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2014 Shadow Awards!

Welcome to the 4th annual Shadow Awards!

This is where I rate the best of the best and the worst of the worst on various topics, mostly about movies of course. Once again, I can only rate what I have seen… so you won’t see some sappy ass shitty movie on here, but you will see Captain America.

The only movies mentioned that are not out of DVD yet are The Hobbit 3. There are some Hobbit spoilers and they are in RED so you can avoid them if you want.

And here… we… go!

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2013 Shadow Awards

The 2013 Shadow Awards are finally here! Unfortunately, it will not be nearly as long and detailed as in the past due to how freaking busy I was in December and right now. But, it is what it is so I am just going to roll with the punches.

Got to the right under “Topics” and click “shadow awards” for the 2011 and 2012 award winners.


Without further adieu…



Best Movie, Best Sequel: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
– It takes something really special to knock off a movie from Middle Earth from the top spot. And this movie was really freaking fun.

Most Disappointing Movie: GI Joe: Retaliation
– How a movie with Ninjas + military could be so shitty I have no idea.

Best Comic Book Movie, Best Action: Thor: The Dark World
– Wolverine was close and may be better with multiple viewings, but this movie was a prototypical Marvel movie done right

Most Disappointing Comic Book Movie: Iron Man 3
– Not because of the twist, but because of humor in the wrong spots. Still an above average movie but it could have been great.

Most Surprising Scene: Superman breaking Zod’s Neck in Man of Steel
Having Superman kill in this movie at the very very end caught everyone off guard.

Biggest Bad Ass, Best Villain: Kurse from Thor: The Dark World
– If you whoop Thor’s ass and bitch slap Mjolnir like it is a fucking trinket, you get on this list some how. This dude was a walking ball of destruction that took a mini black hole to kill.

Best Special Effects: Smaug from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
– That dragon is one of the best CGI creations ever put on the big screen.



Best Comic Book: Thor: God of Thunder
– The God Butcher arc is one of the best I have ever read.

Best Comic Book Hero: Thor
– Was perfect in Thor: God of Thunder and had some great moments in Infinity.

Best Comic Book Villain: Ebony Maw
– Let’s see… took control of the Sorcerer Supreme, found Thanos son while sending the Illuminati on a wild goose chase, eliminated Thanos by tricking Thane into stopping him, escapes the scene with control of Thane. Not bad.

Best DC Comic Book: Aquaman
– Pretty much the only DC book I am reading at the moment. Been consistently good since Issue 1.


The 2012 Shadow Awards: Part 2/2- Misc

Here is Part two of the second annual Shadow Awards. This covers a range of topics including comic book, websites, and fish pictures.

The awards after the jump…

Best Comic Book- Journey into Mystery

– This is probably the most “different” book out there. It was weird, had a weird ‘hero’ (Kid Loki), was wordy… and was awesome. You never knew what was going to happen when with this book due to Kid Loki’s lies and tricks. And the ending was almost heart breaking with real Loki coming back to reclaim his body.

Best Comic Book Hero- Venom

– The Savage Six arc was one of my favorites this year. Venom has been a break out star as he not only has his solo but also showed up in Secret Avengers (and became the star over there) and now Thunderbolts. Not bad for a none A list character.

Best Comic Book Villain- Mr. Sinister

– He trolled Cyclops in his own way from the very beginning (and always has). He started the whole Phoenix talk with Hope. And then when the Phoenix came… he whooped its ass. And even after he failed and it seemed him and his whole “colony” were wiped out… he showed up at the prison Scott was at just to troll him some more.

Best Comic Book Death- Daken in Uncanny X-Force #34

– Logan finally did it… he killed his son who has been running rampant across the MU for awhile now. Honestly, for someone who does what is necessary and just deals with the consequences… it was a long time coming. What finally broke the camels back was Daken forcing Evan to dawn the Apocalypse armor and future Logan’s warning that Daken would slaughter every kid at the school if he doesn’t do it.

And how he did it, drowning his ass in a puddle… cold.

Worst Comic Book Death- Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #700

– They killed probably the best known comic book character this side of Batman and Superman and it wasn’t even a “good” death. In the Ultimate Universe, the Death of Peter Parker was epic. He went out on his shield like a hero. In the 616? He pretty much guilts Doc Ock into being a good guy… someone who recently just tried to kill the whole planet. And then he dies. Fucking pitiful.

