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Netflix/Marvel Daredevil Trailer Crushes All Fears… YES!

I haven’t talked much about comic book TV shows because TV isn’t really my thing. I didn’t have cable and can’t be tied down to turning it on at certain times if I did. Plus commericals are fucking irritating as hell.

I will have a bigger posts on why I still barely give a shit about all the comic book TV shows soon (its partly written) though so don’t worry.

BUT, one group of shows caught my attention… the Marvel Defenders series announced for Netflix. (A) it was on Netflix meaning I could binge watch the whole thing as one giant movie if I wanted. (B) Netflix isn’t network so it can be darker if need be and more violent. (C) it is run by Marvel and connects to the cinematic universe they created so confidence is high.

The Netflix Defender series will feature a season of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage (FUCK YES!), and Iron Fist and then a season of Defenders where they all join together Avengers style. First up is Daredevil… a character who surprsingly always has a solo book without being linked to a team (which is really rare) but also had one, very very mediocre to bad comic book movie already. So, many of us held our breaths waiting for a trailer and…