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2014 Shadow Awards!

Welcome to the 4th annual Shadow Awards!

This is where I rate the best of the best and the worst of the worst on various topics, mostly about movies of course. Once again, I can only rate what I have seen… so you won’t see some sappy ass shitty movie on here, but you will see Captain America.

The only movies mentioned that are not out of DVD yet are The Hobbit 3. There are some Hobbit spoilers and they are in RED so you can avoid them if you want.

And here… we… go!

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37 Gallon Update #1: Tiger Barbs Added!


So, I mentioned before that the Tiger Barbs from the 90 Gallon had been dealt with. Well, this is what I meant.

Luckily, around this time, I was doing my usual craigslist perusing  and ran across a pretty good damn deal. A 37 gallon bow front with black silicone (black silicone is sexy), light, hood, filter, heater, decoration… all for 80 bucks. Not bad dave man. Not bad at all. So I snatched it up, got it cleaned up, and set it up in my son’s room.

I also put extra tile squares under it to help protect the wood on his chest of drawers. I am not sure if it will help or not but we will see. Looks nice I think.

So, got everything ready, dumped the annoying fuckers in there, and hoped for the best. So far, so good. I love the black silicone of the tank and for whatever reason, despite having a cheap ass filter on it, the water is pristine and clear. Das it.


90 Gallon Update #10: Red Hump Geophagus and Chocolate Cichlid Added!

I first purchased a Red Hump Geo (Geophagus Steinachneri aka Stein) and put him in the tank. All hell then broke loose between the Firemouth and the Stein.

Stein and Firemouth

A lot of fish, including cichlids, a species specific aggressive. Geos can be one of them and that is why a lot of people keep 5+ Geos in a tank or just one. Firemouths are another fish that does the same thing, although not to the same extreme.

Well… Firemouths and Steins look similar in body shape and occupy the same part of the tank. So, I think that is what caused the aggressiveness and it was pretty intense. I was pretty sure the Firemouth was going ot kill the Stein which sucks because Stein’s look cool, are good “clean up” fish as they like to sift through the sand for left over food, and they are not really cheap.

After a day or two it calmed down a tad but not by much.

Very soon after, I went and got a Chocolate Cichlid. These guys grow to decent size but are really really really docile. I was hoping by adding another cichlid (giving me 4 at that point even though no one bothers the Krib and the Krib gives two shits about anyone else), the Firemouth’s attention would be diverted and the Stein would be saved.

Chocolate, slightly stressed colors

Nope. Didn’t happen. The Chocalate was too big of a weenie and now they both were getting harassed by a freaking Firemouth. Firemouth are known wimps… the bark and bark and bark (flare their gills, looks cool) but if a fish decides to test the bark and see if the Firemouth will back up its talk… Firemouth’s turn into giant wimps fast.


Hopefully everything will calm down here in a bit. I have my eye one one more cichlid…


90 Gallon Update #9: New Schooling Fish… Serpae Tetras!

So, the tiger barbs are out. More on them in the next post but they are gone and the tank looked bare and empty as hell. Plus, I always wanted a schooling fish in there at some point.

So, I got some Serpae Tetras. I have never kept them before. They seem to be schooling well though and their bright red color is a nice splash of color for the tank.

I got 5 and ended up getting 5 more later. However, the second 5 I got all ended up dying mysteriously in the middle of the night one by one which was really annoying. So, I am down to five again. I will probably settle around 8-10.

Short update. Don’t worry, I got some new vids coming relatively soon!


90 Gallon Update #8: The Death Squad- The Tiger Barbs Have Got To Go

Well, I didn’t see this coming.

Maybe I should have to an extent. Tiger barbs are a bad reputation for being fin nippers and bullies in small numbers. But, people always said that if you keep away fish with long flowing fins (thing angels and bettas) and keep the numbers in the double digits, then everything is ok.

That did not end up being the case for me.

I noticed the tiger barbs behavior was a bit… worrisome from the beginning. They tended to pick on the firemouth and when they did… it was all of the. It was like a pack of hyenas picking on a lioness. It was somewhat worrisome but i figured the cichlid could take care of itself and as I added more fish and decorations, the tiger barbs would back the fuck off.

I added the polys and things got more worrisome. If the polys came out in the open, they were immediately targeted. That… that I didn’t like.

And then I added a Rotkeil severum. Severums can be extremely timid when young. The barbs immediately targeted the severum but I thought they would get over it after they got used to it.

Wrong. Severum was dead the next day. Fuck.

The damn things just will not stop harassing. They look great in the tank and I love their interactions WITH EACH OTHER. But, they are a simple schooling fish. There are other schooling fish that can fill the void.

The tiger barbs have got to go before I add anything else to the tank.

The 90 Gallon Update #4: Tank in Place, Waiting for Fish

I got the tank set up and in place (with just me and my wife… my wife is STRONG mane) and then surveyed exactly what I had and what I needed to purchase immediately.

All you really HAVE to have for a fish tank is a tank, a filter, dechlorinator in most places, water, and fish. I was going to be bare bones, cheap as possible to start and build up from there (the plan anyway, I can get obsessive).

To get water in the tank, I needed some sort of hose. I wasn’t doing the 5 gallon trip a billion times. The choices are generally a python or a hose, and since I put the tank right in front a a widow, a hose is much cheaper and easier. I snaked it around the house through the window, and filled that baby up to check for leaks.

My filter was arriving from Amazon (reward money baby!) later that day. I got an AC110 aka the best hang on back filter available these days. I hooked that baby up when I got home from work and love it. It is a lot quieter than the Emperor and I love the options of what to put in it. Moves a ton of water as well.

