Avengers- The first mega-arc seems to be coming to a close and has been classic, awesome, Remender action.

The rest after the jump…

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Easy Comics To Jump On To: Magneto

Comic books can be notoriously hard to jump into thanks to the rather large history of the characters.  I actually don’t think this is true with the invention of Wikipedia and the internet but many people still have this view and avoid comic books because of it.

So, this series of posts will help those people who may have a passing interest in jumping into the comic book world, but because of the thousands of previous comics, don’t know where they can easily start. All the comics in this series are extremely easy to jump on to with just the little bit of information I provide in these posts. Plus… they are pretty good comic books so far.


Comic Book: Magneto (vol 3)

Start Date: March 2014

Current Issue #: 5

Basic Plot: Magneto (who is technically a good guy now) is hunting those who are hurting/killing mutants and well… killing them. Think the Nazi hunter from the X-Men: First Class movie and expand that to everyone who kills mutants.

Important Background Information:

– Magneto is currently part of Cyclop’s team of revolutionary X-men along with the likes of Emma Frost, the Cuckoos, Magik, and a bunch of new mutants. Occasionally the time displaced Original 5 show up along with Kitty Pryde but they are not important. However, in this book, only Magneto has shown up.

– Magneto’s powers are broken right now. Meaning, he isn’t nearly as powerful as he used to be. At his peak, he could stabilize the tetonic plates during an Earthquake among other things. Due to the Phoenix Force screwing with his powers (it was never explained) he is reduced to simply moving small metal, similar to his portrayal in the X-Men: First Class movie in the beginning.


And that is all you need to know. Really simple actually and this book has been pretty damn good so far. Read it to watch Magneto kill some bad guys essentially.



Comic Book Brawls: Black Panther -vs- Red Skull

Comic Book: Avengers Vol. 3, Issues #69-70 (Red Zone arc)


Black Panther/T’challa- The King and Protector of Wakanda, the super advanced African nation that has never been conquered and is home to the only supply of Vibranium. T’challa at this time had peak human strength, speed, and agility, enhanced senses (think Wolverine) along with being a master of martial arts and one of the smartest people in the world. He is also known as being one of the best tacticians in the world.


The Red Skull– Skull is one of the most vile and disgusting things in all of the Marvel Universe. He is Nazi to the core and will do what is necessary to clean and dominate the human race. At this point in the comics, I believe he had peak human strength, speed, and agility as well as being a very good hand-to-hand combatant. He was basically Captain America but evil.

Background: The Red Skull released a biochemical agent that was rapidly killing people around Mt. Rushmore and was spreading across the United States at an alarming pace. He had just incapacitated Falcon and beat up Captain America and was talking about how he was going to frame Wakanda and the Black Panther for the terrorist attack. Right at that point, Black Panther and Iron Man burst into the room. 1

When Skull makes this comment, it basically enrages T’challa and, much to Iron Man’s surprise, he instantly attacks Skull while Captain America and Falcon are being poisoned and dying.

2 3

After Panther was blasted out of the window, Red Skull quickly inconpacitates Iron Man’s armor, leaving Tony rather helpless in the same poison room as Falcon and Captain America. Shit then hits the fan between Skull and Panther and Black Panther drops one of my favorite lines in all of comics:

“I’m going to break your jaw”

4 5

Check out the rest of the fight after the jump! You don’t want to miss this!

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Superior Spider-Man Ends at Issue #31 and Peter Parker Officially Returns

When Peter Parker was “killed” or mind swapped by Doc Ock and he became the Superior Spider-Man, a lot of the internet bitched, moaned, and said stuff like, “this will be reversed in 10 issues!” Hell, I bitched and moaned about the death which I felt was weak.

But… I embraced SpOck and Superior Spider-Man from the get go and called it one of the must reads at Marvel at the time. Even though I thought the death was weak, I thought the idea was fantastic.

And it was. Superior Spider-Man is one of my favorite runs ever. It was great. It was refreshing to see a villain become a hero and try to be the hero in his own, crazy way. SpOck was a genius in his own right and a pretty damn good hero. Sure, he killed now but who gives a fuck? So does the Punisher and Wolverine.

And then it all went ot hell with the Goblin Nation stuff and as expected, SpOck’s own arrogance cost him in the end. We knew it was going to happen eventually (happening just in time for the movie is no coincidence either) because well… Spider-Man and Peter Parker are Marvel’s biggest gun at this point

We saw the real Peter return at the end of #30 and save the day Peter Parker style at #31. Of course, now he has to deal with the ramifications (both good and bad) of SpOck taking over his life and making enemies… the the Peter Parker luck is back and he is kind of back to his standard, bad luck life is hard public hates me quota. Just in time for the movie. Just sayin.

