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Long Overdue Training Update

I haven’t updated my training for a long time.

It has gone rather well actually. All of my numbers are up across the board and hit some big PR’s recently after another sucessful 6-7 week training block.

I am still running variations of RTS style training. I guess. Basically just using the main principles of working up a a specific RPE and dropping down to induce fatigue. My assistance stuff has been bodybuilding style.

I am still lifting 4-6x a week alternating between upper and lower most times. Here are some of the recent numbers I have hit:

Squats, belt: 455×1, 435×4

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 415×1, 405×2,

Bench Press: 350×1, 315×3, 310×5

Competition Bench Press: 315×2, 305×3

Close Grip Bench Press: 310×3, 285×5

3ct Pause Bench Press: 285×3


Injury wise I am pretty good. My shoulders are beat up and I mangled my left one a bit when I smashed into the suicide pins the other day. My back feels pretty good and my knees are ok.

Right now, I am about to up the amount of upper/mid back work big time. Lots of volume, bodybuilding style stuff. Since I do not deadlift much, I really need to smash this area to keep my shoulders healthy and to keep my upright on squats.

I don’t have any competition plans right now. I thought about doing on in November but decided to buy fish tank stuff instead.

My only two goals right now are to bench 365 and squat 500. I am only 15lbs away from the bench press goal (but my bodyweight is dropping again so that will be difficult to do) and I am about 30lbs from the squat goal. My squat has been taking off lately though and my current e1RM is 490 (probably good for closer to 470 though) so we will see.

I am not going to rush this though. Rushing it will just cause me to get there and plummet once again due to injury. I have been on a good run lately so I plan on just keeping it going.



Training Update: Took Recent 1RM, Making Progress

– In March, I competed in my third powerlifting meet and did rather horrible. Ended up hitting 425/295/515 with was 25lbs worse than the meet before that. In addition to that crap, I had a horrid training cycle with my deadlift. Like, fail 405 with sumo bad so I switched to conventional at the last second so I wouldn’t completely embarrass myself.

Since that time, I have changed how I trained big time. I looked into Mike Tuscherer’s Reactive Training Systems, got the manual and read it like 15 times (it is rather confusing in parts).

My template has changed throughout the time since my meet due to many things (mostly time and shitty gym situations lately) but I have kept with what I think are the core philosophies of the program:

— Higher frequency. Through the last 3 months, I have squatted 2-4 times a week. I was a once a week squatter due to my fear of getting hurt, but I quickly adapted and now I don’t think I could go back to 1x a week. I also bench 2-4 times a week and that has gone AWESOME. My form for both lifts have never felt better and more consistent. Deadlifting has still been hit or miss training wise due to my shit gym and pulling my hamstring.
— Training to Fatigue and Stopping. I hit my targeted reps for the day, and do more sets until I fatigue. AND THAT IS IT. I do not keep dropping weight, I do not keep doings sets as my form deteriates around me. Hit my goal for the day, drop to my desired fatigue range, and do sets until I reach that fatigue.
— RPE. Everything is based on my Rate of Perceived Effort. No percentages. No guessing. My default mode is go for the PR, but if I am working up and things feel shitty? I drop my top set weight accordingly to fit the RPE and rep range of the day.

Another thing that has helped recently is adding in 3ct pauses to both squats and bench press.

– I have recently somewhat complete an intensity block where I worked up to one rep maxes for some of the lifts. Unfortunately, I started throwing up right in the middle of it was was sick for four days, so who knows if that effected me or not. I also took some 1RM during the cycle here and there for some lifts. But anyway, here were the results…

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Training Update: Last 3 Weeks

Still doing an RTS style routine.

Recovering from a pulled hammy which is effecting things. Haven’t really be able to deadlift because of it

Also been working on the hook grip again. I think I have it figured out. Had to change how my hand positioning was.

Also, moved my grip out on bench to thumb from smooth on the suggestion of someone bigger than me lol. That didn’t start til like Week 3 I think.

Once again, highlights only.


Week 1:

Squats, belt: 365×5
3ct Pause Squat: 345×3
Front Squat: 245×5
Box Squat, no belt: 325×5
Competition Bench Press: 275×5
Bench Press: 285×5
3ct Pause BP: 250×5
Incline BP: 255×3
Floor Press: 265×7
Standing OHP: 135×7

Week 2:

3ct Pause Squat: 330×5
Front Squat: 255×4
Box Squat, no belt: 405×2
Competition BP: 285×4
Bench Press: 325×1, 340×0, 275×6
3ct Pause BP: 255×4
Incline BP: 230×7
Standing OHP: 145×6

Week 3:

Squat: 375×4
3ct Pause Squat: 340×4
Comp BP: 295×3
Bench Press: 295×4
3ct Bench Press: 255×4
Incline BP: 240×5
Floor Press: 285×5
Sumo Deadlift, hook: 405×1
Standing OHP: 170×3

Last Week Training Update- DL PR of 545 w/ Video

Last two weeks of training for this volume block. His a big PR on deadlifts… 545 which is the most I have deadlifted under 200lbs and the most I have deadlifted without straps. Also got 315×2 comp bench press on video too which is the first time I have doubled 315 in a long time… especially with a pause.

Changing the format again… just some highlights from the week.


Week 3

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 330×4
Bench Press, belt, wraps: 295×4
Standing OHP, belt, wraps: 165×3
Competition Bench Press, wraps, belt: 280×4
Sumo Deadlift, belt: 545×1


Week 4

Bench Press, belt, wraps: 285×5
Squat, belt: 385×4
Competition Bench Press: 315×2
Floor Press, wraps: 280×6


Last Two Weeks of Training:

Started doing a variation of the RTS high frequency template. I also started altering my volume and intensity based on low, medium, and high stress weeks. So I am benching 4x a week, squatting 3x a week, and pulling 1-2x a week based on my back and what gym I can get to that week.