Best Website-

– The best site for movie news (not just comic book movies really) AND big comic news. And the information comes faster than any other place due to fans being able to make posts.

Best Blog- Kabuki Warrior

– He doesn’t seem to post often, but when he does it is some good shit. Not your typical lifting stuff you see but real life stuff that more people should read to make themselves a better person.

Best Training Log- Scott Yard at Elitefts

– One of the best 242/275 raw, natty lifters in the US.

Fish Picture of the Year- Peacock Bass Eating Goldfish

The 2012 Shadow Awards: Part 1/2- Movies

Welcome to the 2nd annual Shadow Awards!

This is where I rate the best of the best and the worst of the worst on various topics, mostly about movies of course. Once again, I can only rate what I have seen… so you won’t see Lincoln show up anywhere but you very well might see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The only movies mentioned that are not out of DVD yet are The Hobbit and Dredd. There are some Hobbit spoilers and they are in RED so you can avoid them if you want.

And here… we… go!

Best Movie, Best Comic Book Movie, Best Action Scenes- Marvel’s The Avengers

– Was there any question? The only real challenger was the Hobbit but that suffered from being the introduction into a new trilogy.

The Avengers was the best and most perfect comic book movie out right now. It fully embraced a comic book and wasn’t embarrassed to be who it was. The movie was funny as well, exciting as hell, had some of the best action sequences out there, and was “deeper” than people get it credit for.

Action wise, it provides us with amazing scene after amazing scene. Iron Man vs Thor. Thor vs Hulk. Cap vs Loki. Hulk vs Loki. The Avengers vs The Chitauri. Awesomesauce everywhere.

Most of all… it proved two things: 1) Marvel’s shared universe concept can work. And 2) comic book movies don’t have to be dark and serious to make a trillion dollars and be good even in the eyes of the critics.

Well done Marvel… well done.

Click here for my review of Marvel’s The Avengers.

Best Prequel- The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey

– I guess this counts as a prequel lol. Anyway, it was a fantastic return trip to Middle Earth. It had all of the strengths of the previous trilogy, just packaged in a more light-hearted tone. Seeing dwarves finally fight is pretty awesome, as is the return of an ass kicking Gandolf. Really, there isn’t anymore that can be said… it was just epic and I can’t wait for the next two.

Click here for my review of The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey.

Best Sequel- The Expendables 2

– The Expendables assembled a huge cast of action stars… and then decided to try to make the movie deeper than they should have instead of just being fun.

The Expendables 2 assembled an even larger cast of action stars and then fixed that issue. There was no pretense of a deeper plot… this was a pure shoot’em up, blow’em up, fun revenge story. It was everything the first movie should have been. Plus, any movie featuring Stallone, Arnold, Chuck, Willis ect blowing shit up is right up my ally.

Click here for my review of The Expendables 2.

Best Original Movie, Bloodiest Movie- The Raid: Redemption

– The movie I didn’t now even existed until I saw it randomly on a site. Although it had a limited release in the US, the reputation of the movie as being a bad ass martial arts flick preceded it. And they were right. This movie was an epic martial arts display of brutal bad assery.

The fights were extremely brutal and bloody. Some of the “kills” would be nauseating for the uninitiated. But this movie is a must see for any action junky, unless you can’t handle sub-titles.

Click here for my review of The Raid: Redemption.

Biggest Surprise- Dredd

– The first Judge Dredd wasn’t the best movie in the world (and some find it to be terrible). This new Dredd was made on a tiny budget and a lot of people didn’t have much faith in the movie. And it did terrible in the theaters. Not many people saw it.

And it was there loss because this movie was awesome. Dredd kicked ass and took names and had a scowl throughout the process. This movie was the Dredd people were wanting. Unfortunately, there is no chance of a sequel because of how bad it did. You fucking idiots! Buy the DVD NOW!

Click here for my review of Dredd.

Most Surprising Scene- Hulk Smashing Loki in Marvel’s The Avengers

This was one of the most unexpected things I have seen in the movie. When I first saw it my mind was blown. Of all the Hulk -vs- Loki scenarios going through my head… the last one I would expect was Hulk just picking up Loki mid sentence and straight up bashing him into the ground over and over. And then to drop a “Puny God” afterwards… classic.

