The Interwebz: Week 6

Jupiter Ascending Review from SchmoesKnow
– I was one the fence about seeing this and then this made me jump off the fence and run away.

Kabuki and Hip Stuff
– More Kabuki stuff this time with hip stuff. I really like the hip airplanes and feel they help a lot.

20 Insane But Real Statistics from Fictional Universes


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Netflix/Marvel Daredevil Trailer Crushes All Fears… YES!

I haven’t talked much about comic book TV shows because TV isn’t really my thing. I didn’t have cable and can’t be tied down to turning it on at certain times if I did. Plus commericals are fucking irritating as hell.

I will have a bigger posts on why I still barely give a shit about all the comic book TV shows soon (its partly written) though so don’t worry.

BUT, one group of shows caught my attention… the Marvel Defenders series announced for Netflix. (A) it was on Netflix meaning I could binge watch the whole thing as one giant movie if I wanted. (B) Netflix isn’t network so it can be darker if need be and more violent. (C) it is run by Marvel and connects to the cinematic universe they created so confidence is high.

The Netflix Defender series will feature a season of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage (FUCK YES!), and Iron Fist and then a season of Defenders where they all join together Avengers style. First up is Daredevil… a character who surprsingly always has a solo book without being linked to a team (which is really rare) but also had one, very very mediocre to bad comic book movie already. So, many of us held our breaths waiting for a trailer and…



What I Think I Learned About Training- January 2015

1) Shoulder are the worst joints ever

– What a shitty, shitty joint. It is too mobile, it isn’t made to bear weight, it is controlled by your cervicothoracic spine which gets murdered in modern life (computers, cell phones, driving, sitting, sitting, sitting), they get murdered by sleeping on your side… FUCK.

I have had issues with both of mine… the right one got so bad I almost quit lifting years ago (but is pretty good now). Now it is my right ones turn. It has gotten a lot better but still reminds me everyone once in a while how shitty the joint is.

2) Sometimes, you just have to back the fuck off injury wise

– When I hurt my left shoulder, it hurt it pretty good, although it just seems like annoying tendinitis/capsulitis and not anything “labrum” scary. So, I did what any good doctor/lifting/interneter did… started rehabbing it immediately!

Graston, Rock Tape, massage, stretching, mobility, stability… I did it all! All it managed to do is keep it really pissed the fuck off.

Some injuries are simply overuse and to get them to calm down you need to under-use them. AFTER the initial acute pain is gone, then it is time to start treating the dysfunction causing the pain. Especially with really shitty joints like shoulders are.

It wasn’t until I just fucking stop did my shoulder start to feel good-ish. Then I focused on upper back mobility only because I am beginning to believe that stretching shoulder, the most mobile joint in the body, is really fucking stupid.

3) My upper back is/was holding back my bench

– Since I well, couldn’t do any pressing with my shoulder (or could only do very very little) I focused a ton on my upper back and external rotators. Poliquin says your DB ER for the shoulders should be a certain percentage of your bench so… sure why not I couldn’t do anything else.

Lo and behold… I think it is what got my bench stronger/maintained strength despite… not training bench. I recently hit 315×1 with a pause @9. Just did 275×4 with a 3ct pause which ties a PR… but I did 275x3x2 right before. The weight has not felt heavy despite not lifting heavy, which is odd for me.

My upper back stuff has centered around tried and true shit too… rear delt flyes with DB’s, band pull aparts for high rep rest pause sets, ditto for band face pulls, RJorg curls (look them up), hammer curls, band upright rows to shoulder ER, and seated DB shoulder ext rotations. Nothing fancy. Just making myself do it 3 times a week. And I feel it really helped.

My favorite workout finishers, every day, are upper back rest paused movements with bands. Band Pull Aparts, Band Face Pulls, Band Upright Rows to ER. I rest pause those things for a required rep (50-100 usually).

Hat tip to Scott ( for the rest pause tip… I think I saw him post about it before.


