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Pokemon Update #9: (Re) Gym Badge #4

I’ll get to the update post later, because really, all that matters is battles in Pokemon. So let’s us get back to THE REMATCH OF THE CENTURY!!

Ok, not really. I went to go level grind to get my team in the 30 range. I started with Drillbur because he is the most important one for the electric gym. So, as I am level grinding, I decided to match Zebstrika’s level 32. But as I hit level 31…



I was under the impression it evolved around 34-36. Didn’t see this coming.

On one hand… YES! Gives me a steel type for the team and a massive boost in all stats. On the other hand, Excadrill is weak to fire now which may be a problem. Not sure if he can tank a non-stab flame charge or not.

I boost everyone else up a little bit as well (level 28 and 32 for Pignite) and head back to get my fucking badge.


Gym Battle #3:


Excadril (31)– ground- Dig, Rock Slide, Return, Metal Claw
Pignite (32)- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Leavanny (29)– grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, Struggle Bug
Flaffy (29)– electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Strength, Brick Break


ELESA: Electric type gym leader with 4 Pokemon: Zebstrika, Emolga and two others I didn’t see last time.

– This was a blood bath. I just lead with Exadrill this time. No time for game. Rock Slided Emolga into oblivion and avoided getting paralyzed. Then Zebstrika came. I just said fuck it and left Excadrill in to see if he could tank a flame charge. Instead… Zebstrika used pursuit?? Wut? Did he expect me to switch out? Does the CPU think like that? Anyway, my Dig OHKO it, then OHKO’d Flaffy and then OHKO’d Joltik.

That was easier than I planned.

Winner: Shadow 4-0

MVP: Excadrill with the sweep


– I got TM Volt-Switch which is… relatively useless at the moment. Gave it to Flaffy though since its movepool is terrible.


Pokemon Update #8: Gym Badge#4… Getting My Ass Kicked

It has been awhile since I updated. Still playing just very, very slowly. At this time my team hasn’t changed at all. I caught some more Pokemon but nothing exciting. I will update what I have caught next post.

Essentially, I got to Nimbasa City and there isn’t much in the immediate area. Couple “trainer” areas but no grass in the city to find some new Pokemon. There are two exits to the North of the city but I wasn’t really in the mood to explore. So, I just decided to go to the gym and see if I can get my fourth badge before I headed out.

The mentor dude tells me this is an electric-type gym. And… that could pose a problem. For one, electric is a STRONG offensive type… fast and hit fucking hard. For two, that means people are getting paralyzed and the good ol’ computer parahax trick is possibly in effect. For three, my only strong Pokemon against the group is Drilbur, who only really has Dig as an offensive attack. Sure, nothing the electric types have are super effective against me, but I have nothing super effective against them either. At least Leavanny’s grass type resists electric moves as well.

The mentor also mentions that Emolga isn’t effected by ground moves. Which tells me the Gym Leader has an Emolga for sure. That… could pose a problem as flying types completely fuck up half my team. Things are not looking good right now.

I fight the trainers and do it without any issues. I am right in line or a little below their levels, which means I will be badly under leveled for the actual Gym Leader. I also learned I may be in some shit because apparently electric type Blitzle learns fire type move Flame Charge which immediately makes Leavanny worthless and immediately makes it where Drilbur isn’t untouchable now. Once again, I think about heading back and level grinding or finding a suitable counter to Blitzle but say fuck it and head on in…


Gym Battle #3:


Drilbur (29)- ground- Dig, Rock Slide, Return, Metal Claw
Pignite (30)- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Leavanny (27)- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, Struggle Bug
Flaffy (23)– electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, Brick Break


ELESA: Electric type gym leader with 4 Pokemon. The first trainers had Blitzle, Flaafy, and Elekid’s. I know there is an Emolga involved as well. So, that would be my guess. Gym leaders generally have at least one evolved Pokemon as their main guy. I would guess it is Electabuzz or Ampharos.

