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The Interwebz: Week 7

The Lie You’ve Been Sold at The Training Grind
– Scott dropping truth bombs.

NBA Mid Season Report Card by Andrew Sharp
– One of my favorite NBA writers along with Zach Lowe.

High Performance, No BS Correctives
– I typically hate T-nation but when someone links something I will check it out.


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The Interwebz: Week 6

Jupiter Ascending Review from SchmoesKnow
– I was one the fence about seeing this and then this made me jump off the fence and run away.

Kabuki and Hip Stuff
– More Kabuki stuff this time with hip stuff. I really like the hip airplanes and feel they help a lot.

20 Insane But Real Statistics from Fictional Universes


962 Jimmies-Maximum-Over-Rustled-Meme-Gif

The Interwebz: Week 5

How to Use Linear Progression by Greg Nuckols
– Too many people make shit complicated and need to read this. In fact, I plan on using this to peak for my next meet.

Breathing Squats for 100lbs on your Back Squat by Greg Nuckols
– Never tried it. Gonna try it today in fact. Sounds like a great idea and I have used “exhaling” on core stuff before with great effect. Why Do Are You Staying Small on Purpose
– trollface.jpg

GIF (singular this week)



The Interwebz: Week 4

Let’s take a look at the fun shit on the interwebz this week….

Chris Duffin/Kabuki AMA
– The Kabuki man did an AMA this week with some interesting nuggets here and there.

John Phung Blog
– I just realized that Mr. Phung had a blog the other day. Dude OHP 300lbs, squas 600 I think, ect ect. He trains interestingly where he hits PR’s on something nearly every workout.

Cracked: 16 Famous Movie Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Explained

Cracked: 20 Crucial Tips Not to Be Screwed By Our Legal System



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The InterWebz 2015- Week 2

Take a look at what I actually found interesting on the internet in the past week.

The Training Grind- Loading and Bodybuilding:

– I think the powerlifter phenomenon has been useful to most the past few years vs the “20 sets per bodypart” days of old, but this is spot on. Especially this… “bodybuilding should be focused on quality repetitions and progression of either the number of REPETITIONS or controlled loading over time”

Chris “Kabuki” Duffin- Squat Warm Up Exercise

– This was part three of Duffin’s building squat posts. The warm up he posted was what I was really interested in as Duffin responded to one of my comments and mentioned it specifically.

Duffin’s channel is 100% legit and a most subscribe for any strength oriented lifter. He talks the talk with legit powerlifting information that includes GREAT spine stabilization stuff (and I say that as a chiropractor). He walks the walk because he is one of the great powerlifters in the world right now. He’s also kinda jacke, his videos are of great quality, and it isn’t a bunch of “rah rah look at me” shit you see from so many internet dudes these days.

Mobile Shoulders Push Big Benches- Mike Hedlesky

– I haven’t tried any of this stuff because I don’t think my bad shoulder is ready for it but I will at least give that first one a try for sure.



My favorite gifs and images from this week…