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The InterWebz 2015- Week 2

Take a look at what I actually found interesting on the internet in the past week.

The Training Grind- Loading and Bodybuilding:

– I think the powerlifter phenomenon has been useful to most the past few years vs the “20 sets per bodypart” days of old, but this is spot on. Especially this… “bodybuilding should be focused on quality repetitions and progression of either the number of REPETITIONS or controlled loading over time”

Chris “Kabuki” Duffin- Squat Warm Up Exercise

– This was part three of Duffin’s building squat posts. The warm up he posted was what I was really interested in as Duffin responded to one of my comments and mentioned it specifically.

Duffin’s channel is 100% legit and a most subscribe for any strength oriented lifter. He talks the talk with legit powerlifting information that includes GREAT spine stabilization stuff (and I say that as a chiropractor). He walks the walk because he is one of the great powerlifters in the world right now. He’s also kinda jacke, his videos are of great quality, and it isn’t a bunch of “rah rah look at me” shit you see from so many internet dudes these days.

Mobile Shoulders Push Big Benches- Mike Hedlesky

– I haven’t tried any of this stuff because I don’t think my bad shoulder is ready for it but I will at least give that first one a try for sure.



My favorite gifs and images from this week…