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Why Spider-Man Being Added to the MCU Really, Really Sucks

A lot of people forget or do not know that the Avengers didn’t used to be popular. People didn’t give a flying fuck about Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, ect. That is just what Marvel was left with after selling off the rights to the much more popular X-Men and Spider. Hell, they even sold the rights to Blade, Punisher, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four while being stuck with the Avengers! It sounds nuts now but the only reason Iron Man and company are as popular as they are is because Marvel didn’t have any choice. That is all they were left with. They made do with what they had and thank god they did because it has become awesome.

This lack of the big dawgs (Spider-Man and X-men) have also lead to movies being made such as Guardians of the Galaxy and future movies such as C and D list Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Inhumans, ect. If Spidey and X-men were around, these movies simply would not have been in production because… why would you when you could make much more money with Spider-Man, Wolverine, and X-men. Financially it makes no sense.

Sadly, with a return of Spider-Man to Marvel (in some capacity), we are going to see the effects of an A list character mucking up shit for everyone else.

Already, Spider-man has taken a prime summer spot from Thor, pushing Thor 3 (called one of the most important movies by Fiege….) back into the fall. And it has sent a ripple effect through all the announced movies, pushing them all back by 4-6 months. Even my beloved Black Panther!

And when the Avengers all meet up… do you think Spider-Man or Dr. Strange is going to get more lines? In Civil War, you think they are going to cut Stark’s screen time or T’challa? When Phase 3 ends (and the contract of the big three end as well) and the Avengers possibly need a new leader other than Stark/Cap… you think Spider-Man is a possibility or Captain Marvel and Luke Cage?

If you are a fan of Spider-Man… this is great news. But fan of C-list characters? This fucking sucks. You have one more A lister (THE A lister at Marvel) stealing a movie slot every 3 years that would have went to some lesser known characters.

Listen, I like Spider-Man. But there is really nothing unique about him at this point in the movie world. There is nothing super interesting. He is just a prototypical hero… his only real defining feature is that he is in high school.

You want different? How about a race of people with mutant like powers when exposed to a mist lead by a king who can’t speak without blowing up a city (Inhumans). How about an African, genius, king who leads the most technological country in the world that has never been conquered by outside force (Black Panther). What about the Sorcerer Supreme!

Wanting Spider-Man with Marvel may be a “be careful what you wish for” thing for us peeps who prefer C-list heros.


Welcome To the Marvel Movie Universe Spidey!

Well its official. No, we don’t know 100% of the details but Spider-Man will officially be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

This has been a long time coming. Spider-Man is in the top 3 most known super heroes in the whole world. He is easily Marvel’s top dog and has been well… for a long ass time. He appeals to kids, adults… everyone. He has one of the best and most known rogue galleries in comics period (only one better is Batman) including the likes of Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Rhino. Doc Ock, Vulture, Venom, Carnage, The Jackal, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, ect ect. Could we possibly have Goblin/Norman show up in say… an Avengers movie? Possibly Dark Reign? We can only hope…

And now we might actual get a good movie franchise for him. To be honest, I am not the biggest Spider-Man fan. His cartoon used to be awesome as a kid and his comics are sometimes epic… but I don’t follow his comics much anymore and his movies have been completely average in my view. Yes, even the beloved Toby Spider-Man. The reboot has been super hit or miss.. juggling between awesome and downright cringe worthy. So giving SOME control to Marvel is bound to improve things overall.

It also gives us a chance to see Spidey interact with the rest of the MCU, which could be cool as well. Could he be leading the Avengers after Infinity War? Maybe. Will this halt Sony’s desperate attempt at a Spidey Universe with the likes of “female spider-mans” and Sinister Six? We can only hope.

So where is what we do know in regards to the deal. And right now, I am only going to be positive because honestly, this news comes with some huge draw backs in my eyes.

1. Spider-Man will likely first appear in Captain America: Civil War. So, with the success of Winter Soldier + Iron Man in the movie + being post Age of Ultron + Spider-Man.. this movie is guaranteed to do over a billion dollars.

2. A new, rebooted Spider-Man will come July 27, 2017, moving Thor 3 from it spot and shifting everything forward.

3. Spider-Man is going back to high school and Garfield is OUT. That whole universe is out… we think.


The next article will go over why this news fucking sucks….

2014 Shadow Awards!

Welcome to the 4th annual Shadow Awards!

This is where I rate the best of the best and the worst of the worst on various topics, mostly about movies of course. Once again, I can only rate what I have seen… so you won’t see some sappy ass shitty movie on here, but you will see Captain America.