I am only listing the top set. After each top set I drop down.


Volume Week 1- Medium Stress

Day 1:

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 315×3
Bench Press: 270×5
Standing OHP: 135×7

Day 2:

Squat, no belt: 330×5
Comp Bench Press: 285×3
3ct Pause Bench Press: 245×5

Day 3:

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 455×5
2 Brd Bench Press: 285×7
303 Tempo Squat, no belt: 245×7

Day 4:

Sumo Rack Pull, below knee, belt: 405×7
45* Incline BP: 225×7


Volume Week 2- High Stress

Day 1:

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 305×5
Bench Press: 300×3
Standing OHP: 145×6

Day 2:

Squat, no belt: 345×3
Competition Bench Press: 275×5
3ct Pause Bench Press: 250×4

Day 3:

Bent Over Rows: 235×7
45* Incline Bench Press: 235×5

Day 4:

Floor Press: 275×7
303 Tempo Squat, no belt: 265×6
Sumo Deadlift, belt: 405x1x12 (speed work)

Off Season Week 3 Volume Training Update

February 17- Bench Press

Bench Press:
255×4 @8
270×4 @9
285×3 @9.5
270×4 @9
270×4 @10

3ct Bench Press:
220×4 @8
230×4 @9
245×4 @10
235×4 @9.5
235×4 @10 (

+ other stuff

February 18- Squats

Squat, no belt:
300×4 @9
325×4 @10
305×4 @10

SSB Squats, belt:
255×4 @9
270×4 @9
285×4 @10
270×4 @9
270×4 @10

+ other stuff

February 20- Second Bench Press

45* Incline Bench Press:
200×4 @7
210×4 @8
225×4 @9
235×4 @10
225×4 @9
225×4 @10
225×4 @10

Close Grip Bench Press:
240×4 @8
250×4 @9
265×4 @10
250×4 @9.5
250×4 @10
250×4 @10

February 21- Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift, belt:
455×1 @9

3ct Pause Squat, belt:
265×4 @9
275×4 @9
295×4 @10
280×4 @10
280×4 @10

Off Season Week 2 Volume Training Update

Had to adjust some things due to time and exercise selection but still sticking with the same template as last week basically.


February 8- Bench Press

Bench Press: 275x2x5

3ct Pause Bench Press: 245x2x3

+ other stuff


February 11– Squat

Squat, no belt: 340×2, 330x2x3

SSB Squats, belt: 280x2x5

+ other stuff


February 13- Second Bench Press

45* BB Incline Bench Press: 225x2x5, 235×2

Close Grip Floor Press: 265x2x4

+ other stuff


February 15- Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 475×2, 500×2

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 295x2x3

+ other stuff


Off Season Week 1 Volume Training Update

Started following an RTS template. This is just some of the lifts each day. For more information go to my training blog.


February 3- Bench Press

Bench Press: 245x5x4

3ct Pause Bench Press: 205x5x2

+ other stuff


February 4- Squat

Squat, no belt: 315x3x4

Sumo Block Pulls, belt: 495x3x3

+ other stuff


February 6- Second Bench Press

45* Incline Bench Press: 205x5x4

Close Grip Floor Press: 235x5x2

+ other stuff


February 7- Deadlift

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 285×3, 295×3

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 405×3, 435×3, 455×3

+ other stuff

Meet Cycle: Week 11 Training Update

Last heavy week before the meet. Next week will just consist of 3 pump workouts to help cut weight. The squats and bench press numbers are around second attempt numbers. The deadlift 475 will be my opener.


January 11

Paused Bench Press: 295×1, 325×1

Paused Close Grip Bench Press: 285×1, 300×1

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press: 335x1x3

+ assistance


January 12

Squats, belt, sleeves: 390×1, 420×1

Conventional Deadlift, belt: 455×1, 475×1

+ assistance


January 16

Bench Press: 275×1, 295×1

Speed Paused Bench Press: 240x3x5

Feet Up Bench Press: 250x8x2

+ assistance


January 17

DB Shrugs
Cable Rows
Lat Pull Downs
Back Extensions
Ab Wheel

Meet Cycle: Week 10 Training Update

The week started off pretty good despite being in another new gym. Then things hit the fan where my deadlift strength disappeared Sunday, started puking Monday, and I have felt weak with a volatile stomach since.

This week was 3 weeks out from my meet. Not the best timing in the world.

I have videos of the bench and sq/dl day but I haven’t gotten the time to upload them. Sorry.


January 5

Paused Bench Press: 315×2, 315×1, 315×1

Paused CGBP: 275x2x2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press: 335×1, 345×1, 345×1

+ more assistance work.

– Felt pretty good all things considering. I think if I was in a gym I was used to with equipment I was used to I would have gotten the 315x2x2. The bench I was using was really really soft and I kept hitting safety bars and uprights.


January 6

Squat, belt, sleeves: 365×1, 385×1, 405×1

Paused Squats, belt, sleeves: 335x3x2

Conv Deadlift, belt: 495×0

+ more assistance

– Squat was ok… not great but ok. Deadlift was a clusterfuck and I am not sure what happened. Couldn’t get it off the ground and I never miss weights off the ground I miss them at the knees.


January 9

Bench Press: 225×5, 275×5, 255×5, 235×5

+ light iso work

– Still sick and feeling like shit so I did just enough to get in some bench work without prolonging my sickness by killing my recovery.