Best Fight Scene- Mad Dog -vs- The Brother in The Raid: Redemption

Holy crap. This fight was brutal, long, violent, and just all around impressive. Also featured one of the most brutal deaths I have seen in a long time. Screw words… Youtube has the fight…

Only reason this doesn’t win, “Best Boss Fight” is the fact Mad Dog was just the #2… not the final boss.

Best Villain- Azog in The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey

– This may seem like an odd choice. Especially when I could have chosen Bane or Loki or Mama or Adam or The Lizard. Especially considering Azog had a very small role in The Hobbit. But what set Azog apart from the others is one thing:

He didn’t lose.

Yes, it is only the first part of a trilogy so you wouldn’t expect him to lose. But look at it this way: every appearance of Azog made him look like a baddass. The flashbacks had him slaughtering Thorin’s grandfather, scaring his father, killing numerous dwarves, and scaring the shit out of all of them His single purpose… destroy the blood line of Thorin’s people and he did a damn good job of it. After he had his arm chopped off, he was assumed to be dead. Nope. He just attached a hook to his arm and started hunting Thorin again. Even the Goblin King had respect for the white, monstrous orc.

And when he caught up with Thorin’s company? He had them all trapped and ready to be killed. When Thorin decided to be a bad ass and challenge him… he kicked Thorin’s ass. The only thing stopping him for finishing the job was some Deus Ex Machina eagles. 

For one movie anyway… Azog reigned supreme. To be honest, Bane had this on lock down until the last 10 minutes of TDKR.

Best Boss Fight- Barney Ross -vs- Vilain in The Expendables 2

– Van Damme -vs- Stallone. Hand to Hand for all the marbles.

Best Single Scene- Bane -vs- Batman #1 in The Dark Knight Rises

– There were a ton of nominees for this one– the numerous scenes in Avengers, Lincoln punching Adam in the chest, Riddles in the Dark, ect– but this one takes the cake.

The scene was perfect all around. Bane dismantling the Bat. His monologues were awesome throughout. The look on Kyle’s face. And of course… the actual breaking of the Bat just like the comic books.

It was a brutal scene and something you thought you would never see as Batman is the fucking Batman. The lack of music also made the scene that much better. And it established Bane as one of the most threatening comic book villains ever… until they completely deconstructed him at the very end lol.

Best Actor/Actress- Andrew Garfield
as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man

– Garfield literally turned into Peter Parker. Instead of a whiney bitch like Toby’s version, we actually got the real Peter Parker. Smart, awkward, outcast, and kind of a smart ass. This casting concerned a lot of people but he ended up nailing the role.

Best Scenery- Snow White and the Huntsman

– The Hobbit could have easily gone here and maybe it should have. But, most of that scenery has been seen before in the LotR trilogy and frankly… it was expected to look awesome.

Snow White on the other hand caught me off guard. The scenery was visually stunning and impressive. Frankly, it was just a really really pretty movie all around with some top notch CGI.

Click here for my review of Snow White and the Huntsman

Biggest Bad Ass- Abraham Lincoln from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

– This was a close, three way battle between Hulk and Judge Dredd, but I think Lincoln takes the take this year.

There are 5 main reasons. 1) He slaughtered vampires as a human. 2) He did it with a freaking ax. 3) He dominated politics. 4) He freed slaves. 5) He punched the final vampire in the freaking heart.

Worst Movie, Most Disappointing Movie- Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

– Granted, I haven’t seen Twilight (yet) but my god did this movie suck. Never in my life have I been so close to turning off a comic book movie.

Not only were all the good parts in the trailer, but like I mentioned in my review… this was Crank staring Nicolas Cage on fire. To call this movie “Ghost Rider” is a travesty. It fucking sucked.

Stupid plot, stupidly done action scenes, no respect for the source material, horrible acting… what a waste of a really cool anti-hero. These fuckers have ruined Ghost Rider. Sucks too because initially, it looked like there were finally getting the dark tone needed for Ghost Rider. Nope… just a shitty movie instead

Click here for my review of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Worst Villain- Lucifer in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

– That is all he could muster? Really? Fuck this movie.

Most Disappointing Scene- The Entire End of The Dark Knight Rises

– This is almost a cop out because it isn’t a single scene, but the ending of TDKR almost completely ruined the movie. I mean… what the fuck?

