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The Mind of Shadow Has a New Home

Three years into this weird, directionless blog, I am finally taking The Mind of Shadow off of the free wordpress version and moving it.

The new website is here:

Nothing else is really changing… except an improvement in my posts and making more time for the blog again.

When I finish designing and fixing some stuff, I will have this site redirect straight there. But for now, the link will do.

Hope to see you at the new home!

3 Days to Kill Review (Rating Only)

Shadow’s Overall Rating: 3/10– BORING

Shadow’s Initial Rating: 3/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 0/10

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 29%, 4.5/10
Audience: 45%, 6.4/10

Plot in a Nutshell: The 3 Days to Kill is in reference to this main character (who I forgot the name) having to kill three days hanging out with his estranged daughter. Not 3 days to kill as many people as possible which would be cool as fuck. So… yeah…

X-Men: Days of Future Past in Theaters Today

The kinda sequel to The Wolverine/The Last Stand and First Class via time travel has arrived.

Is it going to be The Last Stand/Origins quality? Or First Class/X2 quality?

So far, the reviews have all been fantastic. Supposedly, the action set pieces are great, the stuff in the past continues where First Class left off, and it sets up X-Men movies in the future very well.

On the negative side, it is the same ol’ Fox X-Men… aka a lot of comic stuff is just ignored (at this point, you are just used to it if you are a comic fan), mutants thrown in just because, and some continuity stuff is never explained. But at this point, if this shit is driving you nuts, you probably don’t care to see an X-Men film anyway.

I will be seeing this sometime this long weekend… hopefully Sunday morning at the latest. Pretty excited, expectations are high and this has been a damn good movie season so far.

I was hoping to re-review all the other films but yeah… that was a bit daunting and ambitious lol. I am rewatching them though.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Post Credit Scene Explained

I am going to talk about the first post credit scene after the jump.

Some people are not comic book nerds so they may have no idea what was going on, so I will go through it step by step by memory. After the jump…

Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier Post Credit Scene Explained

First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Trailer Dropped

If you went through elementary and middle school during the 90’s, you probably at least enjoy two things unless you suck: The X-Men and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When I heard they were making another live action TMNT movie, I was like…

25 MMLP2

And then I heard Michael Bay (from Transformers fame) was involved in it and Megan Fox was in it and I was like… … …. …

unsure-o (1)

So… I really needed to see a trailer… and one has appeared


And I still don’t know what to think.

Somehow, in a movie about ninja turtles, the trademark destruction and explosions were present in the trailer. So… Bay is gonna Bay. And Megan Fox is gonna Megan Fox (aka be sucky at acting). And I still am not sure why Shredder is white and not Asian and Shredder created the Turtles… wait… what???

But there is definitely somethings to like. The turtles are fucking HUGE. My lord they look gigantic. And it is obvious they are going to be strong as hell too judging by how they were punching people like Neo. There seems to be some ninja still there (the part where people were flying around for no reason). And overall the designs seems pretty good if not weird. And they are obviously keeping in some of the trademark humor.

So for now… consider me cautiously optimistic. We still need to see all the turtles talk (ESPECIALLY RAPHAEL!!!) and we still need to see Splinter. But… optimistic. The next trailer will be more revealing.

Mrs. Shadow's Journey to Her First 10K

For those that have forgotten, Mrs. Shadow and I welcomed our first baby into the world about 4 months ago. Since then, my wife has been a dieting and exercising machine along with being the best mommy in the world and working a full time job to support my “still in school” ass.

Recently, she has gotten more and more into running and she talked about doing some sort of a race. I saw that the St. Pete Classic races were coming up in January 19 and she immediately signed up for the 10 K run.

This is her first 10 K and she will be using this blog to chronicle the journey! Anything she writes for the blog will be in PURPLE FONT.

Week 9

Friday, December 7- BIKE RIDE- 8 miles (48 minutes)

Saturday, December 8- RUN-2 miles (22:12)

Sunday, December 9- WALK- 2.6 miles (49:34)

Monday, December 10- RUN- 5 miles (60 minutes)

Tuesday, December 11-  SICK-Rest

Wednesday, December 12- SICK-Rest

Thursday, December 13- SICK-Rest