The only movies mentioned that are not out of DVD yet are The Hobbit 3. There are some Hobbit spoilers and they are in RED so you can avoid them if you want.

And here… we… go!

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2014 Summer Movie Awards

The Summer movie season is over (for me anyway). So let us get down to some awards…

Summer movie season = May through August. Technically, Marvel expanded the movie season by puting a movie in April but… May through August it is!


Best Overall Movie (combining theater experience and rewatchability), Best Comic Book Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past
– This movie was just great all around, both on the action front and the emotional impact AND the impact on the franchise as a whole.
Runner Up: Guardians of the Galaxy


The other awards after the jump…

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My Updated Comic Book Pull List


Here is my current pull list. Marvel comics, other than X-Men, is really really killing it right now. DC’s events are so bad I am still just down to one title.


My Favorites…

Loki: Agent of Asgard– Loki gonna Loki and this has been more Loki greatness.
Magneto- Simple, brutal, and effective book.
Mighty Avengers– Just an all around awesome comic book focusing on some less known characters like Luke Cage, Blade, and Blue Marvel.
New Avengers/Avengers- It is horribly decompressed but with both titles kind of coming together now, it SHOULD pick up the pace soon.
Original Sin- Marvel’s newest event has been set up well… it just needs to pay off now.
Punisher- Punishing in LA.
Thor: God of Thunder– Goes from Epic to Great and never drops below that. Easily, the most consistently awesome book Marvel has right now.
Uncanny Avengers- The first mega-arc seems to be coming to a close and has been classic, awesome, Remender action.

The rest after the jump…

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Shadow’s Rating: 6/10– Not a bad movie, just could have been so much better. [EDIT- the more I think about this movie the more it disappoints me. ]

Shadow’s Theatrical Rating: 6/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 5/10

Worth: Matinee ($6) + Used Blu Ray ($13) = $19

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 55%, 5.9/10
Audience: 74%, 7.6/10


Plot in a Nut Shell: Peter Parker is juggling being Spider-Man and Peter Parker at the same time. The same relationship stuff that has happened in the Spider-Man movies happens. Oscorp is evil. BAD GUYS.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– I hate to start negative but this movie had so much potential. A TON of potential. Instead, it was diminished by a horrible pacing, the same old Parker/girl friend stuff, and fast tracking the Goblin story line instead of focusing on it OR pushing it back a movie and letting it fester a bit.

– I really feel that if the movie FOCUSED on Harry’s transformation, kept true to the source material a bit more in the end, cut out Rhino altogether… the movie woulda been a contender for best movie of the year. But some baffling decisions dropped it to its current rating.

– Sony is simply trying to world build way to much instead of focusing on the present. They want to make an “Avengers-esque” franchise… but they have one hero really. THE MOST POPULAR HERO IN THE WORLD NOT NAMED BATMAN. They should just focus on that… instead they use a ton of the movie on Peter’s parents bullshit and on Sinister Six bullshit. My lord, just focus on making a great Spider-Man movie time in and time out and you will make your money.

– The action scenes were pretty good. The first scene in the movie with pre-Rhino is entertaining and the other fights with Electro and Spidey were pretty good. The Goblin fight was so quick I barely remember it.

– ‘Rhino’ was an awful addition to the movie. Such a hammy performance.

– The Goblin stuff happened way too fast and instead should have been the focus of the movie. It could have been great and ended up rushed instead.

– I hate the Peter’s dad stuff. Hate it. Waste of 20 minutes.

– Spider-Man was perfect once again in this movie. Loved the movements, the inventive ways the webbing was used, his speed and reaction times, and the quips were excellent. Peter Parker on the other hand just doesn’t feel nerdy enough. He is too cool and hip.

– Peter/Gwen stuff was good… but way over done. Way too many scenes with the same stuff we have seen in other Spider-Man movies.

– Uncle Ben means nothing in this universe and that is kind of sad.

– Electro looked cool as hell in my opinion. His powers were really cool on screen. The actual character though of Dillion… needed more work. More screen time. Catching on to a theme here? Lots of stuff needed more screen time and it was wasted on world building.

– I thought Harry was acted well by whoever that actor is. Ijust wish there was more time to spend there.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Initial Reaction


This movie had some great moments, had some pretty good action…

but overall, it was a bit of a disappointment. It wasn’t BAD overall, but, when compared to something like Cap 2, it isn’t even in its league.

It had huge pacing issues, huge issues with the villains, and the world building was just wasting time when they should have focused on what really mattered.

I will probably rate it around 6-7 aka the same league as Iron 2 and 3 but better than XM: Last Stand and Blade Trinity.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Out Today!

