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37 Gallon Update #3: Sterbii Cory Cats Added!

I have been looking for SOMETHING to put in with the tiger barbs. Something that could survive their onslaught basically. So, mostly some sort of bottom feeder they would leave alone. I saw some cool ass looking, bulking Sterbii Cory Cats and added 5 of those dudes in.

So far so good. They are active and cool looking. Here is a pic (not my fish) off the web of them…

Keeping my fingers crossed that the barbs leave them alone…


37 Gallon Update #1: Tiger Barbs Added!


So, I mentioned before that the Tiger Barbs from the 90 Gallon had been dealt with. Well, this is what I meant.

Luckily, around this time, I was doing my usual craigslist perusing ¬†and ran across a pretty good damn deal. A 37 gallon bow front with black silicone (black silicone is sexy), light, hood, filter, heater, decoration… all for 80 bucks. Not bad dave man. Not bad at all. So I snatched it up, got it cleaned up, and set it up in my son’s room.

I also put extra tile squares under it to help protect the wood on his chest of drawers. I am not sure if it will help or not but we will see. Looks nice I think.

So, got everything ready, dumped the annoying fuckers in there, and hoped for the best. So far, so good. I love the black silicone of the tank and for whatever reason, despite having a cheap ass filter on it, the water is pristine and clear. Das it.


90 Gallon Update #8: The Death Squad- The Tiger Barbs Have Got To Go

Well, I didn’t see this coming.

Maybe I should have to an extent. Tiger barbs are a bad reputation for being fin nippers and bullies in small numbers. But, people always said that if you keep away fish with long flowing fins (thing angels and bettas) and keep the numbers in the double digits, then everything is ok.

That did not end up being the case for me.

I noticed the tiger barbs behavior was a bit… worrisome from the beginning. They tended to pick on the firemouth and when they did… it was all of the. It was like a pack of hyenas picking on a lioness. It was somewhat worrisome but i figured the cichlid could take care of itself and as I added more fish and decorations, the tiger barbs would back the fuck off.

I added the polys and things got more worrisome. If the polys came out in the open, they were immediately targeted. That… that I didn’t like.

And then I added a Rotkeil severum. Severums can be extremely timid when young. The barbs immediately targeted the severum but I thought they would get over it after they got used to it.

Wrong. Severum was dead the next day. Fuck.

The damn things just will not stop harassing. They look great in the tank and I love their interactions WITH EACH OTHER. But, they are a simple schooling fish. There are other schooling fish that can fill the void.

The tiger barbs have got to go before I add anything else to the tank.

The 90 Gallon Update #5: Let the Stocking Begin!

So after making sure the tank held water, I was ready to stock. Mostly because my son saw an empty fish tank and lost his damn mind because there were no “Fshhh” in it.

My plan for the tank is to one type of school fish to act as dithers/targets, some smaller New World cichlids, and then a handful of upper jaw polypterus. Unfortunately, I have the patience of a 2 year old and I will likely just buy what is available or cool at the time. But still… I would expect a schooling fish, some cichlids, and polys for the bottom. In a perfect world, I end up with a lot of polys (sen, albino sen, longfin sen, rope fish, delhezi, the various palmas species) and it becomse a mostly poly tank. BUT… polys can be kind of hard to find outside a few species so who knows.

Anyway, I am going to use Seachem Stability to cycle the tank. I have used it in the past with my 180 gallon and this stuff is fucking magic. In the old days, you used to have to wait weeks and add fish slowly to cycle. No more… just stock the tank and add Stability and bingo, cycled tank, no dead fish.

So, I head to Petco to get some schooling fish. I actually prefer to get schooling fish from the big chains because little tropical fish are weak as fuck and die for no reason and I can take them back there and just get a new one. I don’t like doing that to the “little guys” so… yeah. Plus, everything else was closed.

So I went in and checked out what was available. After looking for a bit, I narrowed it down to Serpae tetras, Columbian tetras, Buenas Aires tetras, or Tiger Barbs. After some considering, I thought the black and orange would look the best with my tank and I thought with big enough numbers, they nipping behavior would be controlled.

So, I got 5 of those to through in as that is all they had. When using Stability, you need to stock the tank a decent amount, so I knew I would have to get some more sooner rather than later.


Next day, I actually head to one of the real fish stores that has a variety of fish. That kind of dirty ass small place that has cool fish and a cool owner and not some box chain. I grab 5 more tiger barbs there to bring my school to 10, which should be big enough to allow them to fight among themselves only.

I was also looking around for my first cichlid to put in. Since I went with fin nipping barbs, I knew angels were out. I didn’t see any severums around which I was interested. I wanted to stay on the non-aggressive side because this is goign to be mostly a Poly tank eventually.

I saw a nice looking Firemouth cichlid with some nice color in its fins that was holding his own against some convicts. I always liked Firemouths and haven’t had one in years. He was decent sized, and he was only 5 bucks for some reason. Perfect.


So, that is where I am at at the moment. Ten tiger barbs and a firemouth cichlid in a bare bottom, no decoration 90 gallon. I will add decorations and such as I can afford it. I will continue my hunt for polys and more cichlids soon.