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November 2014 Fish Video of the Month


I don’t care if I posted a video of this tank before, this is literally one of the most impressive tanks I have ever seen. Everytime dude uploads a new video, there is a pretty good chance I am going to post it here lol.

Here is a copy paste of his stock list…

770 Gallon Aquarium- 10’L x 3’W x 4’T
8 Widebar Silver Dollar (AKA Emperor Blue Hooks) – Myleus Schomburgkii
12 Yellowtail Rasbora- Rasbora tornieri
11 Arulius Barbs- Puntius arulius or Dawkinsia tambraparniei
17 Clown Loaches- Chromobotia macracanthus
4 Red Fin Bala Sharks- Cyclocheilichthys janthochir
1 Lutino Oscar- Astronotus ocellatus
1 Green Texas- Herichthys carpintis
1 Jack Dempsey- Rocio octofasciata
1 Green Terror- Aequidens rivulatus
1 Flagtail Prochilodus- Semaprochilodus insignis
1 Chalceus macrolepidotus


August 2014 Fish Video of the Month


This is a 770 gallon tank with community style fish in it. A 770 gallon tank is rare but one with small (relatively of course) fish in it is even rarer.

I love the look of it though. at a glance, I notice an oscar, filament barbs, clown loaches, silver dollars, texas cichlids, jack dempsey and more.

The thing I actually do not like is the silver dollars. I just don’t like that fish for whatever reason. Seem to detract from the other fish a bit.

LOVE the clowns though.