It starts off well. The Bane -vs- Batman #2 was a pretty good scrap. And then it begins with Talia stabbing Bruce and the “big reveal.” What a crock of shit. The big reveal completely ruined the character of Bain, who at this point was coming across as one of the most awesome villains ever. Instead… nothing but a henchman. It made previous scenes in the movie make absolutely no sense (sex scene anyone?). They then followed this up with Catwoman shooting Bane (da fuck!??), Batman “I don’t kill!” killing some henchman with missiles, and then the worst death scene in history with Talia just croaking in the truck like it was a high school drama class. Worst. Acting. Ever.

And then continue on with the “did he or did he not, was the ending a dream” bullshit and the utter ridiculousness of Bruce Wayne, most likely one of the most famous people IN THE FUCKING WORLD disappearing conveniently at the same time as Batman (AGAIN!) and no one connecting the dots? Or how about Bruce, who had years of ninja training, giving everything to Robin… who is a cop… Robin will be dead in a week.

Such a great movie up until the twist. Disappointing.

The 2011 Shadow Awards Part 2/2- Misc

Here are part two of the first annual Shadow Awards. This covers a range of topics including comic book, websites, and fish pictures.

All websites I mentioned can be found in the side bar to the right.

The awards after the jump…

Best Marvel Comic: Uncanny X-Force

– When I got into comic books, I was looking for a comic book just like this. It has some great characters in Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantomex, and Angel and the story lines were awesome. If you don’t know anything about X-force, they are an undercover, black ops ish hit squad that no one knows still exists. They essentially go around killing people who they deem a threat to humanity. Pretty bad ass and every single arc has been pretty damn great.

Best DC Comic: Batwing

– It was hard to pick a DC comic as they just all recently reset and none of the arcs have really concluded. Plus, the #3 and #4 issues have really taken a nose dive compared to the #1 and #2’s in my opinion. Batwing though has been pretty consistent and I think pretty awesome. In four issues we got a glimpse of his relationship with Batman, the main villain of the arc who is just a beast, and a glimpse into his dark past. And the art is pretty cool. Definitely worth picking up if you like Batman comics as this is essentially Batman set in Africa.

Best Blog: Lucharilla

– Scott and Dan are two OG’s of the lifting world. Both walk to walk (both are successful in the weightroom) and talk to talk (both are successful trainers). They both have training logs on their blog and post articles about lifting and life. Scott and Dan are not your traditional, “just smash fucking weight and eat!!!” trainers either. They both off something out of the ordinary that you don’t see in every single website. Check it out, you might learn something.

Best Training Log: @ Ironaddicts, Strength By Design

– Mighty Mouse is a 155ish lb lifter who is probably stronger than you. Dude has been on the forums for a long time and isn’t some genetic freak who popped up and started deadlifting 500 lbs. He has fought through many problems and injuries and has built himself to what he is now. And he continues to get better and better. And did I mentioned he chronicles all of this in his online training logs? What is also fun about his training logs are his tendency to go into OCD mode which always involves some good discussion from everyone involved. He also beats to his own drum and isn’t afraid to pound that drum nice and loud when certain items come up (such as lifting belts).

You can find his log on Ironaddicts, Strength by Design, or in his new blog. All of these places can be found in the links to the right.

Best Website: Screen Rant

– This site does not post information up as quick as say,, but the information it puts up is 99% legit and it gets it up soon enough that it doesn’t feel like you are reading yesterdays news. The articles are always well written and with proper grammar and everything! They post and analyze all trailers as they become available. And there movie reviews are more in line with my tastes instead of the tastes of a 50 year old white man. This is the best website I have found in keeping up with the movie world.

Best Forum: Comic Book Resources

– This forum can get real childish at times but I guess that will happen when you get a bunch of geeks (who are probably pretty young) in one place. But some of the discussions are great if you know where to look. And these guys have the answers to any and all questions about comic book past. Want to know where to start reading? They will know. What to do what happened to any character? They will know. For a newb like me, this place was essential to figure out what comics I should read and how far back to go to figure out what in the world was going on.

MMA Fighter of the Year: Jon “Bones” Jones

– He annoys the crap out of me outside the cage, but this dude is a terminator. In a single year, he has beaten Bader, Shogun, Rampage, and Machida. Oh did I say beaten? I meant utterly destroyed, finishing all of them brutally. This might be the best run in a single year in MMA history to be honest. He has ushered in the Jones Era and I don’t see anyone out there at the moment that can stop it.