– I lead with Pignite and she chooses a level 30 Emolga. FUCK. I have no idea of Emolga move set or durability or anything. I really, really doubt I could OHKO it with Flame Charge and I really do not want to find out if it has Aerial Ace. So I switch to Flaafy as a sacrifice more than anything and luckily I did because Emolga did have Aerial Ace. It does nothing to Flaafy at all. I use Thundershock, which does an ok amount of damage as Emolga Aerial Aces again and does nothing. At this point, I just plan on wearing down Emolga enough that I can kill it with Pignite in one hit once Flaafy dies. I go to thundershock Emolga again and Elesa switches…

To a level 32 Zebstrika. Oh fuck. For some reason, I didn’t except the evolved form of Blitzle… I didn’t know it had one. It gets a speed boost from Thundershock as well. Fuck. Flaafy gets blasted and killed. I switch Pignite hoping to at least weaken Zebstrika. I go to Flame Charge and she switches again, to Flaafy, who tanks the hit and paralyzes Pignite to book. Fuck. Pignite gets parahaxed and goes down for the count.

I switch in Drilbur because that is my last real hope at this point. Plus I was pissed and not thinking straight… shoulda went to Leavanny and saved Drilbur. Anyway, I Dig, kill Flaafy and get paralyzed AGAIN. FUCK. So now I am doomed. Zebstrika comes in, blasts Drilbur with Flame Charge and then does the same to Leavanny. The parahax made no difference as I wasn’t surviving any Flame Charge from a Zebstrika that out levels me.

Winner: Elisa 2-0

MVP: Zebstrika and its ridiculous speed and move pool.


Welp, time to go level grind a bit. Getting everyone to 30 should do the trick. And not getting parahaxed might help. Maybe I will find a Pokemon to help deal with Zebstrika as well.

Pokemon Update #7: Gym Badge #3


Time to hit the Castelia City Gym. Get to the front to see what type of gym it is…


LOL bug. Bug is such a shitty gym type because fire types are always pretty powerful and OHKO them easy. This is going to be a massacre. I just used Pignite to OHKO all the beginning trainers. The only bug type able to not get OHKO’d was Dwebble, which is a bug/rock type, therefore my fighting and fire moves are not super effective. Luckily Dwebble sucks though. The other trainers just had Swadloons and maybe one Karrablast.

Gym Battle #3:


trainercard-Shadow (3)

Pignite (26)-fire/fighting- Work Up, Return, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust
Leavanny (22)- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Struggle Bug, Razor Leaf, Return
Flaaffy (21)- electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, Rock Smash
Drilbur (19)- ground- Dig, Metal Claw, Return, Rock Smash


BURGH: Four bug type Pokemon. Likely to have at least a Dwebble, Karrablast, and a Swadloon. One of those will be evolved most likely.

– This went as expected. Burgh lead with Dwebble and I went with Pignite. I worked up once and easily tanked Dwebbles Rock Blast. Two Flame Charges later, Dwebbles dead. Next up was Karrablast which got OHKO’d easy. Then Shelmet which got OHKO’d easy. Then his last, big bad Pokemon was a level 26 Leavanny… which is 4x weak to fire… which got OHKO’d.

Winner: Shadow 4-0

MVP: Pignite once again.

In the process, Pignite went up to level 28. Won some TM I will never use. Time to move on. I will probably level up Drilbur a bit and maybe try and see if I can find that last Pokemon in the Sewer and Route 4.

Pokemon Update #6: Double Evolution and More Team Members


So, after the gym there is some Team Plasma shennanigans. They are all real low level and really shitty right now with shit Pokemon so it is nothing to right home about. I head to Castelia City to “hunt them down” or some shit. I go around and do all the side missions and find trainers to fight ect ect. In the mist of that, Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon which is awesome because Sewaddle is pretty shit and I need it not to be because it feels a pretty big weakness on my team. Also learned Protect but that is all but useless in game.

grumpy Swadloon

Current Team:


– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Swadloon- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric


I then head up to Route 4 to see what Pokemon are up there.


