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Meet Cycle: Week 11 Training Update

Last heavy week before the meet. Next week will just consist of 3 pump workouts to help cut weight. The squats and bench press numbers are around second attempt numbers. The deadlift 475 will be my opener.


January 11

Paused Bench Press: 295×1, 325×1

Paused Close Grip Bench Press: 285×1, 300×1

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press: 335x1x3

+ assistance


January 12

Squats, belt, sleeves: 390×1, 420×1

Conventional Deadlift, belt: 455×1, 475×1

+ assistance


January 16

Bench Press: 275×1, 295×1

Speed Paused Bench Press: 240x3x5

Feet Up Bench Press: 250x8x2

+ assistance


January 17

DB Shrugs
Cable Rows
Lat Pull Downs
Back Extensions
Ab Wheel


Meet Cycle: Week 10 Training Update

The week started off pretty good despite being in another new gym. Then things hit the fan where my deadlift strength disappeared Sunday, started puking Monday, and I have felt weak with a volatile stomach since.

This week was 3 weeks out from my meet. Not the best timing in the world.

I have videos of the bench and sq/dl day but I haven’t gotten the time to upload them. Sorry.


January 5

Paused Bench Press: 315×2, 315×1, 315×1

Paused CGBP: 275x2x2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press: 335×1, 345×1, 345×1

+ more assistance work.

– Felt pretty good all things considering. I think if I was in a gym I was used to with equipment I was used to I would have gotten the 315x2x2. The bench I was using was really really soft and I kept hitting safety bars and uprights.


January 6

Squat, belt, sleeves: 365×1, 385×1, 405×1

Paused Squats, belt, sleeves: 335x3x2

Conv Deadlift, belt: 495×0

+ more assistance

– Squat was ok… not great but ok. Deadlift was a clusterfuck and I am not sure what happened. Couldn’t get it off the ground and I never miss weights off the ground I miss them at the knees.


January 9

Bench Press: 225×5, 275×5, 255×5, 235×5

+ light iso work

– Still sick and feeling like shit so I did just enough to get in some bench work without prolonging my sickness by killing my recovery.

Meet Cycle: Week 9 Training Update

Here is the rest of Week 9 of my Meet Cycle


January 1, 2014

Bench Assistance

Paused Floor Press, 90s rest: 245x5x3
Speed Paused Bench Press: 185x5x5
Feet Up Bench Press, 90s rest: 185x8x2
Side Raises
Face Pulls
Cable Ext
Cable Curls

Bike: 20mins total


January 2, 2014

All 60s Rest

Cable Rows
Pull Ups: BWx12, BWx10, BWx5
Underhand Lat Pull Downs
Machine Rows
DB Shrugs
Leg Machine Calf Raises
Side Planks
OH BB Static Holds

Meet Cycle: Wk 9- Bench Press (Opener-ish)

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, wraps, belt: 275×1, 300x2x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, wraps: 265×3, 265×2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press, wraps, belt: 335x2x2, 335×1 (foot slipped so didn’t go for 2)

30* Incline DB Bench Press, 2min rest: 100×7, 80×12

DB Skulls: 35×10, 25×15

EZ Bar Curls: 2×20

One Arm Inverse Cable Ext: 1×25

One Arm Inverse Cable Curls: 1×25

Plate Pinches: 25-5x30s x3


Rower: 10 mins

Bike: 10 mins


– Expected the worst today but was pleasantly surprised to still hit the numbers I was programmed to hit without any super grinding.

– I never bench heavy after squatting because I am just all around tight as shit plus my back was already bothering me but, other than being uncomfortable, it went up fine. Plus, my shoulder was bugging me a bit due to sleeping on the floor last night (baby had nightmares or something) but it didn’t hurt to lift.

– I am not very happy with my pause though… if this was a USAPL meet I would be concerned about it…

– Can’t complain about bench… just keeps chugging along feeling solid every week. Next week will be a bear though (310 or 315 for 2×2)

Meet Cycle: Wk 9- Squat (Opener?), Deadlift (kinda)

Warm Up


Squats, belt, wrist wraps: 335×1, 370×1, 380×1, 395×1

Conventional Deadlift, belt: up to 405×1 and stopped


– My body is a mess due to the holidays. Going out of town and sleeping on shit air mattresses, different beds, couches, hotels, next to a rolling infant, cold dry air, driving 40 hours in the last week… just a complete shit show.

