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Why Spider-Man Being Added to the MCU Really, Really Sucks

A lot of people forget or do not know that the Avengers didn’t used to be popular. People didn’t give a flying fuck about Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, ect. That is just what Marvel was left with after selling off the rights to the much more popular X-Men and Spider. Hell, they even sold the rights to Blade, Punisher, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four while being stuck with the Avengers! It sounds nuts now but the only reason Iron Man and company are as popular as they are is because Marvel didn’t have any choice. That is all they were left with. They made do with what they had and thank god they did because it has become awesome.

This lack of the big dawgs (Spider-Man and X-men) have also lead to movies being made such as Guardians of the Galaxy and future movies such as C and D list Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Inhumans, ect. If Spidey and X-men were around, these movies simply would not have been in production because… why would you when you could make much more money with Spider-Man, Wolverine, and X-men. Financially it makes no sense.

Sadly, with a return of Spider-Man to Marvel (in some capacity), we are going to see the effects of an A list character mucking up shit for everyone else.

Already, Spider-man has taken a prime summer spot from Thor, pushing Thor 3 (called one of the most important movies by Fiege….) back into the fall. And it has sent a ripple effect through all the announced movies, pushing them all back by 4-6 months. Even my beloved Black Panther!

And when the Avengers all meet up… do you think Spider-Man or Dr. Strange is going to get more lines? In Civil War, you think they are going to cut Stark’s screen time or T’challa? When Phase 3 ends (and the contract of the big three end as well) and the Avengers possibly need a new leader other than Stark/Cap… you think Spider-Man is a possibility or Captain Marvel and Luke Cage?

If you are a fan of Spider-Man… this is great news. But fan of C-list characters? This fucking sucks. You have one more A lister (THE A lister at Marvel) stealing a movie slot every 3 years that would have went to some lesser known characters.

Listen, I like Spider-Man. But there is really nothing unique about him at this point in the movie world. There is nothing super interesting. He is just a prototypical hero… his only real defining feature is that he is in high school.

You want different? How about a race of people with mutant like powers when exposed to a mist lead by a king who can’t speak without blowing up a city (Inhumans). How about an African, genius, king who leads the most technological country in the world that has never been conquered by outside force (Black Panther). What about the Sorcerer Supreme!

Wanting Spider-Man with Marvel may be a “be careful what you wish for” thing for us peeps who prefer C-list heros.


2014 Summer Movie Awards

The Summer movie season is over (for me anyway). So let us get down to some awards…

Summer movie season = May through August. Technically, Marvel expanded the movie season by puting a movie in April but… May through August it is!


Best Overall Movie (combining theater experience and rewatchability), Best Comic Book Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past
– This movie was just great all around, both on the action front and the emotional impact AND the impact on the franchise as a whole.
Runner Up: Guardians of the Galaxy


The other awards after the jump…

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My 5 Favorite Things In the X-Men Movies

1. Excellent Casting Decisions

The casting choices for both Magnetos, both Xaviers, Wolverine, Stryker, Old Beast, Old Mystique, Wade Wilson (not Deadpool!), and Shaw were excellent in my opinion. Especially Wolverine, Magneto, and Xavier.

2. Certain Changes to the Source Material

Changing comic book source material is tricky… but a few of the things Fox changed were actually pretty damn cool. This includes…

–┬áMagneto’s origin
– Magneto being a Nazi Hunter
– Xavier’s origin
– Wolverine and Sabertooth being half brothers
– Phoenix being a personality trait, but a weird cosmic bird of fire thing that really makes no sense

3. These Memorable Action Sequences and Moments

– Nightcrawler at the White House
– Wolverine in the Mansion
– The Wolverine Bullet Train Scene
– Magneto Hunting Nazis in Brazil
– Magneto and Shaw

4. The Wolverine, First Class, and X2

Seriously, these movies are absolutely fantastic. People tend to focus too much on the negatives of X-men without remembering they produced 3 EXCELLENT movies and one other (X-Men) that was pretty damn good too. For all the hate Fox gets, it only produced two “bad” movies, and both of those were at least fun as well. There are no Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, Elektra, or Daredevil in this group of movies in my opinion.

5. The Potential For So Much More

There is a reason Fox bought the X-Men and it is the fact there is SO MUCH excellent source material there. So many great characters. So many great villains.

And while we have gotten 6 movies, so much has been left untouched. And with Days of Future Past coming and the fact the rest of the world saw how much money the Avengers made with a REAL comic book movie…

There is so much potential with X-Men. We are finally getting Sentinels after years and years of being confused as why they haven’t been put on screen. Apocalypse is coming soon, hopefully with ArchAngel and the Horseman. X-Force, which in the comics has always been one of my favorite books, is coming soon. Channing Tatum just signed to be Gambit, which means my favorite mutant will be getting a movie soon-ish (whether I like Tatum or not… it can’t be any worse than the Origins version right?). Wolverine 3 is coming down he pipeline.

With DoFP seemingly fixing everything nad officially rebooting the franchise, you also have the possibility of a real Iceman, Cyclops, and Angel. Mr. Sinister has still never been on screen. Onslaught. Omega Red. Mojo. Shi’ar. Ect ect ect.

Hopefully, DoFP keeps everything moving in a positive direction and lives up to its potential.