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February 2015 Fish Picture of the Month



This is a Pike Cichlid of some sort. I can’t keep the different pike cichlids straight.

I have always wanted one, but they get kind of aggressive and decent sized so I just never have.



December 2014 Fish Picture of the Month



Some sort of boss looking piranha species. Cool shot.

You know how hard it is to find fish pictures that haven’t been so heavily photoshopped and filtered to death these days? Yeesh.


September 2014 Fish Picture of the Month



Fat ass striped Raphael catfish.

These dudes will bulge themselves like this when they eat… and then you won’t see them again for a week. Serious. They are notorious hiders and you will rarely see one out during the day unless it is just to eat.

You will see some as large as like 10 inches online but I have never seen one over 5 inches personally.

Cool catfish in theory but you will rarely ever see it if you put it in your tank.


August 2014 Fish Picture of the Month


This is a American cichlid called a Trimac. They are big, mean, and pretty as hell.

Finding a REAL trimac at a petstore is really really rare. What you see at petstores that look similar are actually Flowerhorns… aka hybrid cichlids mixed with some shit. While they look similar, they are not quite as pretty as a true Trimac in my opinion.


July 2014 Fish Picture of the Month


This is a Marbled Convict Cichlid, a much more rare variation of the common reguar/striped Convict Cichlid. I would assume this is F0 but I am not sure.

Convicts breed like absolute rabbits. Literally anyone with water can breed these things. They stay small but like any cichlid can get rather aggressive during breeding time.


June 2014 Fish Picture of the Month #2


This is a Midas Cichlid, Amphilophus citrinellus. They are rare but not rare at the same time. The are commonly sold in regular fish stores… except they are not true Midas Cichlids. Typically they are hybrids sold as “Red Devils.” To get a true Midas, a lot of times you need to order them online or get them from really good fish stores.

Pretty fish, but get relatively good sized with a very big attitude with very strong jaws.


June 2014 Fish Picture of the Month


Juvenile (I think) Siniperca Scherzeri which google tells me is a Golden Mandarin Fish… never heard of it. Looks like some sort of Perch.

Yes… FPotM is returning!


November 2013 Fish Picture of the Month





This is a JUVENILE bumblebee grouper. They are very pretty as a young fish and lots of people buy them for their home aquariums because of this. And then…

it grows. And grows. And grows. And turns an ugly brown color. And still grows. And eventually ends up 9 feet long and nearly 900 lbs. Yeah…

But pretty when young!

(This is a future “fish to avoid” article for sure)