All in all, I will miss SpOck. I feel his ending was a bit rushed (just like Parker’s death) and seemed a bit abrupt. But the journey was great and this entire run goes in the “Favorite Comic Series” pile. The gamble paid off big time in my eyes. Let’s see if the real Peter Parker can hold my interest now.

So… RIP Superior Spider-Man. And hello Amazing Spider-Man #1 (and I believe some learning to crawl series).


Wolverine and the X-Men is Cancelled at Issue #42… Sort of

Wolverine and the X-Men, which I think had the longest running volume at the moment, has been mercifully cancelled at issue #42…

Kind of. Sort of.

Because really, they are just rebranding it and Wolverine and the X-Men #1 came out this week.

Wolverine and the X-Men started off with a bang, even if the premise is kinda fucking stupid (Wolverine as a headmaster? I only kinda buy it when it started and didn’t buy it at all in the end). Unfortunately, around the time of AvX, the series went to complete shit and was generally a big waste of time.

I honestly do not know why I bothered reading it. Maybe because it was a flagship title? I mean, I kind of liked Quire and I wanted to see more of Evan/Kid Apocalypse but all in all the series pretty much blew.

It continues Jason Aaron schizo ways with books. He jumps from fucking epic (Black Panther Secret Invasion Tie in, Thor: God of Thunder) to terrible (WatXM, AvX) so frequently that it is hard to get a handle on him.

The new WatXM has a new writer so I will probably give it a chance and probably be disapponted. Aaron has moved on to Amazing X-Men which is off to a good start.

So… Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 1… RIP

X-Men: Legacy is Cancelled at Issue #24


God DAMN that was a great 24 issue run.

And honestly… I probably shouldn’t put “cancelled.” This series really looked like it was meant to end at issue #24. It had a solid beginning, solid middle, and solid ending. It didn’t feel like it had its legs cut out from underneath or anything of the sort and had to be rushed to conclusion.

And my lord, what a conclusion it was. Due to how good of an ending it was, I won’t spoil it here. Go read the damn thing yourself like you should have been already.

Spurrior did something I didn’t think was possible: make me like Legion. I only checked out the book because it was different and didn’t focus on the usual suspects. I didn’t really care for Legion, but he is stupid powerful and crazy and I thought it could be interesting for the little time it would last. Because I mean, come on… a book staring Legion with weird art and some writer I never heard of wasn’t going to last more than 12 issues. And some how, some way (ok… the some way was being a really fucking good book) it lasted through 24 issues with a great, natural ending.

Because Spurrior was so good with this, I am actually going to give his X-Force book, which has about one character in it I give two shits about, a chance. Because if it is half as good as Legacy, then sign me up.

My Current Comic Book Read List

Every once in awhile, a take a break from comic books. This happens for  a few reasons, most notably I get busy and can’t get to it, plus I actually enjoy reading entire blocks of an arc instead of month by month issue by issue.

It also gives me a chance to see which books I actually like and which books I read out of habit.

So, here is my new pull list, including the titles that are must reads in my opinion. This is just my pull list from the last month, so you won’t see stuff like Nightcrawler or Magneto or other titles that are coming soon that I will definitely pick up.



Must Reads:

Mighty Avengers– Straight up comic book fun featuring the “minority Avengers” lol.

New Avengers– It is moving at a snail’s pace but the premise is too good to pass up. I really wish this would double ship.

Superior Spider-Man– SpOck’s run is coming to an end and it is just getting into the Green Goblin stuff big time. Plus, Peter is slowly coming back.

Thor: God of Thunder– The second arc wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first (although it had its moments), this is still a great book.

Uncanny Avengers– Almost a pure stand alone book featuring big name characters (which is odd this day and age) with an awesome story that I have no idea where it is going.

X-Men: Legacy– This book actually ended at #24 (aka yesterday), but still wanted to put this here because it was so good.



The Others:

All-New Invaders– New series.

Amazing X-Men

Aquaman- Only DC book I still read.


Avengers World

Captain America


Guardians of the Galaxy– This one is one the edge of staying on my pull list as I have no interest in the X-Men crossover.

Loki: Agent of Asgard– New series.

Punisher- New series.

Savage Wolverine

Thunderbolts- The addition of Ghost Rider should be awesome.

Uncanny X-Men


Wolverine and the X-Men

X-Factor- New series

X-Force- New Series