Route 4:

– poison type

– I have no use for this piece of garbage (literally)

Darumaku- f
ire type

– Another pretty decent fire type. Really… all fire types are generally pretty damn decent with some oomph behind them. But obviously I do not need a fire type.

– dark/ground type team

– Sandile has an interesting typing as I do not have a dark type nor a ground type. Hits pretty damn hard with great coverage for my team… alright Sandile… WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (1)

– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Swadloon- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric
– Sandile- ground/dark


As I was leaving Route 4 seeing if I could find anything else useful (no), Swadloon leveled up again. And then… started evolving into Leavanny. Fuck yeah… happiness evolution is the easiest thing in the world in game. This is the last evolution (obviously) for this line. So I will get a decent idea how powerful he is and if it is worth keeping in the long run.


Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (2)


– Pignite: fire/fighting
– Leavanny: grass/bug
– Flaaffy: electric
– Sandile: ground/dark


So, now I head into the sewers. I do a bunch of stuff with my rival and end up seeing Grimer and Koffing (but can’t catch them due to being with my rival) but I couldn’t find them later but no worries because I wouldn’t have used them anyway.


Castelia Sewers


– I actually like Crobat. It is faster than hell, I need a flyer… but poison typing kinda kills it and it doesn’t really learn any good moves to my knowledge. Eh… not worth it. Maybe I will change my mind later but I can’t see where I would use it a lot.


Relic Passage

– rock

– Evolves through trade. No thank you.

– normal

– Gen 1 OG! Really really sucks!

– psychic/flying

-The typing entices me. I need a flyer and I need a psychic and this has both! Both… I refuse. That is one of the worst character designs I have ever seen. Fuck that shit.


– fighting

– Evolves with a trade. Fighting type. No thanks.

– ground

– Well well well, what do we have here? Drilbur is a ground type that becomes a potent ground/steel type. Hmmm… I need a steel type due to their all-around awesomeness and the fact that they resist dragons (all E4 have a dragon trainer) and flying (which I am weak against right now). STAB earthquake is just epic. Hmmmmm… Fuck it… WELCOME TO THE TEAM. And since there is no reason to have two ground types on the team… sorry Sandile, YOU’RE FIRED.

Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (3)

– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Leavanny- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric
– Drilbur- ground

Once I found Drilbur, I was ready to head out. The Pokedex is saying I am still missing someone but I don’t know who I haven’t seen that would be worth my time. I searched and searched but no luck So, off to the Castelia Gym.

Pokemon Update #5: Second Gym Badge Time


So, time for the second Gym. I honestly do not remember much due to the fact the gym wasn’t very memorable. It was a poison type gym and most poison types are pretty crappy. Some of the dual types are great (Venasaur, Crobat, Toxicroak, ect) but straight poison is pretty… eh. Especially in game when having a Wall and toxic stalling isn’t very effective.

Anyway, none of my Pokemon had any advantage in this gym. If I wanted to be cruel, I could have just used the Magnemite and laughed as every single attack didn’t work (poison cannot touch steel). But that is boring as hell and Magnemite sucks.

I blow through the beginning trainers, mostly using Sewaddle to level up a bit. Most of the Pokemon’s used were Koffings and Grimer’s, so I assume Roxxie will have more of the same.


Gym #2 Battle

Shadow: Pignite, Flaaffy, Sewaddle (in the 17-20 level range)
Roxxie- 3 poison type Pokemon. If I had to guess, I would say they are a Koffing, Grimer, and Venipede or some combination of that. I haven’t seen any other poison types that I can remember.

I just lead with Pignite and gave him whatever berry allows you to be cured from poison. The plan was to work up 1-3 times and then sweep with Flame Charge. I assumed they would try and poison me, I would get healed, and then I would sweep. And it worked just like that… except I never even got poisoned lol. She started with a level 17 Koffing which hit like a bitch and allowed me to get 3 Work Ups in. Preceded to wipe it from the board, then she sent in a level 17 Grimer. It was actually able to take 2 hits, and almost killed Pignite thanks to a critical hit. I thought I might be in a little trouble but then she sent out her last one, a level 19 Whirlipede. It was part bug type so it got OHKO’d to oblivion.