– Felt like overweight, bloated, tired garbage. Had to squat today instead of benching because Sunday there is no staff and I deadlift when there is no staff. I will bench tomorrow.

– Squats were slow and my hip hurt. Last weeks 385 at a different gym was opener fast. Today’s 395, what I hoped to open weight, was “meh”

– Tried to deadlift, back was acting up due to all the driving (it has been awful the last two days) so I just killed it to live another day. I do not need a serious injury right now.

– Next time you hear me think about doing a meet around the holidays and when I am moving… find me and punch in my the face.

– I will finish my workout with the small stuff Tuesday.

Meet Cycle: Wk 8- Back

Warm Up


All 70s resy


DB Shrugs: 100x30x3

Chest Supported Rows: 3×8

Pull Up Variations: 3×7

Underhand Lat Pulldowns: 3×15

Machine Rows: 3×20

45* Back Ext: BWx15x5

Side Planks: 3x30s

Leg Raises: 2×15

Plate Pinches: 25-5x30cnt x3


Bike: 20mins


– Crappy sleep plus dry air plus cold plus crappy infant sleep is catching up with me.

Meet Cycle: Wk 8- Bench Press Assistance

Warm Up


Paused Floor Press, 90s rest: 235x5x3

Paused Speed Bench Press: 245x3x5 [6:45]

Feet Up Bench Press, 90s rest: 205x8x2

Side Raises: 3×20

Front Raise: 3×20

DB OH Ext: 3×15

Hammer Curls: 3×15


Bike: 10min

Rower: 10min


– I won’t be able to heavy bench here. To unrack, I have to either barely get them off the hooks or do an awkward pin press. Don’t think I can do this with 300 lbs.

Meet Cycle: Wk 8- Squats, Deadlifts

Warm Up


Squats, belt, wrist wraps: 350×1, 370×1, 385×1

Pause Squats, belt: 295x3x2

Conventional Deadlift, belt: 430×1, 455×1, 475×1, 385×3

Calf Raises: 2×25

Seated Leg Curls: 2×25

Leg Ext: 2×25

Paused Ab Wheel: 3×10

45* Back Ext: 10x12x3

Fat Grip DB Static Holds: 100x30s x2, 100x20s

– At another gym due to the holidays

– Felt strong today. I always feel stronger away from my normal gym. It is odd.

– Have videos but no WiFi so I don’t think I’ll get them up

Meet Cycle: Wk 8- Bench Press

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, wraps, belt: 290x3x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, wraps: 255x3x2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press, wraps, belt: 325x2x2, 335×2

30* DB Incline Bench Press, 2min rest: 90×12, 90×8

Tate Ext: 25x15x2 -ss- BB Inverse Curls: 55x12x2

One Arm Inverse Cable Ext: 1×25

Machine Flyes: 1×25


– Last set of triples. Drop to doubles the next two weeks.

– On the first set, for some weird reason, I let out all my air after unracking it. I have been practicing just taking a big breath and holding it (or trying to take in more air afterwards.. never exhaling) and it keeps me tighter. For some reason I exhaled lol. Made it a bit harder than it should have been but no harm down.

– Body feels good. Doing all 4 workouts in a row and taking two days off seemed to work. My elbow seems to have finally healed.

– So, I head out of town tomorrow evening to drive to Indiana. Goal is to make the whole 16 hour drive right through the night so most of it is done while the baby is sleeping. I may be too old to do that though lol. Used to be a breeze when I did it 4 years ago but now it is hard for me to stay awake.

– I hope to squat Monday. Hopefully, if things work out right, I may hit up a workout with Brandon Smitely who is one of the new Elitefts sponsored guys. He is from my home town and we went to the same high school. I think he is 2 years under me. But anyway, if the timing of things workouts out I will head over there for some squats and deads. If not, I will just go to anytime fitness in town and probably get kicked out for deadlifting.