The Interwebz: Week 5

How to Use Linear Progression by Greg Nuckols
– Too many people make shit complicated and need to read this. In fact, I plan on using this to peak for my next meet.

Breathing Squats for 100lbs on your Back Squat by Greg Nuckols
– Never tried it. Gonna try it today in fact. Sounds like a great idea and I have used “exhaling” on core stuff before with great effect. Why Do Are You Staying Small on Purpose
– trollface.jpg

GIF (singular this week)



February 2015 Movie Preview

Slim pickings again this month. Not much really to talk about although Kingsman is highly anticipated. And if you haven’t seen John Wick, February is the time to do it (and you won’t be disappointed).

Is it May yet?

Best Theater Release: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Best Home Release: John Wick
Best Red Box Release: John Wick

Theater Release

Jupiter Ascending

Date: February 6

Verdict: I am so starved for a decent movie that I will probably go see this if the reviews are above average. I don’t have a whole lot of interest in it but sci-fi action movie sounds up my avenue.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Date: February 13

Verdict: YES! (unless reviews are terrible). Looks like a fun, violent movie and was in my top 10 anticipation list.


Home Release

John Wick
Date: February 3
Verdict: Will probably purchase used in a month or two but definitely will buy it.

Dracula Untold
Date: February 3
Verdict: Need to see it on Red Box first. Didn’t hear a lot of good things about it.


Red Box Release

John Wick
Date: February 3
Verdict: I will just buy it eventually but if you haven’t seen this good movie, here is your chance.

Finally, Fantastic Four Stuff!


Don’t confuse capslock for excitement over the movie. More just excitement to have my fears confirmed or denied at the movie. There have been small stuff leaked recently but Fox finally released a fucking trailer.


Ok? Wait is this a comic book movie or Prometheus 2?

I am down for different styles of comic book movies. X-men? Like most of them. Avenger’s Line? Love’em. Nolan Trilogy? Sign me up.

But… Fantastic Four all dark and realistic? A franchise that features a genius sorcerer who rules a country (Doom)? A franchise that features a giant, planet eating, universe balancing entity (Galactus)? That needs dark, gritty, realistic?

The movie doesn’t look BAD so to speak. It doesn’t look good either. It looks like a generic, scifi movie where space travel went bad. The only comic book bit about the whole damn thing is the 1 second of Human Torch lighting up and the one second “is that The Thing?” moment. Other than that… it looks like Interstellar or something.

F4 and Ant-Man are two “scary” comic book movies coming out this year. Both had pretty average-to-meh trailers. Both have weak-ish comic book history (don’t give me this FIRST FAMILY shit and FIRST AVENGER crap… F4 is getting cancelled for a reason and Ant-Man is Ant-Man).

But one is backed by Marvel and one is backed by Fox. There is the confidence difference right there.

So… doesn’t look like a train wreck but I’m not bursting in anticipation.

The biggest problem with everything this year… Avengers: Age of Ultron looks so good everything else looks boring as fuck in comparison.

90 Gallon Update #16: Where Did My Albino Sen Go???

Short and sweet update today…

I have no idea where my Albino Sen went? I figured it was hiding.. but fish don’t hide for a week. Then I assumed it must have jumped but I can’t find a corpse. It is too big to be swallowed by any of the fish so….

Da fuck?

My only guess now is that it jumped and my dog ate it? Other than that, I have nothing?

Poop. 20+ bucks down the drain and I don’t know why. Not to mention I can’t find these guys that easy. Damnit Damnit Damnit.

The Interwebz: Week 4

Let’s take a look at the fun shit on the interwebz this week….

Chris Duffin/Kabuki AMA
– The Kabuki man did an AMA this week with some interesting nuggets here and there.

John Phung Blog
– I just realized that Mr. Phung had a blog the other day. Dude OHP 300lbs, squas 600 I think, ect ect. He trains interestingly where he hits PR’s on something nearly every workout.

Cracked: 16 Famous Movie Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Explained

Cracked: 20 Crucial Tips Not to Be Screwed By Our Legal System



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