Winner: Shadow 3-0

MVP: Pignite


So that is that. I got TM Venoshock… which none of my Pokemon can use so it is completely worthless. Onto the next one…

Pokemon Update #4- EVOLUTION!


So, after leaving the gym victorious, there is of course some blah blah blah involved. One good thing that came out of it is that I got the TM for Return… aka the best normal type move in the game. So, I instantly teach it to all three of my Pokemon and rejoice. I then try to use TM Work Up but none of my team can learn it. Poop.

Anyway, I also learn that the grass will now “rustle” as I walk by. This is awesome for 2 reasons. One… some rare Pokemon hang out in rustling grass. And 2… Audino will now appear which is awesome because they give super experience points.

So now I need to head to Virbank City next. So I catch some wild Pokemon and battle the trainers on the way…


Route 20

normal type

Other than providing a shit ton of experience, this guy is completely worthless.

poison type

Poison types don’t offer much in game. I think Venipede’s final evolution is halfway decent but it doesn’t fit on my team at all and gives me no real advantages or type coverage.


So, during the various wild Pokemon and super Audinos and crappy trainers, my Pokemon start gaining levels rapidly. And then Tepig reaches level 17 and starts to evolve into Pignite!



After evolving he also becomes a fighting type and learns a new fighting type move… Arm Thrust. He is also now able to learn TM Work Up.

Current Team:

Pignite (17)– Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Sewaddle (14)– Bug Bite, Return, worthless stuff
Mareep (14)– Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Return, something useless


I then head on to Virbank City. Doesn’t seem to be much to do so I head to the grass area and grab some more Pokemon and fight some more trainers to prepare for the gym.


Virbank City

fire type

A pure fire type that evolves first into Magmar (who is awesome and a Gen 1 OG) and then evolves again into Magmortar or something like that through trade or something. While I do like this Pokemon, I don’t need another fire type plus it evolves through trade so while awesome… to the box with it.

steel/electric type

Another Gen 1 OG and our first steel type. Unfortunately… I hate this Pokemon with a passion and always have. Even though it would first perfectly on my team (and eliminate my need for Mareep), I just hate it. So… to the box. But once again, this game is giving you some really really good Pokemon very early.

fire type

– Another Gen 1 OG and one of my favorites and the first fire type I used way back in Pokemon Red (I started with Bulbasaur naturally). I love this guy and used in when I played competitively online as well. Arcanine is a freaking tank! But… I don’t need a fire type :(. To the Box.


So during the catching and shitty trainer battles, Sewaddle ended up learning Razor Leaf at level 15ish, which is its first grass move and a decent move overall. It used to be THE BOMB in first generation with Venusaur by the way.

Also, Mareep leveled up a bit and at level 16 evolved into Flaaffy. Giving it some more oomph and bulk. Also learned some dumb move I cannot remember.




So my current team heading into Gym #2 is (cannot remember what levels they were but they were 16-19 range)


Current Team:

Pignite- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Sewaddle- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, String Shot
Flaaffy- electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, something else


Pokemon Update #3: Gym Badge #1



So, I go into the gym unsure what level the pokes are at and unsure of the gym type. Clicking around, it is a normal type gym which is good and bad at the same time. Good because normal is super effective against none of my pokes… bad because I have nothing super effective to use against them as Tepig is still only a fire type with no fighting moves.

I laid waste to the warm up trainers and I seem to be at the appropriate level strength wise so I head to Cheren to get my badge.

