10 Things I Hope To See in The Dark Knight Returns

1) Batman Better Not Die

– Seriously, this will piss me the hell off. Batman does not die. If Nolan does it, he is doing it just for shock value. And really it would piss me the hell off, not shock me.

2) An Epic, Memorable Battle

– BB and TDK didn’t really have an epic battle in it. Sure, the fight with Ras was somewhat cool, but they didn’t “fight to the finish…” Batman just blew the rails of the train up lol. And the Joker wasn’t really a physical threat so it really wasn’t expected there. Bane, however, is that physical threat. So I want to see an epic battle between the two towards the end of the movie. We already know Bane is going to beat Batman’s ass somewhere in the beginning/middle… I think the second battle between the two will decide whether this movie is epic or not.

3) Just a Sprinkle of Catwoman

– When I heard Bane was getting used for #3, I was stunned, intrigued, and happy. When I heard Catwoman was being used I groaned. I just do not enjoy the character at all and I really hope her part in the movie is contained. If they were going to use the side kick route, why not use Robin or Nightwing?

4) More, Better Action

– Batman Begins offered some pretty cool martial arts sequences and some classic Batman action. The Dark Knight didn’t have hardly any at all and the fighting we did get was extremely basic and very un-ninja like. Maybe it was because the Joker is more of a psychological enemy or maybe it is “just because.” But I want to see more of the Ninja-Bat and I expect that we will see it because Bane is a very physical threat and someone that can kill the Bat one-on-one.

5) The Greatest Detective of All Time

– Batman is considered the greatest detective in the DCU. Unfortunately, we really haven’t seen that in the movies (and the few instances we have didn’t make any sense realistically). This is the one trait that is unique to Batman and makes him useful when compared to the other, super powered heroes of the DC universe. I hope we get to see that, and not just him reacting the whole movie.

Next five reasons after the jump.

6) Break the Bat

– We know it will happen in some way. The trailers point to it and there is no way you can use Bane without breaking the Bat. But I would LOVE for Nolan to actually acknowledge the comic book crowd for once and break the Bat iconic-ly. Just once Nolan, how about a nod to the true fans of the character? Now I don’t mean paralyze Batman, which won’t happen because healing from that is out of the “realistic” box again, but a nod to the iconic panel would be nice. Just because lol.

Pretty please?

7) Venom

– Nolan chose to use Bane, so surely he can’t skirt around the fact that he is strong as shit due to the Venom drug. Some how it has to be introduced, even in this “realistic” world Nolan as created. Venom is central to the character of Bane.

8) A Focused, Determined Batman

– The ending of TDK and the trailers hint at the fact that Batman may have quit being Batman after TDK. If so… that is total bullshit. Batman doesn’t just quit. He is unhealthily obsessed with ridding Gotham of every single bad guy. He doesn’t quit just because people die. In the comics, he has had Robin’s killed (Todd) and Batgirl paralyzed. And he was still the motherfucking Batman.

9) Robin, Nightwing, or Azrael

– Like it or not… Robin is a huge part of the Batman mythos. Yes, it is a tad weird that Batman runs around with teenager fighting crime… but it is what it is. And we have seen Nolan has no problem changing comic book stories to fit his universe so he can easily update it so it doesn’t seem so weird. Honestly, despite Nolan’s comments, I fully expect the character Levit or whatever his name is that is playing the new cop to be Nolan’s version of Robin or Nightwing or Azrael. He is getting way too much attention to just be a cop.

10) A Somewhat Happy Ending

– Bruce Wayne’s life kinda of sucks. He is one of the most powerful and richest people in the world, but he is so haunted by his parent’s death that he fights a never ending battle against the scum of Gotham. A battle he is losing to be honest. In the movie universe, the love of his life is dead, he failed to stop the Joker, and all of Gotham hates him because they think he killed Harvey. His life is pretty damn shitty and lonely. Can we get an iota of cheer for Batman at the end of the movie? I almost feel sorry for the fictional guy lol.


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