Best TV Show: The Avengers- Earth’s Mightiest Heros

– I don’t watch a lot of TV, but this is one of the things I did watch. This is the best cartoon since X-men in the 90’s. The animation is great (its not shitty anime… I hate anime) and all the characters are done right. The story arcs last year were great and set up season 2 (whenever it comes out…) perfectly. If you like cartoons and comic books, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.

Best Fish Picture:

– Hard to beat a picture with nearly $15,000 worth of fish in it. Especially when one is swallowing another lol.

The 2011 Shadow Awards Part 1/2- Movies

The first annual Shadow Awards are here!

First up is the awards for the movies of 2011. I can only judge what I have seen, so you won’t see say… The Adventures of Tin Tin or some shit in these awards.

Here is the list of really important spoilers in my mind. If you are one of those people who get pissed when they read movie sites or forums and movies get spoiled, just save me the headache and skip the post.

There is a pretty big Sherlock Holmes spoiler at the very very end of this post. They whole thing is in BOLDED RED to warn you. It is after the Conan the Barbarian poster. If you have not seen the newest Sherlock Holmes DO NOT READ IT. You have been warned.

There might be a small Rise of the Planet of the Apes spoiler if you have not seen it. It is the award after “Biggest Bad Ass.”

There is a pretty big Transformers: Dark of the Moon spoiler if you have not seen that. It is the award after “Best Single Scene.”

After the jump, the 2011 Shadow Awards for the 2011 movies. If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments!

Best Movie, Best Comic Book Movie, Best Prequel: X-Men: First Class

– I love the X-men. And this movie delivered an X-men movie that was excellent, probably the best of the series and 100x better than the last two offerings (Last Stand, Wolverine). Two great leading actors played Magneto and Xavier and Bacon played a great Shaw. The movie broke all the comic book no-no’s in changing comic book mythos and messing with timelines, and yet the changes were better than anything the comic book came up with. The story integrated history with a great story with a good mix of action and character development. In a year with some great movies, First Class stood above all.

[Click here for my review]

Worst: The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 1

– This movie was just as shitty as the rest. Even my wife thought some of the parts were stupid. Lousy acting, predictable, little to no action, and the same old shit copied over from the previous three. I can’t believe these movies make so much money. Who could have known that a movie about vampires with super-powers and Native American’s that can turn into giant wolves could be so boring and shitty?

[Click here for my review]

Biggest Surprise: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

– I saw the previews and trailer for this movie constantly and each time thought, “that movie looks dumb and shitty as hell.” All the other Planet of the Ape movies were dumb (yes, even the originals) so I assumed a prequel of one would be even worse. How wrong I was. This movie was good and Cesar was played stunningly. Thank goodness I had a free ticket for a movie and this was one of the few movies left in the season.

[Click here for my review]

Most Disappointing: Green Lantern

– DC finally gets someone on the big screen other than Batman and Superman and the movie was just meh. I went in exciting as the Green Lantern has a ton of potential movie wise and I happened to like Ryan Reynolds in his two other comic book movie roles (Blade Trinity and X-Men Origins: Wolverine). But instead of getting an epic movie about space cops with super rings, we get an average, all over the place mess of a movie which was extremely average. Average plot, average acting (terrible in some spots), average special affects, average villains, and average action scenes. The thing is, a second movie with Sinestro as the villain (as the after credit scenes alluded too) would be much improved, but after all the money they lost, I don’t see it seeing the light of day.

Best Sequel, Best Action Scenes: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

– Michael Bay can do only one thing but damn he is good about it. This movie finally delivered the robot fighting action I wanted and delivered it for basically 2 hours straight lol. The war in Chicago was just plain awesome and the other smaller actions scenes delivered as well.

[Click here for my review]

Best Actor/Actress: Andy Serkis as Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

– Yes, I am giving the award to a CGI’d, mocap suit chimp. The performance was that good. Serkis was able to capture all kinds of emotion in a CGI’d ape that had maybe 5 words the whole movie. The performance was awesome and rivals or surpasses his performance as Gollum in LotR.