Gym #1 Battle:

Shadow: Sewaddle (11), Tepig (14), Mareep (8)
Cheren: normal type gym with 3 Pokemon

He starts with a level 12 Parat which I slowly kill with Sewaddle. He then goes to a level 14 Lillipup. I stupidly think he will just finish off Sewaddle, so I hit him with a string shot just to slow him down a bit so Tepig can finish the job. Instead, Lillipup Works Up… making it so his attack and special attack climb a level. Fuck. I start to attack, he works up again. Fuck. He then OHKO’s Sewaddle. I switch to Mareep hoping to paralyze him so I have a chance, but Mareep is still too slow and gets OHKO’d as well. I then switch to Tepig, who is able to take a couple hits, but I have no good moves to use (still forced to use Tackle or Ember which is pathetic because Tepig is physically based). And I get my ass beat.

Winner: Cheren 2-0
MVP: Lillipup who worked up and swept my pitiful, underleveled team.


Never saw third pokemon. I would assume it is another Lillipup or Patrat… the question is if it is a higher level than 14 or not.

So I head to the grass with my head hung low to level grind a little bit. I start with Tepig hoping he evolves at level 16 or something so he gets his fighting type and a new move to lay waste to the gym easy. Instead, he learns flame charge at level 15, which finally gives him a STAB attack that is physical and doesn’t suck. That is all I really need I think but I also put one level on both Mareep and Sewaddle just in case.

Tepig to level 15

Sewaddle to level 12

Mareep to level 9

Gym Battle #1

Shadow: Sewaddle (12), Tepig (15), Mareep (9)
Cheren: Patrat (12), Lillipup (14), another unseen normal-type Pokemon

This went as expected. Sewaddle beat up Patrat rather easily and he went to Lillipup again. I immediately switched to Tepig this time and luckily he only tackled instead of worked up. I then hit him with two flame charges, which hits VERY hard due to STAB and Tepig’s high attack stat. It also boost my speed which I used to quickly dispose of his next Pokemon, a level 12 Pidove.

Winner: 3-0 Shadow
MVP– Tepig due to Flame Charge

So, I won my first badge and received TM Work Up, which will be pretty useful as it boosts both attack and special attack.

Pokemon Update #2: Crappy Pokemon Everywhere

Route 19

patratPatrat– lv 4- normal type
This is the “rattata” of the game. Essentially useless as far as I know unless it works as an HM slave. Normal types are pretty “meh” in game due to the fact they don’t resist anything for the most part and have no real advantage except STAB Return.

purrloinPurrloin– lv 3- dark type
First dark type appears. Once again, I have no interest. Dark types can be pretty important , as usually there is a Psychic type gym or usually a Psychic type E4 member but there will be better ones later if I want a dark type.


Route 20

pidovePidove– lv 4- normal/flying type
The Pidgey of the game! I think every kid liked the Pidgey line (only the not cool ones like Fearow). I don’t usually get the first flying type just because (Swellow was cool too though. Last gen’s first flyer was a beast but I can’t remember the name). And Pidove doesn’t look cool enough to mess with it. I eventually need a flyer though just to get around the game faster with HM Fly.

sunkernSunkern– lv 4- grass
Gross. First grass type which I am going to need (grass or electric) to deal with Oshawott that my rival has and other water types which threaten Tepig. But not this one.

sewaddleSewaddle– lv 2- bug grass
– Hmm… now this is interesting. Tepig turns into a fire/fighting type, giving me a big weakness to water, psychic, and flying. In addition, there is always a big gym or E4 member that is psychic, so bug is useful there. So I need a water killer and a psychic killer… fuck it… Sewaddle, WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Current Team: tepig spritesewaddle sprite

Tepig- tackle, ember, defense curl, some useless move
Sewaddle- tackle, string shot


I think this is where I ran into my rival again… so time to battle!

Shadow: Tepig (8), Sewaddle (2)
Rival: still just one Pokemon, assuming Oshawott

Ended up just being at like level 8 I think and still didn’t know any STAB moves thankfully, so I just tackled my way to victory with Tepig.

Winner: Shadow 2-0, MVP: Tepig

So after that, end up doing one of those dumb Pokemon side missions where I went looking for something. Useless so then I just caught some more Pokemon in Flocessy Ranch.