So, the necessities are in place. Water in the tank, filter going, no leaks yet… now I just need to start stocking it to get the cycle going.

Getting Back into Fish Keeping #3: Found an Aquarium!

So, I ended up getting the last 90 gallon set up that I mentioned.

The add said 90 gallon tank, black stand, black canopy, and glass tops which is what I was looking for at a bare minimum.

I got to these dudes place and it is two tatted up Asian dudes. Aww fuck, I am about to be stabbed and robbed over a fucking fish tank. Turns out they were just two big fish nerds who ended up showing me there African Cichlid tanks.

Get the fucker loaded up into the uhaul van and to my surprise, a light ended up coming with the tank as well. It is a HO T5 48″ set up which are not cheap. Unfortunately, ones one of the lights works but for a free light who gives a shit? It will work for now until I can afford the light I want. Lights are one of the most expensive things about setting up a big tank so it was a nice added bonus.


So I get the tank back, my wife helps me carry it (STRONG MANE). It ended up going in front of a window, which is usually suicide but we put black out shades on the widow which should stop the crazy algae growth.

There are a few things that need fixed: the stand and tank need touched up a tad with some black paint. I need to put some sort of child lock on the doors.

The one thing that does bother me is the glass tops don’t really fit? They are too big… I don’t know how that happened or if I got gipped or what? If I didn’t the half light I would be pretty pissed but the light made up for it.


Now time to put some water in it and see if it holds. I have a filter on the way from Amazon (AC110) and I need to go buy Prime and Stability to dechlorinate and cycle the take respectively.



Getting Back to Fish Keeping #2: Craigslist Woes

People on Craigslist must not like money.

After striking out on looking for ads, I just decided to put a “wanted” add on Craigslist. My add stated I was looking for a 75-150 gallon aquarium with a stand and glass tops. I also stated that if interested, send me tank dimensions and a picture of the tank and anything else it comes with.

And it worked! I started getting emails the very next day! But, let us take a look at the emails…

#1: hey I got a large tank! Are you interested?
– Notice, that this email tells me nothing. Large is very, very relative. As my wife what is large and she will say 30 gallons. Go to and they will say 500+. I reply back asking for dimensions, how much it cost, ect
#1: Oh sorry! it is 36 inches by 12 inches! A beautiful tank! What do you think it is worth?
– AND, that is why you ask for dimensions. That is a 30ish gallon tank. I tell her that is a bit small for me but thanks for your interest.
#1: Oh sorry! My daughter has another tank she is trying to get rid of, I will ask her how big it is!
– I never got another response back. Meh, oh well, never  got my hopes up on that one.

#2: I got a tank for $250. (Gives dimensions for a 125). Interested? My number is (enter number)
– Yep, interested. Emailed back and forth trying to get a picture but keeps saying the tank is at his GF’s house. Ok whatever, just get the picture.
#2: Tank is at my GFs I will send a picture.
– Then… no response. Well fuck. So I text the number he gave me…
#2: Who is this? I don’t have a tank available.
– FUCK. WTF? Apparently it is the wrong number? What is going on here. I email him back asking what the fuck is going on.
#2: Yes this is a real ad. Hey, you can just come back the place and look at the tank.
– Umm… what? In this age when everyone has a camera phone… you want me to just show up and look at the tank instead? No thanks Jeff, I don’t like being raped. ABORT.

#3: Hey man, it is your lucky day. I have a 90 gallon tank full set up for $100 I just need it out this weekend
– Yep, sure, send me a pic and I can have it out.
#3: No response, never here from him again. wtf?

I had one promising one in the middle of a bunch of crap. The guy emailed me, I texted him, he sent me a picture back, looks nice, exactly what I was looking for. Cost is $250, which isn’t too bad. Told him I could pick it up the weekend of the 4th and then… he went no contact on me.

I am not sure if he is just busy or what? I still have hope for this one so we will see.


Getting Back To Fish Keeping #1: The Quest for an Aquarium

It is getting to be about that time. I have got the itch again.

As I have mentioned before, I have kept fish since the 7th grade. My birthday present in the 7th grade was a 50 gallon fish tank with lights, hood, and gravel. Some of my favorite fish of all time I kept in that tank.

And now I missing keeping fish. I miss the relaxation of just sitting there, doing nothing but watching fish swim, fight, eat, ect. Plus my son has taken a huge interest in the fish videos I watch on youtube. So, now I want to have one “for him.”

So, the hunt begins. I have had a tank as big as 180 gallons, but due to money reasons, I am looking for something 75-150 gallons. Jump from 150 to 180 is a huge jump in price and availability… you rarely see 180+ gallon tanks for sale and finding a bargain is even more difficult. Plus, that tank size is cursed as far as I am concerned and I want no part of it. If I ever get a tank bigger than 150, I am making the jump to 220+. Fuck 180 gallon tanks lol.

So it is off to Craigslist. Craigslist is a gift and a curse. You can find some really good deals there if you are patient but it is filled to the brim with AWFUL deals. For some reason, people think their fish tank is special and want 500 bucks for a 50 gallon or some shit.

The first week I was looking and the fish Gods were still cursing me. Found a GREAT deal for a complete set up 75 gallon tank for 100 bucks… give the number a call and it got sold the day before. FUCK. I have seen a few 75-90 gallons in the 200-300 dollar range, which isn’t a bad deal and in my price range. But, they were 2-3 hours away which isn’t my idea of fun. I am in no real hurry as the absolutely earliest I get water in the tank is late July, so I will pass for now.

So, here we go. Wish me luck. The next step is to place a “tank wanted” add on Craigslist and hope for the best…