Best Original Movie: Thor

[Original movie is defined as a movie that is not a prequel or a sequel. — Shadow]

– This just narrowly edges out Captain America, mostly because I like Thor as a hero more. Another great movie from Marvel and a movie I never thought would do as well as it did money wise. This movie was carried by Thor and Loki, who were played perfectly by their respective actors. Can’t wait to see both again in the Avengers.

[Click here for my review]

Bloodiest: Conan the Barbarian

– Here is what I wrote in my review of the movie and all that really needs to be said.

And this was truly one of the bloodiest action movies I have seen, right up there with Ninja AssassinPunisher: War Zone, and Rambo (the last one). People were decapitated, smashed into rocks, eaten by monsters, ect and they had no problem showing the blood flow from these people. But that is to be expected and wanted in a movie about a Barbarian and a big sword. 

Click here for my review

Biggest Bad Ass: Thor in Thor

– There were a ton of bad asses to choose from this year, from Theseus to Conan to Captain America. But in my mind, Thor stands out due to his pure power and his “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. He goes to Jotenheim and slaughters tons and tons of frost giants after 2 showed up in Asgard and after being called a princess. When confronted with the ENTIRE ARMY of Jotenheim, does he try to flee when Odin arrives? Fuck no, tells his dad “let us finish them together.” When thrown to Earth and powerless, he decides he wants his hammer back, beats up the top secret agents in SHIELD to get to his hammer. When he gets his powers back, he destroys the Destroyer with ease and goes to Asgard to beat Loki’s ass and destroy the Bifrost bridge. Not bad Thor… not bad.

Best Single Scene: Caesar yelling “No!” in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

– I didn’t think they were going to make any of the apes talk in this movie. Then out of the blue, Caesar yells “NO!” at “Malfoy” and I was completely and utterly stunned. It was perfect timing and just an all around awesome scene. Caesar had had enough and wasn’t going to take being treated like an inferior being anymore. It made you want to stand up and go, “Fuck yeah! Fuck humans they suck!”

Most Surprising Scene: Sentinel Pride killing Ironhide in Transformers: Dark of the Moon

– I didn’t see this coming at all when I saw the movie. It is one thing for Sentinel to really be a bad guy… but it is entirely different for him to show it by disintegrate my favorite Autobot. At least in the scene right before Ironhide kicks some Decepticon a

Most Disappointing Scene: Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldermort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

– If I ever get around to re-watching this and doing a proper movie review, I would write a lot more on this issue. But I will make it quick. This scene should have been THE scene of the whole movie as it was THE scene in the book. To change any of it from the book is downright ludicrous and stupid. To change it to something that is worse and makes little sense is a crime. For one, the duel made no sense for most of it because the snake was still alive so Voldemort was immortal and couldn’t be killed. For two, Harry Potter was in no shape, way, or form in the same league as Voldemort in dueling skill. For three, parts of it were only in there I think so it would look cool on an IMAX screen. This scene on one hand was cool, as I wanted in the book for them two to duel for real, but in order to do that you would have to change a lot in the book because Harry would get slaughtered in 5 minutes. But on the other hand, it disappointed me so much and made me pretty bitter when I left the theater. There will be a LOT more on this in the future.

Best Trailer: The Avengers

– The trailer itself isn’t mind numbing. What it means is. There is actually going to be an Avengers movie after setting it up with 5 other movies. This has never been done before and when it was first hinted at happening, I don’t think anyone thought it could actually happen. The trailer itself is definitely above average, with a great mix of humor, questions, and action. But what it represents is so much more.

Best Poster: Conan the Barbarian

– A jacked Conan with his sword standing on a pile of skulls that he most likely killed during a sunset? Sweet.

Best Fight: Holmes vs. Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

– This is probably an odd choice to some. A more obvious choice would be the Gods vs. Titans fight in the Immortals or Sentinel Prime vs Optimus Prime vs Megatron in Transformers. Hell, this fight didn’t have a SINGLE PUNCH THROWN. What made this fight the best in my opinion was how unique it was. What started as chess turned into a battle of who could brag the most which turned into a what I call a “mind fight” between the two which turned into the real fight with resulted in them both going off the balcony. The “mind fight” was so damn cool and unexpected as I did not expect Moriarty to counter Holmes signature “think before do” fighting style seen earlier in that movie and in the first Sherlock Holmes.