Floccesy Ranch

Mareep– lv 5- electric type
– This is a strong Pokemon to get this early and a very early electric type. I know all about Mareep since I used it in Silver and Ampharos becomes a heavy special attack hitter who can soak a hit. Just very slow. I need an electric or grass type, and I already added Sewaddle… but fuck it. This is a good early Pokemon, plus its ability Static and Thunder Wave use can cripple someone in a pinch if I decide to sacrifice it or something on a switch. Plus, I have no idea if Sewaddle will work out and I know Ampharos is a hoss. So… Mareep… WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Current Team: tepig spritesewaddle spritemareep sprite

Tepig- tackle, ember, defense curl, some useless move
Sewaddle- tackle, string shot
Mareep- tackle, thunderwave, growl


azurillAzurill– lv 5- normal type
It starts as a normal type but ends up becoming a hard hitting water type. Typical water type… bulky, slow, hard hitting. I don’t have the energy to baby another one as Azurill is utterly useless and would be hard to level up, especially since it levels up by “kindness.” So i’ll pass, but man you can build a heck of a team just by grabbing Tepig, Mareep, and Azurill.

lillipupLillipup– lv 5- normal
– Another normal type. although I believe its final evolution is halfway decent and he is pretty bulky his early in the game, but still… not strong enough to warrant carrying a normal type.

rioluRiolu- lv 5- fighting type
Damn… another STRONG Pokemon. It turns into the fighting/steel type which is just plain awesome. Especially since dragon types are ALWAYS in the Elite 4. Always. But… I don’t need another fighting type so… I am going to have to pass. Hopefully another steel type shows up later. But once again… man… Tepig, Mareep, Azurill, Riolu would be a hell of a team and you can get them all before the first gym.

psyduckPsyduck– lv 5- water type
Another water type, this time one that is much easier to build up. Psyduck is a 1st Generation OG. It is… solid and a little different that other water types due to being a bit faster and it is weird in that it can learn psychic moves (unstabbed unlike Starmie though) but surely I can do better later for a water type. Man I don’t like water types lol.


So then a do a bit of leveling up, hoping to get some STAB moves on my team. Tepig ends up at lv14 just by switching in so I can level up the other guys and learns nothing of use. Sewaddle gets up to 10 and learns Bug Bite which is great in game as it steals berries and is a STAB physical move. And Mareep gets up to lv8 and learns Thundershock, which is a weak as hell electric move, but it is STAB and uses Mareeps much higher special attack so I should be good to go for the gym. Onward to glory!

Current Team: tepig spritesewaddle spritemareep sprite

Tepig- tackle, ember, defense curl, some useless move
Sewaddle- bug bite, tackle, string shot
Mareep- thundershock, tackle, thunderwave, growl

Pokemon Update #1- Tepig I Choose You!


So game begins! Introductory stuff, blah blah blah, talk talk talk, blah blah blah… I am not Pokemon newbie stupid game let me skip this stuff.

After 10 hours of gibber jabber, it is time to choose my starter Pokemon. Like all games, you choose between a grass, water, or fire type Pokemon. I almost decided to hack my game to start with Treeko (my favorite) or Bulbasaur (second favorite) because they are 10x more awesome that what I can choose from. I typically tend to be a fan of grass type starters… and typically always choose them. The exception is Generation two, which featured the terrible Meganium line. Gross. I just Typhlosion for that one. All others it has been grass. Bulbasaur line, Sceptile line, and Torterra line.

So let us see what we got…

Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott
Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott

Snivy- Grass Type. Looks like a shitty rip off of Treeko. Grass types can be all over the place… from bulkier offensive types (Bulbasaur, Torterra) to bulkier defensive types (Meganium) to fast offensive types (Sceptile). Snivy looks more like the faster types but you can never be too sure with Grass types. Also, will it get a second type like Torterra (ground) and Bulbasaur (poison)?

Oshawott- Water Type. WTF is this thing? An otter? All the water types I remember are big, slow, bulky, and pack a punch (Blastoise, Swampert, the alligator one, Empereon). I don’t think I have ever chosen a water type.