The adventures of the Amazing Spider-Man continues today.

Spider-Man goes from battling robbers, cops, and The Lizard to taking on Rhino, Goblin, Electro (and more?) in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus… will what many comic book fans think might happen actually happen in this movie? We will see…

Reviews have been kind of mixed so far, but at the worst, we should see some cool fights between Spidey and the plethora of bad guys in this film. Can it topple Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the best comic book movie (and movie) of the year so far? We Shall See.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Preview


Basic Plot: Peter Parker continues his life as Spider-Man but it appears things are about to get a bit hairy with the appearance of even more super powered villains. Plus, his parent’s past comes to light.

Main Characters: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Gwen Stacey, Harry Osborn/Goblin, Electro, Rhino, Norman Osborn,


The Good Guys:


Peter Parker/Spider-Man

After being bit by a weird spider at Oscorp, Peter became Spider-Man. Blessed with super strength, speed, and reflexes, along with the ability to stick to walls and a “spidey sense” to help protect him further. In addition, Parker is a border-line genius and created his own web shooters. Unlike the Avengers, Spider-Man is a masked hero who must live a dual life… one as Peter Parker, one as Spider-Man.

Gwen Stacey

The “love interest” in the movie. She also seems to be pretty smart and much more capable than most love interests. Her father was killed by the Lizard in ASM1 so we will see if that effects things. In Spider-Man movies and comics, the love interest is generally constantly harrassed by the villain. In the comics… this did not end well for Gwen. We will see.


The Bad Guys:


Electro as he name sounds like, is basically a ball of electricity. In the comics, he isn’t very smart and is basically a henchman. He is usually defeated by some gadget so we will see how movie Spider-Man deals with someone with a lot of raw, non-punchable power.

green goblin
Harry Osborn/Green Goblin

Spider-Man most known foe and arch nemesis. Due to a Goblin serum, he is given super strength and the usual, but also makes him a bit crazy. He is also typically seen with a glider of some sort and some bomb things. In the regular Marvel comics, the Green Goblin was Norman Osborn… Harry’s father. How Harry becomes the Green Goblin will be a question the movie needs to answer in a non-stupid way.


Rhino is essentially a dumb brute in this Rhino suit that makes him really fucking strong. And he really doesn’t like Spider-Man. In the movie… he is a dude in this mechanical rhino looking thing? What the fuck is this shit?


Oscorp seems to be the big bad villain of the whole Spider-Man movie thing. It has its hands in everything. In fact… it is almost getting ridiculous. Responsible for Spider-Man. Looks responsible for Electro. Looks responsible for Green Goblin. Looks responsible for the whole Sinister Six. Was responsible for the Lizard indirectly. And seems responsible for killing Parker’s parents. Yeesh.

5 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Thoughts and Concerns


1. Too Many Villains
– Rhino is in the movie. Goblin is in the movie. Electro is in the movie. Electro is being played by Jamie Lee Fox so you know he is getting hella screen time. Green Goblin is THE villan for Spider-Man so you know he is getting HUGE screen time and it has to be good. And then there is… Rhino. That is a LOT to do in one movie. How often do you see the MCU movies setting up multiple villains. Hmmm let me think… never. And there is a reason… you have one movie to get the villain right because a lot of times they are killed off or written off for a long time. Using the time you have on multiple villains is going to be tricky.

2. Are We Getting the Same Old Goblin Origin?
– The problem with rebooting movies so quickly is that we get the same story again so quickly. Last movie, we saw Peter get bit by a spider and Uncle Ben die, ect. Yes, they changed some things. But we still had to go through the “learning his powers” stuff and “responsiblity” stuff. Blah blah blah. And now we get the Green Goblin in a movie… again. Are we going to get the same origin story as the last movie?

3. Does Sony have the Balls to Kill Gwen?
– Gwen Stacy was killed damn early in Spider-Man’s comic career… by the Green Goblin. But does Sony have the balls to pull it off even though she has become rather popular? And do they have the balls to kill her off like she was in the comics? We will see…

4. How Heavy Handed Will “Future Movie” Stuff Be?
– We already know Sony is trying to build their own little universe around Spider-Man. There have been mentions/confirmations on a possible Sinister Six movie and Venom movie. Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 is already planned. So is ASM2 gonna focus on the task at hand or spend a bunch of the movie foreshadowing future movies?

5. What is All This Parker’s Dad Back Story About?
– This has me the most intrigued. I have no idea where they are getting this back story about Parker’s dad from. I am not sure if it is from the Ultimate Universe or if they are just making it up. But, that is one more thing this movie needs to start addressing after it was teased so much in the first one.