Tepig- Fire Type. Looks like a pig. Really original design… Anyway, the fire types tend to be super offensive. Charizard, Typhlosion, Infernape, Blaziken. And the last two gained a sub type (fighting) which was useful.

I honestly don’t remember anything about these guys, although I think I remember the Snivy line being fast but defensive and not very hard hitting. And I think Tepig gets a fighting second type.

So anyway, I chose the stupid fire pig. Other than Blastoise I am not a fan of water types and Oshawott looks retarded. Snivy looks like a rip off of the best Pokemon ever and that makes me angry. So, play it safe and go with a fire type with a nice second typing and hope for the best.

The only problem with this is that there are generally a thousand good fire types in games and a thousand good fighting types. Are all of them in this game? I don’t know but I have never had a problem finding a fire type in a Pokemon game. Water and Grass on the other hand… much more difficult.

So, Level 5 Tepig it is.


So, to go with Pokemon tradition, my rival or friend or whatever chooses the opposite type to make the game harder (lol). So he chooses the dumb otter, Oshawott. And keeping with tradition, it is battle time with the rival:

Shadow: Lv 5 Tepig
Rival: Lv 6 Oshawott (higher due to challenge mode)

The first battle is all about luck and stupidity. So I tackle my way to victory and end up leveling up in the process.

Time to get out of the hometown and see what is out there… until next time…


Welcome to My Pokemon Playthrough.. Yep, You Read That Right

Remember when I mentioned this blog is random as hell with no real point in life other than wasting my time? And for some reason I enjoy it? And remember when I said I have some of the most random interest and hobbies that simply make no since when mashed into a single person? Well, here is the ultimate “nobody gives a shit” post series.

I am going to play Pokemon Black 2… and chronicle the journey to beat the game.

I was a youngin when Pokemon Blue/Red came out and took the hand held world by storm. It was awesome (started with Bulbasaur by the way, aka Mr. Awesome). Then played Yellow (which was awesome because you could get all the starters).  Then I stopped playing after that and the habit of “stop playing then pick up old games” started. Played LeafGreen (awesome) and Emerald (eh… but had the best pokemon ever in Sceptile). Then pick up Platinum (awesome game.. Torterra!) and started playing on wifi and on battle simulators as well. Did that a ton, got Soul Silver when it came out (awful game, second generation Pokemon are terrible) and got sick of it and quit again. I think got Black 2 last year and started battling on simulators again but didn’t finish the game (got busy) and the battle stuff got way more complicated than I wanted to invest in so I got bored with that.

Sceptile > All

Just recently, I found my DS again and saw BW2 still in it. So… started playing and though “why not put what I do on the blog?” So… tada!

Some rules how I play the game to make it interesting for me:

– Use set, not shift. Shift is entirely too easy to sweep through gyms and such due to typing.

– I do not use healing items in person vs person battles. No potions, no revives, no ethers, ect. I will use them out of battle but not during because that is boring.

– I am not using a guide to play the game. That means, no peaking ahead to see what rival trainer Pokemon gets so I can have a counter for each. No peaking ahead at gym types and levels so I make sure I am strong enough. No peaking ahead at the Elite 4 and champion so I can see their type. And I haven’t finshed BW2 and I don’t remember a damn thing about it so it will all seem new for now.

The exception to this rule is seeing how Pokemon evolve and what moves they learn on their own. I am not using a pokemon only to see it doesn’t evolve except for trades or some shit I can’t do. So, when I catch one, I will check ahead and see how it involves and that is it. I also will check to see what each nature means because I am not remembering all the shit.

– I won’t be using Legends because they are stupid powerful for a “normal” play through a game.

– I hack the game and use Master Balls to catch everything. The worst part about pokemon is catching the fuckings things. I don’t time for that shit.

Umm, I guess that is all the rules.

Two more things…

1) Wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t finish

2) Wouldn’t surprise me if this gets zero views.